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Konoha: The future is revealed, Kaguya is the main palace? chapter 113

【Land of Fire, Short Book Street。】

【In a certain tavern, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune were drinking wine.。】

【“Go back to Konoha, Tsunade…”】

【After a sip of wine, Jiraiya felt slightly tipsy.。】

【Combined with Sunagakure Village’s sudden offense and the false information about Konoha’s compensation that was spread after the other party withdrew its troops。】

【Jiraiya has a very bad feeling。】


【Tsunade took a gulp of a drink and slapped the quilt on the table.。】

【“What nonsense are you talking about? Jiraiya…”】

【“Do you think someone is targeting the Leaf Village behind the scenes?”】

【Tsunade looked at Jiraiya in confusion.。】

【He smiled and said, “You originally planned to take the nine-tailed brat to practice, so why did you suddenly change course and find me to persuade me to return to Konoha?”。”】

【“And even if it’s like what you said, the person behind the scenes is just Orochimaru, how big of a storm can it cause?”】


【The tipsy Tsunade sneered: “If there are old guys in Konoha, what else can happen? Aren’t they all powerful?”】

【“Just Orochimaru…”】


【Jiraiya squinted at the tipsy Tsunade。】

【Somewhat helpless。】

【This guy clearly knows that a strange guy named Vegito who was channeled by Orochimaru before killed the Sandaime.。】

【Now that he is saying this, he is obviously dissatisfied with the higher-ups.。】

【It’s correct to think about it. Tsunade originally proposed that Konoha train medical ninjas and arrange at least one medical ninja in each mission team.。】

【It’s a pity that none of the four senior officials in Konoha support her idea.。】

【“Maybe she is still worried about that incident。”】

【Jiraiya secretly thought。】

【But regarding Kato Dan, Tsunade, as the strongest medical ninja, still failed to revive him.。】

【“Some things are not a matter of whether the medical ninja is present, Tsunade…”】

【Jiraiya picked up the wine glass and took another sip。】


【However, his hint made Tsunade extremely dissatisfied。】

【“Don’t think I can’t understand the meaning of your words。”】

【“Do you think I am such an ignorant person, huh?…”】

【“It’s really boring, let’s go, mute。”】

【“Tsunade-sama? Shizune stood up in confusion: “Jiraiya-sama must have drunk too much and said the wrong thing. You can’t be angry.”。”】

【The sober Shizune naturally understood the meaning of Jiraiya’s words.。】

【The death of his uncle Kato Dan really cannot be blamed on the top management of Konoha.。】

【That’s not a problem that can be solved by having medical ninjas in the team.。】

【Furthermore, they all heard the news that Kumogakure and Iwagakure were coming to Konoha for negotiations.。】

【Even if you think about it with your little brain, you know that the other person is not good.。】

【Today’s Konoha Village is in a state of turmoil.。】

【Jiraiya definitely hopes to return to Konoha with his fellow Sannin Tsunade so that he can help the Leaf Village.。】


【Seeing Tsunade about to leave, Jiraiya’s slightly narrowed eyes suddenly became fierce.。】

【“Have you been out there for so long that you’ve forgotten who you are?”】

【“Sunagakure Village is invaded, you are in the Land of Fire, but you don’t react at all。”】

【“Nowadays, Iwagakure and Kumogakure don’t know what they will do to Konoha. Are you still holding on to the past?”】

【“Even if you are dissatisfied with the higher-ups, the Sandaime Hokage is our master, and this will never change。”】

【“Even if you don’t recognize him, I hope you think carefully about it. The person who founded Konoha Village was your biological grandfather, the First Hokage Senju Hashirama.。”】

【“The Shodaime-sama regards everything in Konoha Village as more important than his own life.。”】

【“As her granddaughter, how can you…”】

【“enough! Tsunade roared and punched the wine table into pieces: “Shut your mouth!”。”】

Orochimaru: “Tsk, tsk, tsk, Jiraiya’s mouth really doesn’t know how to coax girls, how can he write a book and publish it at this level.”

Jiraiya: “This… you can’t blame me, what I said is the truth, Something unexpected happened to Konoha. How can I think of coaxing Tsunade to go back? Besides, you don’t know her well. Is it useful to coax her?”

Tsunade: “Otherwise, he would still be single?” Jiraiya

: “Oh! If it weren’t for that, Someone, can I be single?”

Hatake Kakashi:“…..”

As a big fan of “Making Love in Heaven”, it seems like I will really be single.

Sarutobi Hiruzen: “I’m very confused, why did our senior management offend Tsunade again?”

Koharu said, “That shouldn’t be the case. Isn’t it just because I rejected her proposal back then? I also made it clear to her at that time. When the war is so fierce, how can you have the energy and time to train medical ninjas?”

Sarutobi Hiruzen: “I have one thing to say, you can’t put this hat on my head casually.”

Orochimaru: “So Jiraiya said it. What a bunch of bullshit. Tsunade is probably afraid of causing trouble to other ninjas in Konoha because of her fear of blood, so she doesn’t go back to Konoha Village.” Shizune: “Yes, Tsunade-sama

. Her anemia is very serious, and I usually perform surgeries on people. It’s not that she’s not worried about Konoha, she’s just afraid that her problems will affect other ninjas during the mission.。”

【Just when Tsunade was about to leave angrily。】

【Suddenly, two figures broke in from the door。】

【Suddenly appeared in front of Tsunade。】

【“Lord Jiraiya, I finally found you.。”】

【“you are…”】

【The two Anbu came to the hotel panting.。】

【They were surprised to see Tsunade there too。】

【“You are Tsunade-sama。”】

【“Great, both adults are here。”】

【Seeing this, Jiraiya frowned.。】

【Judging from the panicked looks on the two Anbu’s faces, I’m afraid something went wrong in Konoha Village.。】

【In an instant, half of Jiraiya’s drunkenness receded。】

【“what happened。”】

【“You are so panicked。”】

【“yes! “The two Anbu immediately stood up straight, adjusted their emotions and said: “Big things have happened in Konoha Village these two days.。”】

【“Uzumaki Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto suddenly broke into Konoha Village。”】

【“Claiming to come to the Sandaime and others to ask for justice。”】

【“They killed the envoy from Kumogakure who came to negotiate and drove away the envoy from Iwagakure who came to Konoha.。”】



【The two of them hesitated and couldn’t hold back the next words for a long time.。】

【However, the two names they mentioned made Jiraiya and Tsunade stunned.。】

【I suddenly sobered up from the drunkenness I had just had.。】

【“what are you saying?”】

【“Who suddenly broke into Konoha Village, are you sure it is Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto?”】

【Jiraiya stood up suddenly。】

【He stared at the ANBU in front of him and questioned。】

【He is not familiar with Uchiha Mikoto。】

【But Kushina, not only Jiraiya, Tsunade also has a close relationship with Kushina。】

【Speaking of which, Kushina always calls her sister。】


【“Resurrected? “Tsunade Mei’s eyes widened with a look of disbelief.。】

【“You said she broke into Konoha to seek justice from the higher-ups, and she also killed the envoy from Kumogakure Village and drove away the envoy from Iwagakure Village.。”】

【“Are you serious?”】



【Jiraiya couldn’t believe his ears at all。】

【Resurrection from the dead is already very strange。】

【As the wife of the Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina, how could she do something to harm the Leaf Village?。】

【Killing the envoy of Yunyin Village means declaring war on Yunyin Village.。】

【In such a tense moment, how could Kushina…】

【Wait a moment。】

【Suddenly, Jiraiya seemed to remember something。】

【“I see you were hesitating just now. Is there something you didn’t say clearly??”】

【“Come on, tell me, what happened?。”】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【Seeing Jiraiya getting really angry。】

【The two Anbu didn’t dare to hide anything.。】

【Tell me everything that happened in the past two days。】

【Uzumaki Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto went to Konoha to seek justice for Uzumaki Naruto and the Uchiha clan.。】

【During this period, Kushina killed the envoy from Kumogakure who came to negotiate.。】

【And temporarily lived with Uchiha Mikoto in the former residence of the Uchiha clan.。】

【The next day, Kushina, together with the families of Konoha Village, directly put Sarutobi Hiruzen, Koharu and Mito Kaden into cells on the grounds that they were attacked by Anbu that night.。】


【Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune。】

【The three of them listened to ANBU’s explanation in confusion.。】

【Uzumaki Kushina actually teamed up with other families to imprison the senior officials headed by the Third Hokage in a prison cell?】


【This kind of thing is simply unbelievable。】

【“So Kushina came to Konoha while Kumogakure and Iwagakure were putting pressure on Konoha?”】

【Jiraiya looked heavy。】[]

【According to the information brought by two ANBU。】

【Before coming to Konoha, Kushina and Mikoto rescued Sasuke who was taken away by Orochimaru.。】

【He took advantage of the moment when Kumogakure and Iwagakure were putting pressure on Konoha and came to Konoha Village.。】

【How can there be such a coincidence in the world?。】


【Tsunade smiled and shook her head: “The Sandaime is really stupid. There are many ways to protect the stability of Konoha, but he chose the stupidest one.。”】

【“To shake the interests of those families, wouldn’t it be digging one’s own grave?”】

【“Tsunade, don’t say that. Jiraiya retorted: “According to normal circumstances, there is no good way.”。”】

【“Don’t you really find it strange?”】

【“The chain reaction of all this is like someone deliberately designing it behind the scenes.。”】

【All of them are linked together to bring pressure to Konoha Village.。】

【Until the critical moment, after instigating the relationship between the top management and the major families, Kushina and Mikoto were allowed to appear.。】

【By the way, killing the envoy of Cloud Hidden Village pushed Konoha into the abyss。】

【Forced the major families to join forces with the two of them to overthrow the senior officials headed by the third generation.。】

【“.Are you saying that Kushina and Mikoto are controlled by others?”】

【“But if the childhood of the nine-tailed brat Naruto and the Uchiha clan were false, the two of them would not succeed so easily.。”】

【“Danzo’s affairs were exposed by the Hyuga clan and ran away. What else could the Sandaime and others say?”】

【“The most stupid thing is that they sent ANBU to attack Kushina late at night when they clearly had no choice.。”】

【“Isn’t this accelerating one’s own demise?”】

【Tsunade smiled helplessly: “He is really old. If Konoha is still under his leadership, if this thing doesn’t happen, other things will happen.。”】

【“So what? Tsunade…”】

【Jiraiya doesn’t want to hear Tsunade’s nonsense here.。】

【things have happened。】

【and develops towards an uncontrollable situation。】

【Since Uzumaki Kushina dares to put the Sandaime and others in a cell, it will definitely arouse the hatred of their family。】

【Although they are powerful, their actions do not seem to be to make Konoha better, but to bring the already precarious Konoha into a deeper abyss.。】

【Sarutobi Clan, Tenden Clan, Mitomon Clan, Shimura Clan。】

【These four major families will obviously fight with Kushina because of her behavior.。】

【Outside there are powerful enemies Kumogakure and Iwagakure, as well as Sunagakure Village, which has just retreated and is in an unstable situation.。】

【If internal strife breaks out in Konoha at this time, it will be completely doomed.。】

【“Tsunade, let me ask you one last time, what is your choice?…”】

【Jiraiya just felt like his brain was buzzing。】

【The current situation made him feel more desperate than when he faced Sanshouyu Hanzo.。】

【“After all, Konoha is the village founded by grandpa。”】

【“How could I really sit back and watch?。”】

【After waking up, Tsunade also understood that the situation in Konoha was serious at this time.。】

【She even couldn’t think of how to deal with this matter。】

【If it is true according to what the ANBU ninja said, the behavior of Uzumaki Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto is no different from seizing power.。】

【“If she was really Kushina, she shouldn’t do such a thing。”】

【“Is it really being used by others (for money)?”】

【Tsunade thought with a heavy face.。】

【In my mind, the figure of Orochimaru could not help but appear.。】

【“I didn’t expect that Orochimaru would become so terrifying after not seeing him for several years.。”】

【“What exactly is going on? “】


Orochimaru: “Hehehe, Tsunade really thinks highly of me.”

Jiraiya: “I think Orochimaru, you are almost helping Beidou take the blame.”

Orochimaru: “Take the blame? You are wrong Jiraiya. Yeah, this can only improve my reputation in the ninja world.”

Shimura Danzo: “What a villain.”

Senju Hashirama: “Hey, no matter what, Tsunade did not let me down. At the critical moment, she I still care about Konoha.”

Senju Tobirama: “But I’m afraid, based on the performance of Jiraiya and Tsunade in the light screen, they suspect that Kushina is not good for Konoha and will not go back and have an affair with Kushina Let’s fight.”

Senju Tobirama: “Although I shouldn’t say these words, but with the strength of the two of them, it is difficult to turn the situation around.”

Jiraiya: “It is impossible to turn the situation around. The major families are being manipulated by Kuxin After being shocked by Nana’s strength, I had no choice but to follow her arrangements. The high-level family headed by the Sandaime would definitely not be able to sit still and wait for death. How could Tsunade and I alone turn things around? It was nothing more than going back to persuade Kushina. Can we put the overall situation first?”

Hatake Kakashi: “I’m just afraid that Jiraiya-sama will have a dispute with Kushina-senpai.”

Jiraiya: “I think not, if I see Kushina After everything is resolved, I will most likely continue traveling.”

Tsunade: “I’m afraid that we will think that Kushina is being used by others, and then take it seriously, which would be a bad thing.”

Orochimaru: “Don’t worry . , with your character, there is no such thing as truth.”

Jiraiya: “She has such a bad temper, she doesn’t care about truth.” Orochimaru

: “What I mean is that we have all the means to make Tsunade surrender.”

Tsunade :“???”。


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