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Let you develop a game, and the BOSS is actually Aizen chapter 151

“Damn it, Zeref, it’s him again……”

“I feel like he might be the final big boss! ”

pdd couldn’t help but speak.

This is not the first time that the name Zeref has appeared.

In the version of Fairy Tail that just launched, when playing the curse song, the name Zeref had already appeared. .The

curse song is a demon in the Book of Zeref.

The demon on Karna Island later is also a demon in the Book of Zeref.

And now, Zeref is bewitching Jellal….

No matter how you look at it, Zeref has become a slave to a big BOSS behind the scenes.。

“Although it was just a shock, it is already certain that Zeref is not simple and may be resurrected in the future.。”

“Maybe the Tower of Paradise wants Zeref to be resurrected!”

“A magician who has been dead for so many years has such a powerful influence. I can’t imagine how powerful he was during his lifetime. ”

The barrage in the live broadcast room also talked about “940”.

Of course, because they were misled by the current plot, everyone thought that Zeref was dead.

In fact, Zeref was cursed by the God of Death. The immortal body is not dead at all.

Jellal’s attempt to resurrect Zeref is a joke in itself。

{I must end things with Jellal. }

Erza also couldn’t help but shed tears.。

“Ahhhh, Jellal, you really deserve to die, how dare you make Erza cry.。”

“Jellal, light up your health bar and see if I don’t blow you up, that’s what I said!”

“Jellal, you’re screwed, you dare to make Erza cry. ”

I saw Erza shed tears at the end, and the barrage in the live broadcast room kept flooding the screen.

Erza’s popularity is very high. Seeing Erza shed tears, the friends in the live broadcast room were also very distressed, and they all He clamored to beat Jellal to death.

What, you said that Jellal was bewitched?

The water friends in the live broadcast room don’t care. In short, if you make Erza cry, he will beat you to death. The

main scene is also the same. Turn around and return to the Magic Council.

The number of people who are in favor of activating the magical elf power soon reached four.

Only the last one is left, and the magical elf power is about to be activated.。

{Only the last person left……}

{Only one person left?}

{As long as there is one last person left, the game will be over.。}

{Hum hum……}

Chiklein and Jellal were suddenly on the same screen, and then Jellal also received the news from Chiklein.。

“What? What’s happening here?”

“Can Jellal synchronize the news obtained by Zekelain?”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, let me think about it. ”

Seeing this scene, pdd also widened his eyes, and the barrage in the live broadcast room was also paused, and then the screen was refreshed again.。

“Damn it, what’s going on? Could it be said that Chiklein and Jellal are in the same group?”

“Isn’t it already obvious? Chiklein and Jellal are obviously in the same group!”

“Then why does Chiklein use magical elf power towards the Tower of Paradise?”

“I don’t know the reason, but there is obviously a conspiracy!”

“Damn it, twist again and again, Chiklein and Jellal are actually in the same group!”

“I just said there is something wrong with Qikerein, you see it, you see it。”

“As expected of brothers, they are not good people! ”

After seeing this scene, the water friends in the live broadcast room were also numb.

They had overturned their judgment before and thought that Qi Kelain was a good person.

Now they are told that Qi Kerain and Jellal are in the same group?

This is simply too much. Now it’s interesting!

The main storyline returned to Erza.

Quinn also heard Erza’s words and couldn’t accept that it was Jell

al who deceived them.

Then, the main storyline returned to Natsu.

Natsu wanted to Looking for Habib, I ran out early.

Then I met Miliana and the others.

Facing Natsu who was wearing a hood, Miliana was completely unable to take action.。

“This Miliana is so cute。”

“Hahaha, such a happy character, I quite like it。”

“Don’t tell me, even though she is a supporting role, Miliana is so beautiful. ”

Milliana also attracted a lot of fans.

Of course, the battle later cut into it, and pdd quickly controlled his team to defeat Miliana.

Then entering the plot again, Miliana was also easily defeated by Natsu.

Naz Zi easily rescued Habib. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Soon, Jellal arranged to assassinate the Three Feathered Crows of the Skull and Bones Guild to fight against Natsu and the other eight People.

Juvia and Lucy soon met the first person among the Three Feathered Crows, Vidardas.

Vidardas was a long-haired man holding a guitar. He stuck out his tongue from time to time, which made people think It’s disgusting.

His hair can absorb any liquid, with the exception of oil and alcohol, which will damage the hair.

At the same time, he has the magic to use the music of the guitar to make the enemy his slave.

Juvia encounters Vader Road Das was restrained, and later he was directly controlled by Vidal Das’ magic.。

“Damn it, Juvia has become like this, so evil, but I like it. ”

Seeing the drastic change in Juvia’s image after being manipulated, pdd’s eyes widened….

The original Juvia often wore a blue coat and liked to wear rain boots. Contrary to Gray, she liked to wrap herself up tightly.

And even when he pestered Gray, he was relatively restrained.

But after being manipulated, Juvia wore a sexy leather jacket with an exaggerated smile on her face.。

“Ah ah, the parallel world will give out benefits。”

“Juvia is so sexy。”

“Ahhh, I really like Juvia. ”

The barrages in the live broadcast room are also flooding the screen.。[]

Then it was cut to the main line of battle.

Of course, pdd’s team also easily eliminated Vidaludas.

Then cut to the plot.

Juvia, who was captured by Vidardas, was about to kill Lucy. Fortunately, Lucy learned Juvia’s true intentions.

Lucy also used the water flow created by Juvia to summon Aqua to help.

As soon as Akuya appeared, she launched an exaggerated sea attack, directly breaking Vidaludas’ guitar magic.

Juvia also returned to normal.

Later, Juvia and Lucy also faced each other, holding hands, and used fusion magic to defeat Vidardas.。


{Juvia has also returned to her original state! }

Juvia and Lucy also hugged each other tightly.。

{Great, really great, Juvia!}

{Miss Lucy is very warm. This is the first time Juvia has been surrounded by girls with such enthusiasm.。}

{We finally defeated someone. Nothing can make Jellal happy.。}

{No, it was Lucy who defeated him。}

{It’s the two of us! }0.1 Looking at Lucy lying on the ground and listening to Lucy’s words, Juvia also felt warm and very moved.

This was a warmth that she had never experienced before in Ghost’s Dominator.。

{Juvia’s eyes actually started to rain.。}

{Hahaha, this is such an interesting statement。}

{That’s right too……}

Seeing this scene, pdd couldn’t help but smile like an aunt.。

“Ahhhh, I really like two girls posting.。”

“Ahhhh, Lucy and Juvia are stuck together, I like it so much。”

“In Grey’s Big Crisis, Juvia won’t be following Lucy, right?”

“Hahahaha, probably not. ”

The barrage in the live broadcast room is also crazy.

The scene where Lucy and Juvia used fusion magic just now was so cute.


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