Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Attack is good! Let me move half a step!!!

Hearing White Night’s contempt for them, both Barrett and Klockdahl were furious.

“Damn, don’t underestimate us!”

As soon as Klockdahl wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, he immediately stood up, and at the same time immediately activated the ability of the rustling fruit, and the yellow sand around him quickly flew up.

“Barrett, don’t be stunned here!”

“Hurry up and show some real skills!”

While operating the yellow sand, Klockdahl said to Barrett.

“I see, Fruit of The Fit!”

Hearing Klockdahl’s words, Barrett did not hesitate in the slightest, and immediately used his combined fruit ability.

Only to see a powerful purple energy emerge from Barrett’s body, this energy spread like a stream of water, spreading around.

Soon, the surrounding buildings, rubble, and steel were all covered with purple energy, purple like sulfuric acid, fusing all these covered substances and beginning to cover Barrett’s body.

Originally, Barrett, who was very strong, began to expand rapidly and became larger.

Soon, Barrett was transformed into a giant with a few dry heights.

“Fruit of the Fit! Battle form…”…”

Barrett let out a loud roar, and a powerful momentum erupted from Barrett’s body.

The Fruit of Unity, as the name suggests, is the ability to fuse with the object of dwelling.

And now Barrett relies on the fruit of the combination, and the rocks and fragments around it are fused together, turning into a giant of more than ten meters.

His strength was enhanced in all aspects.

“Give me to die!”

After transforming into a giant by relying on the ability of the Fusion Fruit, Barrett once again attacked the White Night.

At the same time, the powerful armed color qi condensed into his fist, making his already powerful fist even more powerful.

“Good to be here!”

In the face of Barrett’s fierce punch, White Night finally had a hint of interest.

“Armed color!”

White Night was also a fist of condensed armed domineering, attacking Barrett.

“Bang……… Rumble! ”

Two fists, one large and one small, collided together, and a powerful shock erupted into the rice ugly

But then, Barrett’s entire body was directly hit by the powerful impact and flew out, and at the same time, this huge arm also exploded directly in mid-air.

However, because he is a fruit of the fusion, this arm is also made by him through the fruit of the combination.

Even if he is destroyed by the White Night, it will be all right, he can create an arm again through the Fusion Fruit.

When Barrett attacked, Klockdahl was not idle, and also controlled the yellow sand around him to attack the white night.

“Desert King Kong Sword…”…”

Klockdahl’s hands turned into four huge sand blades, attacking violently from all sides towards the white night.

In the face of Klockdahl’s attack, White Night also punched up.

“Bang……… Rumble! ”

White Night’s fist and the sand blade collided together, and a powerful shock erupted.

Only to see the Klockdal sand blade directly crack, at the same time the impact of the strong dog rushed towards Klockdal.

Klockdahl’s whole body also flew straight upside down.

As for the white night, he was also hit by this impact, and his right foot couldn’t help but take a half step back.

“Hmm! Your attack this time is not bad! ”

“You can already move me half a step!”

White Night looked at the two and said praise.

However, in the face of the praise of the white night and white night, the two of them did not have any happiness, but became more angry.

What is good performance! Can you get him to move half a step!?

Could it be that the fierce attack launched by the two of them only made people move half a step!?

What is there to praise for this, isn’t this contemptuous of them!?

“You hateful fellow…”

“Reincarnation erosion!”

An enraged Klockdahl once again unleashed the power of the Rustling Fruit.

With Klockdal as the center, the surrounding buildings, trees, rocks, all began to crack, all turning into yellow sand.

Soon the entire island was completely transformed into a desert area.

Klockdahl is a sassy fruit ability, so in the middle of the desert, he can exert two hundred percent of his combat power.

“Go and die!”

“Arc moon-shaped dunes…”

Under Klockdahl’s control, the sand was like an arc of sand blades heading towards the white night.

“Magnetism, cracking!”

In the face of Klockdahl’s attack, White Night’s mind moved, and a magnetic force surrounded White Night’s side.

These sand blades had just approached the White Night when they were directly destroyed by the magnetic calendar.

“To Die!”

Barrett, regaining his arm, once again attacked towards the White Night.

In the face of Barrett’s attack, White Night also punched up again.


With a loud crashing sound, Barrett was once again knocked out by the white night.

However, Barrett, who flew out backwards, reacted very quickly, quickly stabilizing himself in mid-air, and rushing towards the white night again in a month’s step.

“Desert Sunflower!”

“Sha Lan…”…”

Klockdahl also took the opportunity to unleash the power of the rustling fruit, and all kinds of fierce yellow sand attacked towards the white night.

For a moment, the three of them fought.

The impact erupted, and the yellow sand flew and domineering.

Violent explosions continued to erupt throughout the area.

But if you look closely, you will find out.

Although Barrett and Klockdale’s attack was very fierce, it did not hurt the white night at all.

Even said that except for the beginning, let the white night move half a step, the white night did not move a bit.

“Whew……… Is this the strength of the bounty 4 billion pirates!? ”

“It’s really powerful!”

Klockdahl gasped as he looked into the white night, his eyes filled with shock.

Continuously using the ability of the Rustling Fruit to attack the White Night, Klockdahl’s physical strength is also severely depleted.

What surprised Klockdahl even more was that he had attacked for so long and had not hurt the white night at all.

“This power! Ha ha! This is the real strong! ”

“As long as I defeat him, I will definitely be the most powerful person on the sea!”

Although Barrett was now tired and breathless, his eyes were full of fighting spirit.

For Barrett, a combat maniac, there was nothing more exciting for him than meeting a strong man.

So, now in the face of the powerful White Night, Barrett is not afraid, but excited.

The excitement of challenging the strong…

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