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Let you develop a game, and the BOSS is actually Aizen chapter 153

Originally, Erza’s hair would turn into twin ponytails after putting on the Fire Emperor’s Armor.

What he should be wearing is armor with a red base, black patterns and orange decorations.

Now that the armor is broken, the cooler clothes underneath are exposed.。

{Isn’t it inappropriate to cover up in front of men? How about it? It’s almost time to put on the strongest armor, right? }

Ikaruga also spoke。

“I advise you not to mind your own business!”

“Just fight, no matter what Erza wears. ”

pdd’s words also blurted out.

The effect of the show also exploded instantly.。

“Damn it, Teacher Whore, I didn’t expect you to be such a person, I like you so much。”

“You’re right, Ikaruga, don’t meddle in other people’s business. ”

The barrages in the live broadcast room are also flooded with comments about me advising you not to meddle in other people’s business.。

{Just wait and regret it, Armor of Purgatory, change your clothes。}

{No one can stand upright when I use this armor. }

Erza was obviously also a little angry at Ikaruga’s arrogance, so she changed into the armor of purgatory.

It was a suit of pitch-black armor, with spikes all over its body, and its weapon was a serrated giant knife.。

“New armor? A bit handsome. ”

The barrage in the live broadcast room is also constantly refreshing the screen.。

{Is this your strongest armor?}

{Come on horseback. }

Erza collided with Ikaruga again, and terrifying magic power erupted, setting off a hurricane.

After the blow, the two quickly distanced themselves, and then collided again.

To everyone’s surprise, Ikaruga once again quickly destroyed the Jiujiang Purgatory Armor.。

{You should understand by now, no matter what armor you put on, you can’t win my sword. }

Ikaruga looked proud.

After hearing Ikaruga’s words, Erza put on the clothes of pure heart.

At this time, Elsa’s hairstyle will use a small green tube to wrap her hair into a ponytail.

The appearance of the clothes is red-based bloomers with yellow flame patterns and a little bit of white flowers. The upper body is wrapped in a bandage and moves barefoot.

And her weapon also changed into the demon sword Hongying, which is a double sword。

“Damn, this outfit is so beautiful. The upper body is just tied up with a bandage, right?”

“Is this the armor gone? Or did you find out that Ikaruga is special about armor, so you changed into a costume that wasn’t armor? ”

pdd couldn’t help but complain.。

“Wow oh oh, Erza in this costume is so beautiful。”

“But can this really beat the turtle dove?”

“Maybe Ikaruga’s ability is really a special attack against armor? This armor is simply not good enough for Ikaruga. ”

The water friends in the live broadcast room were also talking a lot.

When they saw Erza’s Breeze Clothes, everyone’s eyes lit up.

But they were worried that Erza wouldn’t be able to fight Ikaruga like this.。

{These are your ordinary clothes, right?}

{Are you looking down on me? }

Ikaruga is also a little confused。

{Sister, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you still have a lot of powerful armor? }

Xiu couldn’t help but speak。

{In order to make myself look strong, I sealed my heart with armor。}

{a person crying。}

{Because I am too weak, I always wear armor and dare not take it off。}

{I always believe that the armor will always protect me。}

{But in fact, I was wrong. What I resolutely blocked with my armor was the s

pace where people’s hearts meet.。}

{It was Fairy Tail that taught me that the distance between people can actually be so close。}

{Can be so warm。}

{I will no longer be confused, I will turn everything I have into strength to defeat you! }

Erza also showed a look of relief and spoke.。

“I understand, it means that Erza has completely given up her defense and is preparing to attack Ikaruga, right? ”

pdd clapped his hands suddenly, understanding Erza’s words.

Ikaruga’s attack was too strong, and the armor couldn’t prevent it at all.

Instead of letting Ikaruga destroy his armor bit by bit, it would be better to abandon the armor and use the magic power Focus all on the attack, maybe you can win.

Erza’s figure and Ikaruga collided instantly.

Two completely different sword intentions rushed towards each other at the same time.

Terrible power followed the two of them. Power penetrated into the swords continuously, constantly colliding with each other, and then erupted. The

terrifying magic power swept across the entire bridge in an instant with the two as the center.

Between Shana, the pillars on the bridge also responded, and Xio was even knocked away. In the distance. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

After a draw, the two quickly distanced themselves, and then in the next moment, they collided together again.

Dang Dang Dang…

The two figures seemed to teleport, and Xio almost couldn’t see their movements clearly.

The fierce battle between the two could only be judged by the dense sounds of fighting in the ears.


The last time they collided, the two of them missed each other and stopped moving.。

{The outcome is decided……}

{You really have a way with things. }

Ikaruga also spoke, and the next moment, one of Erza’s swords shattered.

Then, Ikaruga also fell down, and the sword in her hand shattered at the same time.。

{I never thought I would lose……This is the first time I have lost since I joined Three Feathered Crows.。}

{But it doesn’t matter anymore。}

{In fifteen minutes, the light of justice will kill everyone. }

Ikaruga also opened his mouth and told about the magical elf power.

After Erza learned about the magical elf power, she asked Xio to take everyone out of the Tower of Paradise and found Jellal.。[]

{Really, the game was over so quickly. }

Jellal also waited for Erza’s arrival and said with a smile.。

{Are you really so happy playing with human lives?}

{Of course I am happy, because life and death are the roots of all things that gather all emotions.。}

{On the other hand, there is nothing more boring and empty than life.。}

{Long time no see, Erza。}


{Today, I am here to liberate Yuhi’s friends。}

{I don’t care, I don’t need them anymore anyway。}

{The Tower of Paradise is completed。}

{Even if it is going to be destroyed in less than ten minutes, right? }

Erza raised the sword in her hand and pointed it at Jellal。

{Magical elf power? Hahaha。}

{Seeing that you don’t care so much, you are indeed making a fool of yourself. }

Erza also breathed a sigh of relief。

{No, the magic spirit power does fall.

An exaggerated smile appeared on Jellal’s face。

{I feel relieved when you say that, as long as I can successfully stop you within these ten minutes……}

{It can bring an end to everything. }

Erza also took an offensive stance.


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