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Let you develop a game, and the BOSS is actually Aizen chapter 150

The plot continues, and the camera finally shifts to the protagonist group.

Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Juvia finally arrived at the Tower of Paradise.

Of course, along the way, Juvia mistook Lucy for her love rival and became jealous, which also made the viewers of pdd’s live broadcast room couldn’t help but smile.

The protagonist group is also preparing to quietly rescue Ai~Lusa.

As a result, he was discovered by the magician of the Tower of Paradise as soon as he arrived.。

{Lord Jellal, why did you let the intruder come to the tower?}

{Didn’t I say that? This is a game and they have passed the first level。}

{It’s that simple, and it keeps getting more interesting. }

Facing the invasion of Natsu and the others, Jellal didn’t seem to care.。

{But……We need to carry out the ceremony quickly, since the ship that was sunk a few days ago said that the investigation team。}

{It means that the reviewers already know about this matter……}

{Why are you still worried about this now?}

{They can’t stop that bunch of trash from the reviewers. }

Facing the inquiries from his subordinates, Jellal���He doesn’t care, he seems confident of victory。

“It’s strange, how dare Jellal be so sure of victory? It’s like he doesn’t care about the Magic Council at all.。”

“It shouldn’t be. If I were in Jellal’s position, I should be able to achieve my goal as quickly as possible. Why waste time? ”

pdd was keenly aware of something wrong.

But he didn’t know what was wrong.。

“Mr. Prostitute, are you thinking too much? Jellal doesn’t know that his brother Zekeline is going to use magic elf power to hit him. Isn’t it normal to be a little negligent?”

“That’s right, I can already imagine Jellal’s despairing expression when he discovered that the magical elf power had been defeated.。”

“No, something’s wrong. Now the protagonist group is all in the Tower of Paradise. We can’t let the Magic Council release the magical elf power, otherwise the protagonist group will also be wiped out.。”

“Damn it, that’s right, if this magical elf is defeated, won’t the protagonist group also be destroyed?”

“Therefore, the magic spirit power should be impossible to defeat. ”

The water friends in the live broadcast room also keenly discovered that something was wrong, and the barrage was also frantically refreshing the screen.。

“Yes, shit, the situation is very complicated now.。”

“The magical elf power cannot be reduced.。”

“That should take a while, and the magical elf power will not come down until the protagonist group is finished. ”

The pdd barrage reminded me that something was wrong.

The protagonist group is still in the Tower of Paradise, so the magic spirit power will definitely not be reduced. The

plot continues, and Natsu and the others also know that the other party has discovered their whereabouts long ago. .While

they were walking, they also met Erza who had escaped.。

{Erza? It turns out you’re fine!}

{Very cool!}

{Why are you guys here? }

Erza was also very surprised when she saw Natsu and the others.。

{Go back, this is not the place you should be. }

Erza also spoke nervously.。

{Stop preaching here, Erza!}

{Being treated like a coward after being seen all over the place, this damages the name of Fairy Tail.。}

{There is nothing I can say to spare that square face. }

Natsu also spoke unhappily.。

{I told you to go back……}

{Hubby was also arrested, how could I go back obediently!}

{Hubby was caught to

o? Could it be Miliana?}

{Miliana is a huge cat lover and I don’t think she would harm Hubby。}

{I will be responsible for taking them back!}

{Get out of here right away. }

Erza still wants to face her past alone。

{How can that work? Erza has to come with us too!}

{This is my personal issue and I don’t want to involve you.。}

{We have been implicated for a long time!}

{Erza, what is this tower, and who is Jellal?}

{It’s okay if you don’t want to say it, they claim to be Erza, your former partner。}

{However, we are your current partners!}

{No matter what happens, we will be on your side。}

{That’s absolutely true. }

Lucy and Gray also spoke.

Although Juvia didn’t speak, her eyes were very appraising and she agreed with Gray’s words.。

“Ah, the atmosphere of Fairy Tail is really good. I just like this atmosphere.。”

“After all, who doesn’t like a group of brothers and friends who will stick to you no matter what happens? ”

pdd said with a smile. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“Tears, who doesn’t want a brother like Fairy Tail?。”

“Apart from the turn-based system, this is probably the most attractive thing about Fairy Tail.。”

“Everyone in Fairy Tail seems to be glowing! ”

The barrage in the live broadcast room is also full of discussion.

The most attractive point of Fairy Tail may be here.。

{Go back quickly……}

Erza also turned around so that no one could see her face.。

{It’s really nothing like you, Miss Erza.。}

{You just need to order us to follow you as usual.。}

{We will help!}

{Even if it’s you, it doesn’t matter if you feel scared sometimes? }

Gray didn’t know when he was shirtless again, so he also spoke.

After listening to Gray’s words, Erza also turned around, showing a rare soft look.。

“Damn it, this is the first time I’ve seen Erza’s expression, it’s really amazing. ”

pdd means speaking directly and directly.。[]

Indeed, Erza has always given them the impression of a strong and brave character.

This sudden soft expression is really full of contrast, but it makes people feel abrupt.。

“Ahhhh, Erza, I’m here to protect you。”

“Wow, cute, think~~~”

“This expression is really great. ”

The barrage in the live broadcast room also flooded the screen, and it even meant to make fun of pdd.。

“Don’t do it, why is this expression so awesome? ”

pdd discovered the ambiguity in his words, coughed twice, and continued to click on the dialogue.。

{This tower is called the Tower of Paradise, also known as R Tong。}

{This happened ten years ago. The magic cult that believes in black magic, in order to activate the forbidden magic that can awaken the dead,。}

{To achieve the goal, many sacrifices are needed……}

Erza also recounted her past one by one.

And Gray and the others also learned from Erza’s mouth that it was Zeref who bewitched Jellal.

Zeref is the most ferocious, powerful, evil and legendary black mage in the history of the magic world.

It can easily create terrifying monsters, and its magic power is very powerful.

Of course, this information is all information Erza knows.

In fact, the man behind Jellal’s bewitchment was not Zeref, but Urrutia.

Urrutia disguised himself as Zeref and bewitched Jellal.

And almost all of the negative information about Zeref is the impression created by people’s rumors.

Of course, none of these pdds and the water friends in the live broadcast room know about it for the time being.


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