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Magic Card: Plush toy? Draw a small Keli with your backhand chapter 197

In the Dragon Palace, Li Fan, together with Long Chi and others, went to lead the regiment.

Li Fan’s regiment has also replenished its manpower in the past few days.

The Dragon Palace itself has water tribe personnel to supplement the dragon kings who transform into dragons every year.

It’s just that Li Fan found part of it himself first.

But this is not a problem, Mo Cangqiong and the others are also incorporated into the corps anyway.

Li Fan’s shrimp soldiers and crab generals regiment is the same size as Long Chi and others. Because Li Fan doesn’t have much military exploits yet, the size of the regiment cannot be expanded.

As for the water ghost, at most it can be regarded as basic combat performance.

It’s not even a countertop.

It’s just a matter of earning a fortune.

The leader of the team this time was naturally the Dragon Lord Long Xin.

But this is only in name.

In fact, each Dragon Lord led his own team to patrol the sea area.

However, Dragon Palace takes this matter very seriously.

Basically, all the dragon clans that can be mobilized were mobilized.

After all, this incident is equivalent to exposing the water tribe to the human perspective.

This is a big deal.

According to human thinking, it is impossible to continue to allow aquatic animals to continue to grow and develop in the water.

No matter how you say it, this is inconsistent with the current strategy of the Aqua Tribe.

From the perspective of the dragon tribe, they can completely let humans, weirdos, and monsters on the ground fight with each other, while the water tribe reaps the benefits.

Once discovered by humans, it turns out that there is still such a big crisis in the sea.

Then humans are not allowed to fight with the water tribe.

Even those Dragon Lords who were hanging around in the Dragon Palace, eating and waiting to die, were pulled out and sent out with the troops to patrol.

Such an instigation of troops and crowds shows that the Dragon Palace is indeed very nervous.

Li Fan, on the other hand, formed a team with Long Chi and others, leading thousands of soldiers. Mo Cangqiong was the equivalent of the Prime Minister in Li Fan’s army.

He is in charge of the Crab General Group. As for the Shui Tribe, it has nothing to do with him. They are the personnel allocated by the Dragon Palace.

Li Fan could feel that these water tribes were definitely not as loyal as Mo Cangqiong and the others.

This is normal, after all, unlike Long Chi and the others, Li Fan is equivalent to airborne, and it is normal for him to be unfamiliar with the Shui Tribe.

Even these water tribes may have been sent by Dragon Palace to monitor him.

But Li Fan didn’t care. He didn’t expect any development in Dragon Palace.

As far as the current situation is concerned, he can practice dragon magic with peace of mind and find an opportunity to send Shui Linglong and her daughter out.

After accumulating military achievements, go to the Dragon Transformation Pond to let the little white dragon transform into a dragon.

That’s it. After that, no matter how stupid the Dragon Clan is, they will probably realize something is wrong.

But by that time, Li Fan had probably returned to the human race.

As for the Dragon Clan launching an attack, do you really think that Kyushu is Chentangguan?

Li Fan’s status is much higher than Nezha’s status in Chentangguan, even if the Dragon Clan really threatens war.

Not to mention that Li Fan himself improved the strength of Kyushu after obtaining the seventy-two magical powers.

Kyushu can not only absorb and grow magical powers, but also improve the existing skill system, magic card system, etc.

You can also take this opportunity to find out the weaknesses of the Dragon Clan’s magical powers.

It’s not yet certain who will win and who will lose.

And the Dragon Clan launched an attack?

Haha, when Kyushu knows that there are still such things in the sea, it would be great if Kyushu doesn’t take the lead in attacking.

How can you allow others to snore on the side of the couch?

Allowing the Aquatic Tribe to grow would be the stupidest decision.

So Li Fan is not afraid of this at all.

After setting off with Long Chi and the others, they sat in a small palace carried on the back of a huge dragon turtle.

Every day, he only focused on drinking and having fun with Long Chi and others, gathering information through chatting, and at the same time, he continued to practice magical powers using the Void System.

Basically, it is all calculated from the Void Terminal. After accumulating enough data, Li Fan learns directly.

It is equivalent to having master-level magical experience.

With his dragon power and so much experience, Li Fan can get started quickly. Once he gets started, he can quickly become familiar with it based on his experience.

Moreover, the more members of the Seventy-Two Supernatural Powers, the more beneficial effects they have on other magical powers.

For now, Li Fan has mastered the thirteen top magical powers of the Dragon Clan, including the ability to change shape with the fetus, move golden light across the ground, shake mountains and shake the earth, call for wind and rain, and conquer the spirit with nine breaths.

These magical powers are among the seventy-two magical powers and belong to the top level.

Knowing any one of them will greatly improve the combat power of the Dragon Clan.

And Li Fan knows it all.

Of course, you will know how to do it, but your proficiency will definitely not be as good as those of the dragons who have been practicing for a lifetime.

But it’s too much to handle!

And now Li Fan’s goal is not to master, but to practice roughly.

Just learn them all.

He will have plenty of time to develop slowly in the future.

After all, there is a Void Terminal. For Li Fan, cultivation is as simple as eating and drinking.

After the Void Terminal calculates it, just take it directly from the scene.

So on the surface Li Fan drinks and has fun all day long, but in fact he is very involved behind the scenes.

Li Fan has even completed three magical cards.

They are the golden light that stretches the earth, the mountains that shake the earth, and the nine breaths of conviction.

The effect of vertical golden light is equivalent to fast movement, extremely fast, and it will enter an unselectable state after being released.

At the fastest time, he can travel hundreds of miles in one breath.

Shaking the Mountain and Earth is a ranged attack skill that can cause an earthquake within at least one kilometer, strengthening the user to great strength, and this power is based on magic energy.

Basic use can bless the power of a dragon.

The highest stage adds the power of Nine Dragons.

Converting it into a dragon means doubling the strength.

That’s why it has the title of shocking the mountains and the earth.

With the already powerful power of the Dragon Clan, doubled and improved, it would be really easy to shake the mountains, wouldn’t it?

The Nine Breath Convincing Qi, the Kung Fu version can enhance the speed of human Qi training, while the Magic Card version can be used to restore energy and reduce consumption.

After use, it can quickly restore magic energy and reduce the time required to release magic energy.

They are all magic cards that are very effective.

Because Li Fan has already constructed it, it also appears in the Magic Card Collection.

Of course, Li Fan has not made it public yet. After all, he is now very sure that there must be many spies from the Water Tribe and even the Dragon Tribe observing humans at all times.

Once they discover that a large number of dragon magic cards appear in the human race, the effect will be….

And the quality of these three magic cards is all diamond level!

It can be said that the basics of using the original magical powers of the Dragon Clan must be diamond level.

However, after Li Fan is made public, low-level card magicians may not need to use it directly, but can construct a simplified version of the effect.

This is Li Fan’s true purpose.

Improve the overall strength of the human race.

Otherwise, for Kyushu, this magical power would only improve the combat effectiveness of high-level officials.

Although this effect is also v

ery good, it is definitely not as good as the improvement of all members.

Long Chi and the others didn’t know anything about this. They had no idea that the hero they were looking for on this trip was sitting across from them.

While drinking and chatting with them, they were digging into the dragon clan’s walls, no, it should be said to be their graves!

“Several days have passed, and we have visited several water tribes, but we have not seen the shadow of the Beihai Dragon Lord. ”

Long Mandrill was a little excited after drinking, and couldn’t help but complain: “If you ask me, the higher-ups are worrying too much. Then Long Xin just wants to take credit and has to be related to the human race.。”

“Just to show how powerful he is. ”

The other two Dragon Lords also said dissatisfiedly.。

“how? Listen to this, do you have any issues with him? ”

Long Chi took a sip of wine and said: “Hey, it’s nothing. Long Xin showed his talent when he was in the academy. He is a first-class dragon son, and his treatment is better than mine.���Everything is much better, so naturally there are a few complaints. ”

Relationships are still a bullshit thing.

It seems that the Dragon Clan is also unavoidable.

But this is normal. Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.

The Dragon Clan, from the moment they learn from humans, they can be regarded as half human beings.

Naturally, There will be these emotional things.

But this is an opportunity for Li Fan。

“Is Long Xin’s ability really that powerful?”

“He has made great achievements in the journey of the soul. He has developed the magical power of seeing through eternity. He is best at tracking and investigating, and can even restore the past situation through breath, so he is indeed very powerful. The last person to achieve this magical power was also decades ago. It’s a matter of。”

“Oh, I see. ”

The magical power of the Dragon Clan is indeed a very powerful thing.

Not only can it greatly increase the original ability, but it can even produce various wonderful effects.

This insight is equivalent to a human agent handling a case. Under normal circumstances, he is looking for clues and confirming The identity of the suspect, etc.

And he directly summoned the soul of the deceased for questioning, or he went to the scene and used 4D to restore the situation at the time. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) Isn’t

this It’s equivalent to a dimensionality reduction attack!

“No wonder Long Xin was so sure of the traces of human beings. It seemed to be because when I used the magic card, the remaining aura was recognized. The final explosion also showed that he had indeed found the bouncing bomb.。”

“It seems that this Long Xin is indeed difficult to deal with, but if you are looking for someone who has disappeared in the vast sea, I would like to see how you find it. ”

Li Fan was thinking in his heart, and on the surface he was calm and calm.

But in fact, he had asked Void Terminal to give priority to calculating the magical power of Juheng Cave.

Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you be victorious in every battle. He also wanted to give priority to learning this magical power.

And this In the past few days, Li Fan intentionally or unintentionally moved closer to the edge of the South China Sea.

The part close to the human waters.

In fact, there is no such thing as human waters.

Because all waters belong to the aquatic tribe, humans can’t even get off the sea.

After all, being in the water is a special place for the Aquatic Tribe.

The so-called human waters refer to the area where human card magicians come out from time to time to hunt the autumn wind and hunt down the Aquatic Tribe monsters with magic cards. In other words, it is indeed close to

Qin City.

The purpose of Li Fan coming here is also It’s very simple. Naturally, it was to let Shui Linglong and the others go back first.

Just when Li Fan and the others were making a mighty move。[]

No one noticed that in the deep seabed, a gray fish-man was hiding among the corals.

I was secretly looking at the negative turtle palace floating above my head and so many shrimp soldiers and crab generals.。

“.What big moves has Aqua Dragon Palace made recently? ”

The mermaid hid in the coral bush, thinking secretly。

“No matter, let’s get to the destination first. ”

Just when the gray fish-man left,

Li Fan also completed the calculation of Ju Heng’s insight.

At the moment when the practice was successful, he seemed to sense something in a trance.。

“Um? This breath! ”

This familiar, rotten and evil aura.

There is no doubt that it is the power of the evil god.

Li Fan will never forget this thing in his life.

After all, he was exposed to evil spirits as early as the first time he left the city. Zhu almost caught up with him.

There were traces of this guy in Jiangcheng and Yucheng that followed.

When he was in Yucheng, Li Fan could not forget the purple evil light that filled the city.

Thinking of this, Li Fan flew straight out of the palace。

“What’s wrong? ”

Long Chi and the others looked at each other, and naturally they all followed.。

“No, there’s something down there! ”

As soon as he left the palace and entered the water, Li Fan felt that feeling more intensely.

In the palace, there is a bubble technology similar to that of the mermaid tribe.

In fact, it has an isolating effect.

Li Fan activated Ju Heng’s insight and followed the traces of the breath. look down。

“Keep up! ”

Li Fan took the lead to go downstream, and Long Chi and others naturally followed. The shrimp soldiers, crab generals, etc. all followed.

When they arrived near the coral reef, Li Fan was able to capture the aura more accurately. He

even vaguely saw a fishman hiding in the water. The figure in the coral reef.

But the figure is not real, but an illusory breath projection.。

“Could it be that the aura of the evil god is someone from the Demon God Cult? ”

Li Fan reacted immediately.

No matter whether this fish-man is a human being pretending to be a human being or not, it must be related to the Demon God Cult.

One of Li Fan’s biggest purposes when he came down here was to find out the relationship between the Demon God Cult and the Demon God Cult. There is no news about the Dragon Palace and even the Weird God.

It has not been found in the Dragon Palace before.

It seems that the Demon God Cult, or Weird God, has no reason to give up the sea.

There is indeed something fishy about these guys.

But this is just right.

I have caught up with the Dragon Clan’s rigorous investigation, and I Why not take advantage of the situation and investigate the matter of this weird god?

“Brother Long Xuan, what did you find? ”

Long Chi and the others looked around in confusion. There was nothing there?

“Oh, maybe I was thinking wrong, and I have to deal with it by the way. ”

Li Fan looked at the Shui tribe who were following.

Long Chi suddenly understood.。

“Oh, yes, you all spread out. I suspect there is a suspicious person here, so go check it out quickly.。”


“It’s better to be a brother. ”

Seeing the Shui Tribes dispersed, Long Chi said with a thumbs up this time.

Those Shui Tribes are theirs in name, who knows how the Dragon Palace trained them.

Basically, except for the private soldiers who were actually trained by themselves, the shrimp soldiers and crab generals Most of the dragon tribes do not pay attention to their existence.

Even these dragons who have been trained since childhood are the same.

Just as Li Fan thought, these water tribes can be regarded as surveillance in another sense.

And what Li Fan calls It’s just a show.

It’s very simple. The higher-ups sent them down to inspect, and they were eating, drinking, and having fun all the way.

When the water tribe reported back, it would really be hard

to save their face. It’s okay to just show off.

After getting through, Li Fan’s eyes were deep. He looked towards the direction where the aura disappeared.

It is not appropriate to investigate now. When Shui Linglong and the others are put back, they will have to be good dragon lords for a time. It is

my duty, Long Xuan, to investigate the Water Tribe Demon Cult!.


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