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Let you develop a game, and the BOSS is actually Aizen chapter 149

“It’s strange that these former partners of Erza all seem to have complicated feelings towards Erza.。”

“It’s like Erza really betrayed them。”

“But it’s impossible. What’s the reason? ”

pdd followed the plot with a frown.

Soon, Erza was also caught in memories, and the puzzle was solved.

It turned out that the group of people who kidnapped Erza were the evil magic cult back then. Prisoners who were captured for forced labor in order to build the Tower of Paradise. The

young Elsa was also one of the prisoners at the time, so she got to know Jellal and others.

Later, because a group of people failed to escape, Elsa was captured During the torture, Jellal was taken away in order to save her, and Elsa encouraged the crowd to resist.

Led by Elsa, everyone rose up to resist. Although Grandpa Rob and Chai H died as a result, they still won the battle in the end. The battle was won.

Unexpectedly, when Elsa rushed to rescue Jellal, she found that Jellal had changed. He decided to replace the original magic order and continue to complete the Tower of Paradise. He

also warned Elsa not to be allowed to leave after she left. Take one step closer to the island or all your friends will be killed。

“Damn it, Erza’s past turned out to be like this?”

“In other words, Erza is not wrong, and Erza’s partners are not wrong either.。”

“The culprit behind everything is Jellal!”

“No, it was the voice that bewitched Jellal. 803″

After completing Erza’s past plot mission, pdd couldn’t help but speak up.

This plot is really exquisite and perfectly connects everything.。

“Wow, this is really unexpected. Erza actually has such a past.。”

“What’s even more unexpected is that Jellal was actually their leader in the past. If he hadn’t been bewitched by that evil voice later, he might actually be a good person.。”

“It’s a pity, Jellal is a complete bad guy now, and the Paradise Tower is about to be built.。”

“Looking forward to the follow-up plot. ”

The plot about Erza’s past has also aroused extensive discussions among fans in the live broadcast room.

Strictly speaking, Erza and her partners did nothing. It is

a bit excessive to say that the culprit is Jellal. After all, At the beginning, Jellal was a charismatic leader. The

real culprit was the voice that bewitched Jellal.

This even made many people feel that Jellal was a little pitiful.

At the same time, the plot continued .The

camera also turned to the Magic Council.

At the Magic Council, Chiklein also pointed out Jellal’s sins and asked the Magic Council to take action.。

“ah? Jellal is Zekelain’s younger brother?”

“Have we all wrongly blamed Zekeline before? ”

Seeing Chiklein’s upright look, compared with Jellal’s evil look who was sitting in the Tower of Paradise, pdd was stunned.。

“Damn it, parallel worlds can be played, reversing and reversing, right? Chiklein and Jellal are actually not the same person?”

“In other words, the previous Qikerein was just a guise, deliberately trying to misunderstand us.。”

“The parallel world is really stupid, so everything can be rounded out again。”

“Erza is wary of Zekeline because Zekeline looks exactly the same as Jellal.。”

“No, it still feels wrong. If that’s the case, why doesn’t Erza’s memory contain any information about Zekeline?。”

“Besides, it didn’t even say that

Jellal had an older brother.。”

“Could it be that they were brothers who we only met after leaving the Tower of Paradise? ”

The water friends in the live broadcast room were also talking a lot, feeling like their brains were about to burn.

According to the current information, Qi Kerain seems to be a good person, and Jellal is a bad person.

But in the past memory, there is no such person as Qi Ke Lain .

No wonder Erza would doubt Chiklein。

{If you want to destroy the Tower of Paradise immediately, there is only one way。}

{Through the satellite magic circle, the magic spirit power is exerted. }

As the plot continued, Qikerein also spoke very harshly. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

{What did you say? Transcendent time and space destruction magic?}

{Are you crazy?}

{The destructive power of the magic spirit (cbfj) is too great. If the power is not controlled correctly, it will easily destroy a country!}

{Magical elven power is our last weapon, a magic more dangerous than System R! }

Hearing that Qikerein was so cruel, all the council members were also shocked.

Is Chiklein really so ruthless that he wants to use magical elf power to blast the Tower of Paradise?

You know, magical elves are powerful magic that can destroy a country.。

{However, as long as the satellite magic array is used, all targets in this area can be locked。}

{What’s more, what is to be destroyed is that huge building!}

{That can only rely on magical elf power!}

{I personally agree……}

{Urrutia, why don’t you even……}

{There are nine of us in total. As long as there are three more people, as long as three more people agree with this approach, we can activate the magical elf power.。}

{There is no time, no matter what, we absolutely cannot let them start the R system!}

{Even if this method ends up taking the life of your brother Jellal? Do you want to do it too?}[]

{There’s nothing we can do about it, it’s a super dangerous system……}

“Damn it, Qikerein, you really want your brother Jellal to die.。”

“It feels like Chiklein and Jellal are not the same person. ”

pdd couldn’t help but complain.

The members of the Magic Council just wanted to touch the army, destroy the Tower of Paradise, and arrest the dark magicians inside.

And Chi Keliin wanted to force Dazhuan Fei directly destroyed everything in the Tower of Paradise.

This was too cruel. He wished his brother Jellal would die, right?

“Wow, this Qikerein is too cruel, you just want Jellal to die, right?”

“I feel like it’s because Chikeli is afraid that Jellal will be a stain on his promotion, so he wants to get rid of Jellal, right?”

“ah? Can it still be like this?”

“Don’t tell me, with the level and courage of the screenwriters in the parallel world, it is really possible, look at the darkness of Naruto’s top brass……Qike Klein is really possible with this idea。”

“I apologize for my suspicion that Chiklein and Jellal are the same person. They are really brothers. They wish each other would die.。”

“Although, Qikerein still stood on the side of justice, although his motives may not be that pure.。”

“Actually, don’t think too badly of Chiklein, maybe he is just too stable?”

“Too steady? Too extreme? ”

The barrages in the live broadcast room are also crazy.


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