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Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Your strength is also too weak!!

“You want to challenge me!?”

Hearing the words of the two and seeing the two of them full of fighting spirit, Bai Ye finally understood something.

Although there is no chaos in the Age of Discovery, there are still countless new pirates pouring into the New World.

For these newcomer pirates, the easiest way to become famous is to challenge the mighty of the new world.

As long as you defeat these pirates, the new pirates can become famous overnight.

People like Whitebeard, Golden Lion, Roger, etc., encounter many pirate challenges every day.

And the fate of these pirates, without exception, is a failure.

As for White Night, he is a pirate with a bounty of 4 billion, which is a pirate who is even more powerful than Whitebeard and others.

As long as you defeat the White Night, you can become the most powerful person on the sea.

So Barrett and Crocda you’ve been able to fight the White Night.

“However, your strength is also too weak!”

White Night glanced at Barrett and Crokdale and said.

“What!? You damn bastard! ”

“You dare to look down on us!”

Hearing White Night’s words, Barrett and Klockdahl’s faces suddenly became angry.

Even if you are a pirate with a bounty of 4 billion, you can’t underestimate them.

“But I’ll give you a chance to challenge me!”

“If you fail, then be my men!”

Bai Ye looked at the two and said, That membrane is like a handout.

“I’m going to beat you and be the strongest!”

Hearing White Night’s words, Barrett roared angrily, and was the first to attack White Night.

Seeing his feet clenched and his fists clenched, Barrett rushed towards the white night like a humanoid tank.

Its mighty power even set off a fierce wind.


Barrett quickly rushed to the front of the White Night, and the huge fist condensed with terrifying armed color qi, and attacked the White Night fiercely.

But in the face of such a fierce blow from Barrett, White Night’s face had no expression, not even the intention of dodging.

Only to see the white night slowly raise his right hand, easy to shake.


With a crisp sound, Barrett’s fist was easily grabbed by White Night.

Barrett’s body also stopped suddenly.

“What? How is this possible! ”

Seeing his own attack, so easily caught by the white night, Barrett’s face could not stop showing a surprised expression.

“Is this your power!?” Very nice! ”

“Unfortunately, for me, it’s still too weak.”

The voice of the white night fell, and then the right hand was forced.

Barrett’s burly body was thrown out directly by White Night.


Barrett’s body slammed into a building, destroying it directly, and countless pieces of rubble directly buried Barrett.


“You guy, give me death!”

Seeing that White Night easily flew Barrett, Klockdahl’s face also changed.

But his reaction was also very fast, and he immediately unleashed the power of the rustling fruit and attacked towards the white night.

“Yellow Sand Great Sword!”

Only to see Klokdahl’s right arm rapidly desertify, transforming into a huge desert sword, and rapidly attacking towards the white night.

“Rustling fruit!? It’s also useless to me! ”

Seeing the desert sword that attacked, the white night also did not have any intention of moving and dodging.

“Magnetic control!”

As soon as White Night’s mind moved, a powerful magnetic force erupted from White Night’s body

I saw that Klockdahl’s yellow sand sword was about to hit the White Night when it suddenly stopped.

“This…… What’s going on!? ”

“Damn, what did you do!”

Klockdahl suddenly found that his yellow sand sword was out of control, and Klockdahl’s face was a little flustered.

You know, Klockdahl is a natural sand fruit ability, and his body can be transformed into sand.

If that was the case, the Yellow Sand Sword that attacked the White Night was now a part of his body.

Now that the Yellow Sand Sword was controlled by the magnetic force of the White Night, it was equivalent to the White Night controlling Klokdahl’s body, how could he not panic.

“Your rustling fruit is also too poorly developed!”

As soon as the white night’s mind moved, the magnetic field around him suddenly changed.

Only to see the yellow sand sword fly out backwards, towards Klokdahl himself.

“Bang……… Poof………”

Klockdahl was directly hit by the yellow sand sword that flew back upside down, and the blood-spitting out of his mouth flew out backwards.

In this way, White Night stood there without moving a bit, and directly hit Klokdahl and Barrett.

“Damn, what’s going on!”

“How could this guy control my sand!?”

Klockdahl struggled to his feet and looked at the white night with a look of disbelief

As a person with the ability to rustle fruit, it was ridiculous that he was actually thrown out by his own sand.

“Klockdahl, be careful, he’s magnetic fruit capable!”

“His magnetic fruit has developed very powerfully!”

Barrett, at this time, crawled out of the rubble and said to Klockdahl.

Although The Attack of the White Night made Barrett look very embarrassed, Barrett was not injured except for his torn clothes.

“Magnetic Fruit!? Does magnetic fruit have such an ability!? ”

“Isn’t the magnetic fruit ability to control steel!?” How can he control my sand!? ”

Klockdahl still said very puzzled.

“‘Magneto’ White Night, your strength is really strong!”

Barrett tore off his tattered clothes, revealing his granite-like skin, his eyes full of fighting spirit as he watched the white night.

Although White Night had just knocked him out, as a fighting maniac, Barrett not only did not have any fear, but also had a look of excitement.

It’s the excitement of challenging the strong.

“Hey! Is that the strength of the two of you!? ”

“If that’s all you two are!” You two are still safe and secure to be my subordinates! ”

White Night looked at Barrett and Crocdale and said celebrate…

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