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Konoha: The future is revealed, Kaguya is the main palace? chapter 115

【Yuyin Village。】

【“”Freshly Baked” Nohara Rin stared at the huge crystal ball on the wall in disbelief。】

【Nowadays, for Beidou。】

【It doesn’t take a long time to make Nohara Rin into a cyborg.。】

【Regarding the appearance of Nohara Rin, Yuhi Hong and Uazuki Yugao were only surprised for a few minutes.。】

【No wonder it’s strange。】

【However, Nohara Rin was shocked when she learned that the two of them were normal people but appeared on the Beidou side.。】

【But compared to Kushina Uzumaki in the crystal ball, all this shock is not surprising。】

【“Kushina~Sister, she…”】

【After Nohara Lin woke up, she roughly understood some of the situation.-。】

【But Kushina’s attitude towards Konoha Village still shocked her.。】

【That gentle sister has become so indifferent now。】

【“Lin, I don’t think you need to be surprised.。”】

【Yuhi Kurenai on the side quickly stepped forward to comfort her: “Kushina-senpai is actually the same to us.。”】

【“I don’t feel anything wrong。”】

【“However, as a mother, she should be extremely sad about Konoha’s high-level officials taking advantage of Naruto.。”】

【Nohara Lin nodded with some understanding.。】

【“I understand Sister Kushina。”】

【“Especially the way she looked at Naruto even revealed a little guilt.。”】

【“I guess it’s because I can’t accompany him and let him suffer. As a mother, I blame myself.。”】

【That’s it。】

【Nohara Rin did not forget to look at Beidou who was sleeping on the sofa.。】

【Hinata Hinata is the little girl sleeping in his bed that night。】

【At this time, he was replacing Beidou’s pillow with his own legs.。】

【From the eyes of the other party, Nohara Lin even discovered the tenderness and tenderness。】

【“Are you a couple?”】

【Nohara Lin asked curiously, and then quickly said “poof”。】

【“Look what I said, you both sleep together, you must be husband and wife。”】

【“It’s really incredible。”】

【“Our ninjas from Konoha Village actually appear in Amegakure Village。”】

【“And the eldest lady of the Hyuga clan became Beidou’s wife。”】

【“You don’t look very old.。”】

【Heard the word wife。】

【Hinata Hinata’s pretty face turned red with embarrassment.。】

【He quickly explained: “No, no。”】

【“Beidou is kind-hearted in teaching me how to practice and make me stronger.。”】

【“he is a very good man。”】


【Nohara Lin was stunned for a moment。】


【You actually told me that that kind of thing is called spiritual practice?】

【Oh my gosh, I have never heard of this kind of practice, whether I was alive or dead.。】

【The first time I heard about it was after I came back from the dead.。】

【However, facing the shock of Nohara Lin,。】

【Yuhi Hong patted her shoulder, shook her head gently and said, “You really don’t believe it.。”】

【“This is the research result of Orochimaru-sama, one of the legendary three ninjas.。”】

【“It’s really useful, I can feel the terrible changes in Hinata。”】

【“As her jounin, I can’t survive the three moves in her hands now.。”】

【Nani! ?】

【Does it really work?】

【“No, all this is due to Beidou。”】

【“I originally wanted to do something, but found that I couldn’t do anything at all。”】

【At this moment, Hyuga Hinata looked ashamed: “I clearly promised that I can’t get something for nothing, but in the end I still got something for nothing.”。”】


【After listening to Hinata’s words。】

【Nohara Rin felt ashamed。】

【Not only was she resurrected for nothing,。】

【And after resurrecting, she found that her strength was many times stronger than before she was alive.。】

【She couldn’t believe it。】

【At first, the chakra scalpel could only cover the palm of my hand, but now the chakra scalpel can extend more than ten meters.。】

【What a terrifying ability this is。】

【As if seeing through Nohara Rin’s thoughts。】

【Yuri Hong smiled and said: “It’s normal, you don’t need to be too surprised.。”】

【“Have you never seen the strength of Kushina-senpai and Mikoto-senpai?。”】

【“As the Uzumaki clan and the Uchiha clan, their strength is more terrifying.。”】

【“When I die that day, or when I feel old, I will go to Beidou to see if I can be transformed into an android.。”】

【“You can’t train with Hinata. This is also the responsibility of being a jounin, isn’t it? “Maoyue Xiyan suddenly joked。】

【As soon as these words came out, Xirihong felt angry and pushed Xiyan hard.。】

【Saw the banter between the two。】

【Nohara Lin smiled unconsciously。】

【It would be great if everyone could be so harmonious together。】


【She thought of Uchiha Obito。】

【Maybe that guy won’t let everyone get what they want.。】

【The appearance of Beidou may be to stop him.。】

【Thinking of this, Nohara Lin suddenly looked worried。】

【“You said Kushina-sama made such a request to Tsunade-sama and Jiraiya-sama?。”】

【“Will they do it?”】

【“The Sandaime Hokage is their teacher, I think they will definitely not be able to do it。”】

【“Under such circumstances, wouldn’t the situation become a deadlock?。”】


【Yuhi Hong and Uoyuki Xiyan looked at each other and said at the same time: “It can’t be a deadlock.。”】

【“If Iwagakure and Kumogakure really go to war with Konoha, they must make a choice。”】

【“We even think that we don’t need to wait for Iwagakure and Kumogakure to make adequate preparations. Beidou must have already figured out a countermeasure.。”】

Sarutobi Hiruzen: “I’m so angry, Kurenai and the others seem to have defected to Beidou now.”

Ohnoki: “Damn it, the promised will of fire doesn’t work anymore.”

Sarutobi Hiruzen:“…..”

Terumi Mei: “Then who is to blame? Isn’t everything done by your senior management? This is heartbreaking.” The

Fourth Raikage: “It’s unjustifiable for Shimura Danzo to use the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan. Your senior management will now take responsibility.” Push Danzo Shimura to protect himself. If in the past, even if the major families knew about your dirty tricks, they would be angry and dare not speak out. Now the situation has undergone a major change. The third generation should take the initiative to take responsibility. At least there is still responsibility, but you still still Using the same old methods to fool the past will only hurt the hearts of the major families.”

Luo Sha: “Especially since the four major families of yours are still in a mood, counting on the villagers to put pressure on Kushina and others, waiting for the war to begin. Later, I begged you four major families to join the war and used this excuse to release you. You are really confused.”

Uchiha Madara: “The main reason is that they don’t know how terrible the people behind Kushina and the others are, and they don’t know how terrible Kushina is. How powerful Nana and Mikoto are, maybe they think Kushina is the perfect Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki, and they want to join forces with other forces to take a gamble to deal with each other. They are just clever.” Tsunade: “I have a bad feeling

. ”

Jiraiya: “Well! Anyway, I don’t have any worries in my heart. Even if Beidou wants to use me, he can’t use me.”

Orochimaru: “If something like this happens, it would be great if Jiraiya can guard Konoha.” , I’m just afraid that he will just leave the stall.”

Jiraiya: “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m not that irresponsible.”

Tsunade: “That’s not necessarily the case. When the time comes, I’ll go to Miaomu Mountain to bring in reinforcements, or maybe I’ll tell you the whole story If we go looking for the son of prophecy to change everything, people will be completely gone.”


【Damn, hate, hate…】


【Tsunade, who was alone in th

e tavern and drunk, was extremely irritated.。】

【She never thought that the Leaf Village founded by her grandfather would reach the point where it is today.。】

【What happened during the day has explained everything。】

【Uzumaki Kushina’s attitude is extremely determined. In order to seek justice for Naruto, no one can do anything in front of her.。】

【If you want to protect Konoha Village, you must execute the senior officials headed by Sarutobi Hiruzen.。】

【No matter what, he is still her teacher.。】

【However, what Sarutobi Hiruzen’s top management did is indeed very disappointing.。】

【What Shimura Danzo did is outrageous and there is irrefutable evidence.。】

【At this time, they actually didn’t come forward quickly to give the people an explanation.。】

【But he only uses the lame excuse that Danzo did everything to maintain his image.。】

【“What are these old fools thinking about?”】

【“Konoha has reached such a dire straits, they still think about the struggle for power?”】

【Especially when she thought of what Uzumaki Kushina called a mere ruined village today, Tsunade felt even more heartbroken.。】

【This is also the key reason why she had a dispute with Kushina。】

【Broken village?】

【This is the village that Grandpa and the others paid for with their lives.。】

【And her most beloved brother also sacrificed himself for the village.。】

【“This is the treasure left behind by grandpa。”】

【Suddenly remembering Naoki’s words during his lifetime, Tsunade’s eyes became wet with dissatisfaction.。】

【However, she knew that she could not use this excuse to criticize Uzumaki Kushina。】

【Didn’t the other party sacrifice his life to protect the village?。】

【Perhaps because of this, she hates the current high-level officials of Konoha even more. 】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【“The village has become corrupt。”】

【Tsunade walked out of the tavern in a daze.。】

【I’m talking to myself so much that I don’t know what I’m talking about.。】

【Just by accident, she was hit by someone walking towards her.。】


【“That blind bastard dares to bump into me on the street of Konoha Village?”】

【“Not even saying sorry?”】

【“Don’t you know I’m Tsunade? The granddaughter of the first Hokage…”】

【Tsunade staggered and looked at the person who hit her。】

【From the back, he looks like a young man。】

【“Damn little devil。”】

【“Whose unlucky child。”】

【However, the moment the other party turned around,。】

【Tsunade was stunned.。】


【“rope tree…”】

【The boy in the distance looks exactly like the rope tree。】

【Tsunade couldn’t believe her eyes。】

【Instant sobriety from drunkenness。】

【She quickly rubbed it a few times and looked at it again.。】

【But he saw that the young man had slowly left. 】

Ask for flowers

【“rope tree。”】

【“rope tree…”】

【Tsunade shouted a few times。】

【The other party did not look back and continued walking away.。】

【No time to think too much。】

【Tsunade immediately chased after her.。】

【Until they entered the quiet woods of Konoha Village, Tsunade watched helplessly as the boy walked into the depths of the forest.。】

【“Damn it, could it be that I’m dazzled??”】

【The person you miss is right in front of you。】

【Tsunade didn’t dare to stop thinking about it and took another step.。】

【It wasn’t until she walked deep into the forest that she realized that the boy was waiting for her.。】

【And beside the young man, there seemed to be another figure standing.。】

【“Teacher, I brought her。”】


【The moment the sound sounded。】

【Tsunade suddenly felt her brain tremble。】

【Perhaps she was not mistaken. The young man in front of her was the younger brother she had longed for.。】

【At least, the sound is exactly the same。】

【“rope tree…”】

【“is it you?”】

【Tsunade’s delicate body trembled and she tried her best to step forward.。】

【However, the boy’s voice again made him freeze in place.。】

【“Weird, teacher…”】

【“She seems to know me。”】


【The other party actually admitted that he was a rope tree。】

【Same look, same voice。】

【same name。】

【Combining the resurrection of Kushina and Mikoto again。】

【Tsunade woke up instantly。】


【She looked at the people around Shengshu with vigilance。】

【When the moonlight shone on the other person’s face, she realized that the other person was actually a big snake.���。】

【“It’s really you, Daimaru。”】

【No wonder Shengshu called him teacher。】

【If the other party wasn’t Orochimaru, who could it be?】


【“haven’t seen you for a long time。”】

【“Hum hum…”】

【“Seeing your expression like this makes me satisfied. Things are going very well. You really can’t forget the rope tree.。”】

【Naoki looked up at Orochimaru out of curiosity: “Teacher, does she really know me?”】

【“What you said is so strange. I don’t know her.。”】


【Tsunade’s eyes widened and she couldn’t believe her ears.。】

【“Shen Shu, I am my sister.。”】

【Naoshu looked confused: “What sister?”】

【“I only know my teacher, Orochimaru。”】

【“Orochimaru! “Tsunade didn’t give Orochimaru time to react.。】

【Everything is as she thought before。】

【The matter between Kushina and Mikoto was indeed caused by Orochimaru。】

【With a loud shout, Tsunade was about to rush towards Orochimaru and snatch the rope tree back.。】

【But Orochimaru stopped him: “Put away your impulse, Tsunade.”。”】

【“Why don’t you want to think that Kushina and the others can be the same as before, but the tree can’t remember you?”】

【When Tsunade heard this, her fist that rushed towards Orochimaru stopped in mid-air.。】

【At such a close distance, she looked at the rope tree again。】

【Only then did I realize that the other person’s eyes were slightly dull, as if he was controlled by something.。】

【“rope..rope tree..”】

【Tsunade couldn’t help but murmured, and asked casually: “What exactly do you want to do, destroy Konoha?”】

【“Destroy Konoha? Orochimaru denied it and said with a smile: “I am no longer the frog in the well that I used to be.”。”】

【“Destroying Konoha is so boring。”】


【Orochimaru’s statement made Tsunade shout that it was unexpected.。】

【And looking at the sincerity on the other person’s face, it doesn’t seem like he’s being fake.。】

【He actually demeaned himself for it。】

【However, before Tsunade could react,。】

【Orochimaru continued: “Don’t worry, the rope tree you saw is indeed the same as Kushina, and has returned to this world alive.。”】

【“The only difference is that since that adult can resurrect him, he naturally has the means to control him。”】

【“I brought him to see you today just to give you a message。”】

【“Whether you want your brother to come back well again depends on your performance.。”】

【grown ups?】

【Tsunade frowned。】

【Looking at Orochimaru in disbelief。】

【This is Orochimaru, he actually uses honorifics for others.。】

【“Don’t look at me like this。”】

【“I think you are all guessing who resurrected Kushina and gave them information.。”】

【“That’s why that adult asked me to bring the rope tree to inform you.。”】

【“You behave well and you will know everything。”】

【“And your brother will come back to you。”】

【Orochimaru held Naoki’s hand and slowly walked past Tsunade.。】

【“rope tree. “Tsunade immediately waved her hand and grabbed Naoki’s arm.。】

【Seeing this, Orochimaru smiled calmly and said:】

【“Tsunade, within this time, even if I let go now, the rope tree you get will not be a real rope tree.。”】

【“Finally, I would like to advise you。”】

【“In this world, no one is the opponent of that adult. “Ten thousand].


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