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Let you develop a game, and the BOSS is actually Aizen chapter 148

“Damn it, Erza in a swimsuit!”

“And Lucy and Juvia in swimsuits!”

“Ahhhh, Erza has changed into her evening dress, and there are Lucy and Juvia in her evening dress!”

“So happy, swimsuit Erza is the eternal god! ”

After seeing Erza and the others vacationing on Akane Beach in the game, the water friends in the live broadcast room also went crazy.

Erza, who had been wearing armor and covering herself up, finally changed into She wore a swimsuit, revealing her beautiful figure.

It was the first time that Erza was wearing such sexy clothes. How could she bear it? She wanted to lick the screen on her phone.。

“I really understand the parallel world. Isn’t this going to be sold as fashionable clothes in the future?”

“Don’t tell me, if it’s really made into fashionable clothes, I will definitely buy it. Who can say no to swimsuit Erza? ”

pdd couldn’t help but speak.。

“Agree, I agree with both hands and feet。”

“Damn it, am I going to break the precept with zero krypton?”

“What a vicious suggestion, can’t you get one for free?”

“Ahhh, please, come out with Erza in swimsuit, Lucy in swimsuit, and Juvia in swimsuit!”

“By the way, there’s also Erza in the evening dress, Lucy in the evening dress, and Juvia in the evening dress. ”

The barrage in the live broadcast room was also crazy, and water friends also agreed with pdd’s suggestion.

After all, who can refuse Erza in a swimsuit?

{Did I fall asleep without realizing it?}

{It’s safer to wear armor。}

{It seems that this woman like me is really hopeless. }

Erza also changed back to her armor.

Later, I also heard Lucy’s invitation to go to the underground floor to play together.

Then, Erza also changed into an evening dress.。

“Ahhhh, Erza in the evening dress is so sexy and beautiful.。”

“There are also Juvia in the evening gown and Lucy in the evening gown. They are so big and white. ”

Seeing the protagonist group wearing evening gowns, the barrage in the live broadcast room continued to refresh the screen again.

Even Gray changed into a suit, although he took it off soon.

Only the male protagonist was still wearing his suit. The same outfit as always.

Well, considering the character of the protagonist, it would be strange if he actually changed into an evening gown.。

“Ahhh, I envy Gray so much. Juvia got this for nothing.。”

“This is the first time I feel envious of a character in a game. Ah, Gray is such a jerk. Why can Juvia give it to him for free?。”

“Woohoo, why doesn’t a girl like Juvia like me in the real world? ”

I saw Juvia taking the initiative to come to Gray’s side, constantly looking for topics to chat with Gray, and occasionally blushing shyly.

The water friends in the live broadcast room also wished they could take Gray’s place and hold Juvia in their arms.

In Amid a burst of joy, the plot also begins.

A group of people appear inexplicably looking for Elsa, and claim to be Elsa’s former partners.

However, they speak badly and even use magic to trap Natsu and Gray in an attempt to find Elsa. Sha’s whereabouts。

{What? Already found?}

{Can I clean up this place?}


{This is……}

{People trapped in cards? }

Xio, who called Erza sister, also used magic to

trap the others in the card.

When Erza wasn’t paying attention, Miliana also trapped Lucy.。

{Miliana, can you do magic?}

{Long time no see, Erza!}

{Let Lucy go quickly, Lucy is my partner……}

{partner? Aren’t we all partners once? elder sister……}

As the plot unfolded, pdd’s water friends in his live broadcast room also understood that these people who kidnapped Erza were Erza’s former partners.

They appeared here to kidnap Erza back, and they kept saying that Erza betrayed them.。

“Erza betrayed them?”

“How is it possible? How could Erza’s character betray others?”

“There must be some misunderstanding, and the name Jellal, is he their leader? ”

pdd was also very confused and couldn’t help but speak.。

“There must be some misunderstanding. I don’t believe Erza would betray her friends.。”

“That’s right, Erza with this character would betray her friends? Can’t imagine it at all。”

“There must be some misunderstanding or even some conspiracy. ”

The barrages in the live broadcast room are also flooding the screen.

Ever since Erza appeared, Erza has always been a very responsible magician.

Friends in the live broadcast room can’t imagine that Erza would betray her friends.

Moreover, in Erza hadn’t used any magic to resist just now, and she obviously didn’t want to hurt her past partners. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) Otherwise, they wouldn’t believe that such a powerful Erza would be like

this He was easily captured.

pdd continued to follow the plot. As

the camera turned, the background music gradually became louder.

The panoramic view of the Paradise Tower was also revealed. It turned out that the scene at the beginning was the same as the slave master and the slave. , it’s the Tower of Paradise!

The camera goes from far to near, and finally it is fixed on the face of the person sitting on the throne at the top of the Tower of Paradise.。

“.Ah, Zekeline?”

“It’s actually him? ”

Seeing this familiar face, pdd couldn’t help but speak.。

“Damn it, I knew there was something wrong with Qikerein, but now it seems like there really is a big problem.。”

“Needless to say, it’s no wonder Erza was so wary of Chiklein before. The reason has been found. ”

The barrage in the live broadcast room also exploded.。

{Lord Jellal, received the news that Erza has been successfully captured…….}

{And he’s on his way back to the city。}

{but……Why must we capture that traitor?}

{With your powerful magic power, you can kill her at any time。}(hello wang wang)[]

{Hahaha, how can this work? This world is so boring。}

{However, now that the Tower of Paradise has been completed, if she continues to live, she may cause trouble…….}

{So, the time has come. For my dream, you will be the sacrifice.。}


Jellal also had an abstract smile on his face and kept laughing wildly。

“It’s strange, why his men call him Jellal, isn’t it Qikerein?”

“Could it be that there is an inside story? ”

pdd said in confusion.

This Jellal must be a villain, but why is he called Jellal?

Isn’t it called Qikerein?

Are they two people? Or is one of them a pseudonym?……

PDD also continues to follow the plot.


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