Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Sent to the Door!!

“What’s going on!?”

“What happened!”

Seeing the explosion in the distance, Stucci frowned and his tone became sharp.

Don’t look at him like a gentle kitten in front of the white night, but in front of everyone else, he is the Queen of Joy.

“Report, Lord Stucy, that two pirates are attacking Joy Street!”

A woman came to Stucci and said with some fear.

Stucy is the Queen of Joy, and the women of The Whole Street of Joy are under Stucy’s control.

Stucy also killed a lot of people in order to control the whole Fun Street.

“Hmm, how dare you come to my Happy Street to make trouble!”

“Send someone to get them out right away!”

Hearing the woman’s words, Stucy said angrily.

“But, Lord Stucy!”

“The strength of these two pirates is very strong!”

“They are now the famous pirate newcomers of the New World, Klockdahl and Barrett!”

The woman said with some embarrassment.

“Barrett and Crocdale!?”

Hearing this name, White Night immediately stood up.

Seeing White Night stand up, Stucy thought White Night was angry and said with some panic.

“Lord White Night, please stop your anger!” We will solve it soon! ”

“It’s okay, I’m just very interested in these two people!”

White Night waved his hand to keep Stucy from getting excited.

As a crosser, White Night is very clear about Barrett and Crocdale.

Barrett, a member of Roger’s Pirates, is known as the Devil’s Descendant.

After Roger’s death, he stormed the New World, destroying countless islands.

Eventually, the Navy launched a slaying order, and sengoku and Karp attacked to capture him and imprison him in the city.

After escaping from The Advance City, a frenzied operation began.

One punch to a supernova, and finally defeated by the protagonist Aura.

As for Klockdale, the future king competed against the sea.

The Baroque Working Society was established and the kingdom of Alabastan was occupied in search of legendary ancient weapons.

Also defeated by the protagonist’s aura.

It can be said that the two are also more famous pirates in the one piece world.

And now these two people actually came to find themselves at the same time, which made Bai Ye very confused.

“How did the two of them walk together!?”

“No matter what, since it’s delivered to the door, I’ll take these two subordinates!?”

Although White Night is suspicious of Barrett and Klokdahl coming to him at the same time, White Night is very confused.

But White Night didn’t think much about it, since the two of them had come to the door, how could White Night let it go.

Isn’t this the man who delivered it to the door!?

“Stucy, the two of them have been handed over to me!”

White Night said a word and rushed directly in the direction of the explosion.

On the happy street, there was chaos.

Barrett is now grabbing a pirate and torturing him.

“Tell me, Magneto,” where is the White Night! ”

Facing Barrett, whose whole body was full of anger, the pirate was directly frightened and said in a trembling voice.

“I……… I don’t know, I don’t know this guy! ”

“Don’t kill me, I don’t want to die!”

“What a piece of crap!”

Hearing the pirate’s answer, Barrett was very angry and threw the pirate out.


The pirate slammed into a building, and the massive impact directly destroyed the building.

“Hey, Barrett, you’re not going to destroy this town again!”

“By this time, you’ve destroyed several towns!”

Klockdahl came from a distance, and countless fine sands gathered from the dead pirates beside him.

It seems that Klockdahl also killed quite a few people.

In search of White Night, Klockdale and Barrett have searched for more than a dozen towns.

Every time he went to a town, Barrett would wreak havoc, eventually destroying the town.

“Well, the weak are not qualified to survive on the sea!”

Barrett said very dismissively, and once again caught a pirate and asked for information about White Night.

“You two are looking for me!”

At this moment, The White Night slowly walked over from a distance and looked at the two of them and said.

“What are you!?”

Seeing the white night that had come along, Klockdahl asked doubtfully.

Apparently, Klockdahl did not know White Night.

“He’s the ‘Magneto’ White Night!”

Barrett looked at The White Night and said.

Barrett had seen White Night’s wanted list before, so he recognized White Night at a glance.

“He’s The Magneto White Night!? Bounty 4 billion!? ”

“You’re not kidding!”

“He’s too young!”

Seeing the white night in front of you, Klockda said with some doubt.

Although Klockdahl had never seen the legendary pirates of the New World, Klockdahl was also very aware that these legendary pirates were all old people, all of whom were about fifty years old.

Whitebeard, in particular, already has a white beard.

And the white night in front of me looked very young, about seventeen or eighteen years old, and it didn’t look like a strong person.

Although White Night came to the world of One Piece, it has been a long time.

But the white night has not changed, and it still maintains the appearance of the peak of seventeen or eighteen years old.

This is also a use of the magnetic fruit of the white night.

Relying on the strong magnetic force of the magnetic fruit, White Night can easily control the metabolism of cells throughout the body and make their cells always full of vitality.

Even said, White Night doubted whether he could live forever like this.

“I am the ‘Magneto’ White Night…”

“What are you two doing here!?” How dare you destroy my territory! ”

White Night looked at the tone of his voice and said.

Stucci is his own subordinate, then Stucci Fun Street is also the territory of the White Night.

“‘Magneto’ White Nights! I’m here to challenge you…”…”

Barrett clenched his fists and stared at the white night with his eyes full of fighting spirit.

“Challenge me!?”

Hearing Barrett’s words, White Night felt very surprised.

At this time, Barrett should not be in the Roger Pirates, challenging Roger Pin.

How to find yourself.

“That’s right, Captain Roger said you’re very strong!” I’m going to beat you and become the mightiest man on the sea!” ”

Barrett continued to look at the white night and said.

“I heard your bounty is $4 billion!” I just don’t know if your strength can match your bounty! ”

Klockdahl also walked over and looked at the white night with the same scrappy face and said…

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