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Let you develop a game, and the BOSS is actually Aizen chapter 152

As the plot continues, Natsu also meets Xiao.

This owl knew that Natsu’s weakness was transportation, and he also used magic first to tie Natsu to the transportation vehicle and make Natsu dizzy.

Then he used magic to swallow Natsu in one gulp, gaining the same abilities as Natsu.

Fortunately, Gray showed up in time and finally defeated Owl and rescued Natsu.

Then, the camera turned again to the Magic Council.

Chiklein also revealed that Jellal’s goal was to resurrect Zeref.

Under Chiklein’s instigation, five members of the Magic Council finally agreed to activate the magical elf power.。

{It’s almost done, Lord Chiklein…….}

{Your eight-year wish is about to come true. }

Urrutia also smiled and spoke.。

{Are not you afraid? Urrutia。}

{I’m not afraid at all。}

{Because I have always believed in Lord Chiklein’s decision。}

{That being said, this will not affect your life safety at all.。}


{I’m a little trembling��……If I fail, I will be wiped out。}

{But I believe it’s definitely worth risking my life。}

{Because this is my real dream。}


The Council decided to activate the magical elf power, which made Chiklein and Ullutia very happy, because Chiklein’s wish that he had been waiting for eight years was finally coming true.

But this scene was accidentally seen by Yajma.

Then, the camera turned again, and Jellal also appeared on the screen.。

{I’m about to say goodbye to you, Zekeline……}

“Oops, what is going on with Chiklein and Jellal? I don’t understand. Are these two brothers the Riddler?”

“Could it be that Chiklein wanted to sacrifice himself to fulfill Jellal?”

“But there is no such person. ”

pdd scratched his head.

Qikerein must have a conspiracy, but what conspiracy is it? Are

Qikerein and Jellal really a group?

Why does Jellal know what happened to Qikerein? Is there a spy?

Why is he so confident that he can win?

All this seems to be a mystery that pdd cannot understand。

“It’s really hard to understand Chiklein’s behavior.。”

“How can anyone be capable of self-sacrifice and self-dedication?。”

“It’s a pity that Qikerein’s words were too cryptic. Even if he was overheard, it didn’t feel like there was any big problem. ”

The water friends in the live broadcast room are also talking a lot, and the barrage in the live broadcast room is also constantly refreshing. The

plot continues, Erza also meets the last person of the Three Feathered Crows, and the leader of the Three Feathered Crows, Ikaruga.。

“This turtle dove is so beautiful…….”

Looking at this new opponent, pdd couldn’t help but speak.

Ikaruga has long cherry-colored hair, wears a white kimono, carries a long red sword, and has beautiful tear moles under his eyes.

Of course, what’s more important is that this is a big sister, and her dress is very generous.

Then it was cut to the battle。

“This Ikaruga is still a bit strong. ”

PDD also controlled his team to fight Ikaruga.

Ikaruga also showed off his skills one by one.

The swordsmanship “Muzuki Flow”: he can use the sword he carries with him to strike directly without damaging the body. Cut the opponent’s nerves.

Sword Flash: Use the rapid slashes carried by the knife to easily c

ut into pieces of armor.

Multiple Sword Flash: The extended skill of Sword Flash, which can quickly release multiple slashes. It is a skill that transcends space and can Cut open Xiu’s card space.

Mugetsu-ryu Yaksha Flash Sky: Mugetsu-ryu’s extended skill, fast and precise with sword skills.

Mugetsu-ryu Garudayan: Ikaruga’s strongest move known, after activating Mugetsu-ryu A large amount of flames were released in an instant, which was extremely powerful.

Of course, the opponents in the main mission did not set a high intensity. PDD controlled his team to easily solve Ikaruga, and then cut into the plot. In the plot, Ikaruga’s power is

also It was demonstrated vividly.

Ikaruga’s move of Moonless Current directly cut off Xio’s nerves.

Then the multiple swords flashed directly through the space, able to cause damage to Erza who was sealed in the card by Xio.

Of course, Ai Lusha also blocked Ikaruga’s attack.。

{Thank you so much. Your slash distorted the space, so I was able to cut a way out.。}

{You are also very powerful, and you were able to use that moment of power to escape from the seal. }

Ikaruga also smiled and said hello to Erza, and then sheathed her sword.


Erza’s armor shattered in an instant。

“Damn it? This Ikaruga is so awesome, he can actually chop Erza’s armor into pieces? ” (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“This is the first time I’ve seen Erza’s armor shattered. ”

pdd couldn’t help but speak.

In the previous battle, except for blocking the ghost’s magic cannon, Erza had never seen anyone fight with the armor shattered.

Even if Erza fought with Joseph before, she couldn’t beat him, the armor Not broken。

“It’s indeed a bit strong. Ikaruga’s swordsmanship, which can affect space, is a bit outrageous.。”

“It’s a pity that Erza changed her clothes too quickly. The moment her armor shattered, she was already wearing her clothes.。”

“Ah 563? ah? What you said makes sense! ”

The barrage in the live broadcast room was also distorted, and the screen kept refreshing in an instant.。

{You were focused on searching for Jellal, so you never noticed that you were already trapped in the shadow of the sword. }

Ikaruga was also happily humming a ditty, and spoke with a slight smile.

After a conversation, Erza became serious and instantly put on the Heavenly Wheel Armor.

The two sides collided again, and at the moment of the collision, Ikaruga actually destroyed all the swords on Erza’s Heavenly Wheel Armor.

Even the Heavenly Wheel Armor was destroyed in the next second。

{No moon flow, Garudayan……}

The next moment, Ikaruga struck again, and the flames attacked Erza like a dragon.。[]

Erza also instantly changed into the Fire Emperor’s armor.

However, not even the Fire Emperor’s armor could withstand Ikaruga’s move of Garuda Flame.

After all, although this move contains flames, it is actually a slash.

Entei’s armor shattered, and Erza’s clothes became tattered.。

“Damn it, this Ikaruga is indeed a bit strong, the destructive power of this slash is so invincible. ”

pdd couldn’t help but speak.

The water friends in the live broadcast room focused their attention on Erza’s clothes.


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