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Konoha: The future is revealed, Kaguya is the main palace? chapter 116

A hotel room somewhere in the Land of Fire.

Tsunade gritted her teeth.

Shizune on the side seemed to hear the clicking sound of teeth rubbing together.。


Shizune said in embarrassment。


“My hunch was indeed correct。”

“He really targeted me and took advantage of me. ”

Using the rope tree to threaten herself?

Tsunade knows that Beidou is scary. Maybe on his whim, the ninja world will be completely destroyed.

However, this does not prevent her from being angry and Beidou using the rope tree to threaten herself.

Being powerless means being powerless.

Being dissatisfied means being dissatisfied. Satisfied.

These are two different things。

“But Tsunade-sama。”

“This means that the rope tree can…”

Shizune grinned.

Tsunade suddenly reacted。

“right! If I behave well, Naoki will be able to return to the ninja world. ”

Tsunade immediately beamed.


This man can change his face faster than turning the pages of a book.

Senju Tobirama: “Is Beidou providing follow-up support to Kushina based on her performance in Konoha Village?”

Orochimaru: “What Nidaime-sama means is that Kushina proposed to ask Jiraiya or Tsuna Did Beidou plan to use Tsunade only after the trial of Sarutobi Group?”

Tsunade: “That guy moved fast enough, and Orochimaru, you flattered him to the extreme, you kept calling me “sir” It all feels funny.”

Orochimaru: “It’s better than people like you who don’t listen to greetings and have to bear the pressure of being threatened. If you don’t play well, the things you care about will disappear and it will be even more painful. Jiraiya

: “Fortunately, I only want to find the son of the prophecy and bring changes to the ninja world. The emotional needs are not that great. Beidou cannot use the “880” me.” Orochimaru:

” Hahaha, people who have no use value are really pathetic.”

Jiraiya: “Let me go, can this even make you pick up the conversation?”

【After seeing the rope tree。】

【Sober, Tsunade cheered up。】

【I went to the cell late at night to inquire about the situation of Sarutobi Hiruzen and others, and met with them.。】

【In the process of chatting。】

【Tsunade found that most of the comments of the three people were almost focused on the weirdness of Uzumaki Kushina’s resurrection.。】

【It is judged that there must be someone behind it who wants to engage in conspiracy.。】

【Advise Tsunade to think carefully. For the future of Konoha Village, she must awaken those families who were confused by Kushina’s strange power.。】

【Don’t be fooled by the mastermind behind the scenes。】

【This meeting made Tsunade very unhappy.。】

【He kept talking about the future of Konoha Village, but when Tsunade mentioned that the four major families refused to attend the meeting。】

【When refusing to discuss how to deal with Iwagakure Village and Kumogakure Village。】

【The three of them were unusually silent. It didn’t take much thinking to figure out that this was their order.。】

【next day。】

【conference hall。】

【The heads of the remaining major families are very anxious.。】

【Based on information obtained from undercover agents hiding near Iwagakure and Kumogakure.。】

【The top management of Iwagakure Village and the top management of Kumogakure Village were extremely angry because of the arrogance of Konoha Village.。】

【It seems that a ninja formation is currently underway。】

【Judging from various behaviors。】

【Although the other party did not give a clear reminder to declare war with Konoha Village,。】

【But their actions have proven that they intend to attack Konoha Village。】

【Just when everyone was anxious, the door was pushed open, and a proud figure walked in swaggeringly。】


【Everyone was startled。】

【I didn’t expect that the person coming was not Uzumaki Kushina。】


【Tsunade saw everyone’s doubts and sneered: “It’s not Kushina who is here to attend the meeting. You seem to be very disappointed.。”】

【“Does it mean that with my status, I cannot serve as the Hokage of Konoha Village?”】


【The heads of the major families were shocked when they heard this.。】

【After reacting, there was a hint of overjoyed expression on his face.。】

【“If it is Tsunade-sama, she definitely has the right to serve as the fifth generation Hokage.。”】

【Nara Shikaku smiled.。】

【As the think tank of Konoha Village。】

【With his wisdom, how could he not see what was going on?。】

【Uzumaki Kushina and Tsunade must have reached some kind of consensus, so Tsunade came here to host today’s meeting。】

【“Shikaku, go and send a message to the Daimyo of the Fire Country.。”】

【“Due to the current turmoil in Konoha, all inauguration ceremonies will be kept simple.。”】

【“From today on, all major matters in Konoha Village will be handled by me, the Hokage.。”】

【“Let the announcement go out。”】

【“In addition, the high-level officials headed by the Third Hokage will be sentenced.。”】

【“The reason for the verdict was that as high-level officials of Konoha Village, they abused their power to maliciously suppress the Uchiha clan in order to obtain Uchiha’s Sharingan.。”】

【“And in the face of envoys from other villages, he wanted to split the secret arts family in the village, and was suspected of betraying the Leaf Village.。”】

【“Faced with the threat from other villages, he encouraged his own family to refuse to participate in the meeting, undermining Konoha’s internal unity.。”】

【“I hope they will be imprisoned for life because of their advanced age.。”】

The above sentence is absolutely a shame and humiliation for the top management of Konoha Village.

From the end of the First Ninja War to the present.

Decades of scenery.

Konoha Village developed under the control of the four of them.

This time not only will their rights be taken away, but they will also be forced to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

This kind of sentence is absolutely unbearable for the superior Sarutobi Group.

Might as well kill them with one knife.

Terumi Mei: “It seems that Uzumaki Naruto’s matter was not mentioned in the verdict.”

Onoki: “You are still young and do not understand the things involved. It is impossible for Uzumaki Naruto’s past to be made public as a verdict.” Onoki

: “First of all, the villagers of Konoha Village may not be aware of Naruto’s identity. They simply vent their anger and grief for losing their family members due to the Nine-Tails Rebellion, as well as their fear of Uzumaki Naruto’s future violence. Fear.”

Ohnoki: “Furthermore, there are many heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the village. Favoring Naruto will obviously cause dissatisfaction among others. I think they should have had reasonable communication to convict Sarutobi Hiruzen and the others. , they can only do things that sacrifice the interests of the village when they affect the development of major families, so just talking about the Uchiha clan can completely make other people unable to talk about it.” The Fourth Raikage: “The

village The top management here secretly covets the power of the clan. This kind of behavior is very terrifying.”

Hiruzen Sarutobi: “Hey, it was really miserable for Danzo this time.”

Koharu went to bed: “Damn Danzo, for peace Hiruzen and Hokage, you can really do anything.”

Danzo Shimura: “Humph! Are you starting to denounce me now? Don’t forget that the four of us are on the same rope. Some things are just your acquiescence that I do. .”

Mito Kadenyan: “I just hope that Danzo will not come back after running away. He just needs to be safe and sound.”

Rasa: “I think it is impossible to want Danzo to be safe, and as Tsunade, as a The newly appointed Fifth Generation Hokage issued the final sentence of impris

oning the three people for life. There is no real meaning of what they will do to them. However, I think this is a trap.” (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network. !)

Yamanaka Ino: “A trap?”

Nara Shikamaru: “It was a trap for the three Hokage Sandaime. If the three of them swallow this breath, it’s OK. If they can’t, they will lead the four major families to civil strife and unite the three families. If Zang can find helpers from outside, he can cooperate inside and outside.”

Nara Shikamaru: “Then the Fifth Hokage will have reason to deal with their entire clan.”

Haruno Sakura: “Hey, is the fight between high-level officials so scary?”

Sarutobi Hiruzen: “Damn, this is definitely not something Tsunade could have thought of.”

Tsunade: “Old man, who are you looking down on? Let me tell you, although there is no specific content of watching the movie, I also know that Kushina and I What was discussed will definitely mention Beidou behind her, and the second is to discuss how to sentence your senior officials, and it will definitely discuss your family’s dissatisfaction with the verdict and rebellion.” Tsunade: “But given your strength, I

think Want to rebel? The four major families combined may not be enough to fight Uzumaki Kushina alone, so we hit it off just to force you to rebel, so that we can have a more concrete reason to stabilize the people’s hearts, even if your position in the hearts of the people is deeply rooted, and the people They are all dead. What can they do? They can only hope that I, the Fifth Hokage, will bring Konoha glory.”

Koharu went to bed and said, “It’s okay to be awesome. Let’s see how awesome you are.”

Tsunade: “Sorry, in the future Konoha Village belongs to me, and I don’t have to worry about being threatened.” Koharu

went to bed and said: “Huh! He is just a loser under Beidou, why are you dragging him?”

Orochimaru: “Tsk, it is useless to say these things, even a loser can judge You, aren’t you even worse than a coward?”

【After the verdict below。】

【The villagers of Konoha were in an uproar.。】

【These days, they have been restless。】

【I never thought that the long-standing family would turn against them and send the Third Hokage to prison.。】[]

【Although they had heard a lot of rumors, out of their trust in Hiruzen Sarutobi。】

【They still have a sense of luck and think that Konoha’s top brass can’t do anything to harm their compatriots.。】

【The news that Jiraiya and Tsunade returned to the village excited them all night。】

【It was determined that the other party was here specifically to investigate the matter and clear the names of the Sandaime Hokage and others.。】

【Who would have thought that Tsunade’s first order after succeeding the Fifth Hokage was to announce the punishment of the former high-ranking officials in Konoha…..】

【If the villagers have doubts about Uzumaki Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto,。】

【However, as the granddaughter of the first Hokage Senju Hashirama, she is also one of the legendary three ninjas and the strongest medical ninja in the ninja world.。】

【Also known as the most beautiful woman in the ninja world。】

【Tsunade Hime。】

【Regardless of status, strength, background, or reputation。】

【There is no doubt about it���】

【In addition, Tsunade was once the apprentice of Sarutobi Hiruzen.。】

【After multiple identities were added together, this verdict was made。】

【That proves that there is indeed a huge problem at the top level of Konoha.。】

【“Impossible, the Sandaime Hokage and the others.”】

【“It seems true. The Uchiha clan was exterminated because the higher-ups wanted the other party’s Sharingan.。”】

【“That’s terrible. No one wants their family to follow in the footsteps of the Uchiha clan.。”】

【“I heard that the Byakugan incident ten years ago was also intentional. The higher-ups were worried that the Hyuga clan would be too powerful and would affect the rule of the higher-ups, so they deliberately divided the harmony between their separate families and the clan. Otherwise, the nephew of the Hyuga clan leader would have always hated the clan.。”】

【“Alas, as the apprentice of the Sandaime Hokage, Tsunade-sama’s judgment is absolutely fair and just.。”】

【“Yes, I hope our Fifth Generation Hokage can resist the grief in his heart and lead today’s Konoha to new glory.。”】


Sarutobi Hiruzen: “Fools, they are just a bunch of fools.”

Sarutobi Hiruzen: “Although Tsunade is my disciple, the relationship between us is not as deep as they imagined. These fools actually think that Tsunade The verdict was fair. She clearly sentenced us just to be able to see her brother.”

Uzumaki Kushina: “Now do you think the villagers’ brains are not working well? How did you use them to create public opinion? Consolidate your own rule, thank you.”

Orochimaru: “It’s good to be a villager. If you are too smart, the grass on your grave will be two meters high now.”

Ohnoki: “Just wait for Danzo to show up.”

Terumi Mei: “Just wait for Danzo to show up.” Become the savior and come to the prison.”

The fourth generation Raikage said: “It’s just a waste of time to wait, we’d better stop talking, in case Danzo Temeu takes advantage of us, when the time comes…”

Terumi Mei: “Don’t worry, Danzo and I have nothing to do with each other.。”

【late at night。】

【A dark shadow suddenly appeared at the cell door。】


【The two guards immediately became alert。】

【However, the other party just revealed a single scarlet eye, and they immediately fell into an illusion.。】

【The visitor quickly found the area where Sarutobi, Hiruzen and the other three were imprisoned.。】

【“Hiruzen, are you comfortable staying here?”】

【The moment the familiar voice sounded, Sarutobi Hiruzen and the other two people immediately came over.。】

【“Danzo! Hiruzen was about to question, but Danzo snorted coldly: “It’s useless what you say now.” “1.4

【“Your good disciple has betrayed you。”】

【“snort! “Sarutobi Hiruzen also snorted back: “If it wasn’t your problem, how could we be in this situation?。”】

【“Okay Hiruzen, it’s useless to say this now. Koharu went to bed and comforted him: “Danzo, you have been out for so long. Isn’t there any movement in Iwagakure and Kumogakure?””】

【“If they don’t send troops to Konoha, we really don’t have a good chance to make a comeback.。”】

【“I have already made an agreement about Iwagakure Village and Kumogakure Village.。”】

【“Nowadays, their main focus is on the person behind the resurrection of Uzumaki Kushina。”】

【Danzo’s words were full of pride: “They are still very concerned about this terrible hidden danger and no longer want to have any disputes with us.。”】

【“We’ve got the best chance for a comeback。”】

【As soon as these words came out, the three of them were stunned at the same time.。】

【They were still thinking about the war starting and other families begging to release them, but they didn’t expect that Danzo…】

��“Stop looking at me like that. ” Danzo said dissatisfied: “I have thought of other more effective ways.。”】

【“I have contacted Sanshouyu Hanzo and our four major families, Liyingwaihe。”】

【“At that time, as long as you kill Uzumaki Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto within the limited time, you will be able to successfully retake Konoha, and avoid the subsequent troubles of Iwagakure Village and Kumogakure Village.。”】

【“Hiruzen, do you understand my intention now?。”】

【Danzo Shimura did not forget to point to his right eye: “Not only do I have the Sharingan, I also have the Wood Release。”】

【“Even if Uzumaki Naruto is not convinced because of Kushina’s death, we don’t have to worry about Kyuubi.。”】

【“Without Uzumaki Naruto, I can still control the Nine-Tails。”】。


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