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Konoha: The future is revealed, Kaguya is the main palace? chapter 111

Beidou can now rely on his own strength to enter the world of Pure Land.

Although now he is only operating on the fringes.

But everyone knows that if he is given a certain amount of development time, he will definitely be able to break into the desolate world of the Pure Land.

If he has the ability to lead the soul back to this world.

No one dares to think about what the future will be like.

Even if there is no war, Beidou will control the living people and old friends.

He could easily take the ninja world into his own hands in exchange for this.

Of course, even if he doesn’t step into the Pure Land world, he can still do it as long as he goes to the cemeteries of major ninja villages to steal corpses.。

【The edge space of the pure land world。】

【Beidou quietly looked at Nohara Rin who was fuming beside him.。】

【However, he could feel Nohara Lin’s emotional changes. She seemed angry, but in fact she was disappointed with her old friend.。】

【It’s just that no one would have imagined that that innocent young man would become like this.。】

【“Is there a possibility。”】

【“Did he become emotionally unstable because of losing you?”】

【Beidou never thought that the masked man who used Nagato would be the disciple of the Fourth Hokage.。】

【And also has close relationship with Kushina, Kakashi and others。】

【But it is obvious that the person Uchiha Obito cares about the most is Nohara Rin in front of him.。】

【After all, Beidou has seen how Uchiha Sasuke behaved after Itachi died.。】

【From the hatred in the past to having to face Uchiha Itachi’s death in front of him after learning the truth, the memories of the past made Sasuke devastated.。】

【This is even when Sasuke knows that Beidou can rely on his soul to create artificial humans.。】

【If he hadn’t retained this level of thought, Beidou wouldn’t even be sure how crazy Uchiha Sasuke would be.。】

【“After all, based on what you said, I think he likes you very, very much.。”】

【“For such a person, wouldn’t you…”】

【“Stop it. “Nohara Lin planned Beidou’s words。】

【“I know you want to ask me if I deserve forgiveness。”】

【Beidou nodded, indicating that he really wanted to say this.。】

【However, Nohara Lin said with firm eyes: “It’s impossible。”】

【“He ruined my expectations for him. I can treat this as nothing. After all, it is really difficult to fulfill the agreed things.。”】

【“If he really tries to fulfill our agreement, even if he fails, I will be proud of him。”】

【“But you know, Minato-sensei and Kushina-san didn’t think about getting anything in return for their concern for him.。”】

【“Because everyone thought he was out of tune, Minato-sensei and Kushina-san would encourage him even more.。”】

【“He did such a thing, I can’t forgive him。”】

Damn Beidou, evil, really evil.

Dark cave.

Uchiha Obito’s single eye was revealed to be bloodshot.

On the surface, this guy seemed to be saying nice things to himself, but in fact, he was kicking himself into the fire pit.

He clearly knew the characteristics of the Uchiha clan, but he didn’t mention a word of such crucial information.

Still pretending to be warm-hearted.


Uzumaki Kushina: “Xiaolin seems to be really disappointed with Obito.”

Uchiha Mikoto: “Obito’s heart must be very painful.”

Sarutobi Hiruzen: “The same goes for Beidou, knowing that Nohara Rin is here When he was angry, he still insisted on irritating Nohara Rin with some irrelevant topics.”

Shimura Danzo: “Hiruzen, don’t tell me, you can’t see that he did it on purpose.”

Sarutobi Hiruzen: “Of course I know he is. Deliberately.”

Terumi Mei: “Yes, he knew about the changes in the Uchiha clan after losing their beloved, but he didn’t say a word.” Ohnoki: “I guess it is very likely that

Hokuto will recruit Nohara Rin back to the real world. , use Nohara Rin to stimulate Obito.” Kakashi Hatake

: “Why does Beidou do this?”

Jiraiya: “Maybe it’s because Obito uses Nagato and Konan, so Beidou responds in his own way. Go back.”

Uchiha Obito: “Lin, you saw it, all of this is Beidou deliberately inciting feelings between us. When the movie is over, you can’t be deceived by him.” Nohara Lin: “You

first Stop talking, my mind is so confused。”

【“So what do you want to do?”】

【“I mean if you could meet him。”】

【Beidou is tentative and needs to continue testing.。】

【This is so interesting。】

【I really don’t know what Obito Uchiha’s expression would be like if he learned that Nohara Rin was resurrected.。】

【Beidou is thinking。】

【Nowadays, Uzumaki Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto have been exposed to the public eye。】

【I guess it won’t take long。】

【The entire ninja world will know of their existence.。】

【The artificial resurrection of the dead is no longer a secret。】

【Then there is no need to hide it。】

【“I’m already dead, how can I see him?。”】

【Nohara Lin finally showed her soft smile again。】

【“Just call it fantasy。”】

【“Anyway, both of us are dead, and we can’t do anything else in this space except chat.。”】

【“There must be topics and fantasies to fill the empty time。”】

【Nohara Lin took a closer look at Beidou。】

【Suddenly, she thought what the other party said made sense.。】

【If you don’t find a topic, the two of you will be back to a situation where there is nothing to say.。】

【I have to face loneliness again。】

【“Well, let me think…”】

【Nohara Rin’s serious look made Beidou laugh.。】

【Is it really because he died too early?】

【Girls who are new to the world are always so innocent and interesting。】

【“When the time comes, I will tear off his mask and teach him a lesson.。”】

【Nohara Lin stood up and gestured with her fists。】

【“Are you strong?”】

【Beidou asked with a smile。】

【As soon as these words came out, Nohara Lin was immediately discouraged and said: “I’m not strong, I know some medical ninjutsu, and my level is at the level of a chuunin.”。”】

【“If we really fight, I will definitely not be able to defeat Obito now.。”】

【After sighing, Nohara Rinmei stared and said with a smile: “But I can run to Konoha Village to expose Obito’s actions.。”】

【“Nowadays, no one knows his identity except those around him who don’t look like humans.。”】

【“I’m really curious about what he went through, and there are so many strange things around him.。”】


【Beidou heard the sound and flashed a trace of suspicion.。】

【It seems that Nohara Rin didn’t start observing Obito as soon as she died.。】

【She probably established a connection with Obito some time after her death.。】

【However, these will not affect the。】


【“How boring it is to do this。”】

【Beidou raised his head and lay directly on the ground. 】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【“Let me see, if you really feel sorry for Minato and Kushina, you should let her know that you are resurrected.。”】

【“Doesn’t he dare to reveal his identity now?”】

【“You force him to reve

al his identity。”】

【However, what Beidou didn’t expect was。】

【Nohara Lin suddenly sighed and shook her head: “It won’t work like this.。”】

【“Angry, angry。”】

【“But in my heart, I still hope that he can return from his lost ways。”】

【“Stop hurting other people。”】


Uchiha Obito had a sore nose.

Nohara Lin is indeed the gentlest girl in the world.

Kushina Uzumaki: “This is Rin. No matter how much she hates Obito, she still hopes that everyone will be well.”

Minato Namikaze: “What a good child.”

Kakashi Hatake: “But Rin is too simple. I think it is impossible for Obito to look back. After all, so many things have happened. Even if Rin returns to the ninja world, she will not be able to treat Obito like before. Obito will definitely not be reconciled, and he will definitely want to use Infinite Moon in his mind. Read and create a world where Nohara Rin likes him.”

Uchiha Obito: “Kakashi, why are you so busy? Can you shut up?”[]

Black Zetsu: “Hmph! Just watch, you useless thing. As long as Nohara Rin returns to the ninja world, Obito will have to chase after her every day.” Black Zetsu: “The tailed

beast that collects farts, Obito is the number one Time must be trying to find the person who resurrected Nohara Rin.”

Uchiha Madara: “I feel like he will directly tie Nohara Rin to his Kamui space and will not let Nohara Rin free.”

Ohnoki: “Okay, I roughly understand the situation. In the future, Konoha Village will go to war with Cloud Hidden Village or us. We should have taken this opportunity to collect Obito from the tailed beasts, and then our attention will shift to Nohara Rin. .”

Terumi Mei: “Our Kirigakure Village is in retreat, you are starting a ninja war, and Obito is fighting for Nohara Rin. It’s really chaotic.” Jiraiya: “Where is Beidou? Is

he planning to quietly collect tails during this period? Beast?”

Tsunade: “No, I bet he will watch your many performances during this time.”


【“You are such a gentle girl。”】

【Beidou’s praise made Nohara Lin’s pretty face turn red with embarrassment.。】

【“without…No la…”】

【“It just feels like everything has happened and it’s impossible to go back to the past.。”】

【“Instead of retaliating with hatred towards Obito, it is better to find a way to make him change his mind and not make the same mistake again….”】

【Beidou nodded in approval.。】

【After all, according to the essential information he knew about the Infinite Tsukuyomi, as long as Uchiha Obito casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi。】

【The moment Otsutsuki Kaguya breaks the seal is the time when his death is imminent。】

【If Nohara Rin could really talk Obito through, she would have saved his life in disguise.。】


【Beidou was so quiet that he was stunned for a long time.。】

【The strange behavior made Nohara Lin a little strange。】

【“What’s wrong with you? Why did you suddenly stop talking?”】

【“I have a good idea。”】

【Beidou smiled and said: “You should be resurrected and return to the Leaf Village where you once lived. In this case, Obito will definitely know the news of your resurrection.。”】

【“He will definitely come back to you when the time comes。”】

【“Then, you must suppress the anger in your heart and pretend not to know everything about him。”】

【“But don’t talk to him。”】

【“Even if he reveals his identity to you, don’t pay attention to him。”】

【“Why is it like this? “Nohara Lin doesn’t understand. Is there any profound meaning in doing this?】

【“I’m thinking, if he likes you so much, he will definitely check it out non-stop after knowing you are resurrected.。”】

【“When he finds out that you are really resurrected, he will definitely be very excited, excited and incredible.。”】

【“Next, I think he will definitely try to get close to you, and then if you ignore him, he will not be able to help but reveal his identity to you.。”】

【“However, when he reveals his identity, you have to stay calm. You already know his identity.。”】

【“If he asks you what happened and why you became so cold。”】

【“Just let him think about it。”】

【“After all, humans are a species that cannot be explained by reason. You have to let them figure out the reason for themselves.。”】

【“He will make changes。”】

【“And if you do this, you will not only make him feel anxious, but also make him understand the reason why you are ignoring him.。”】

【“He will naturally change, but it is useless if you go to him and yell angrily.。”】

Uchiha Obito: “Damn Beidou, he started bewitching Lin, what a disgusting bastard.”

Yuhi Kurenai: “Hey, Obito is really pitiful. If he finds out that Lin is resurrected but ignores him, he will definitely be anxious to death. .”

Hatake Kakashi: “This kind of punishment is indeed fatal to Obito. It is more uncomfortable than killing him.”

Ohnoki: “The gentle girl I originally loved has changed. It is really unbearable.

Terumi Mei: “It’s more than unbearable. In the past, Lin was extremely gentle to Obito. She once became the white moonlight in Obito’s heart. Now the resurrected Lin treats him coldly and ignores him. This contrast makes Obito uncomfortable. ” The earth collapsed.”

Shimura Danzo: “You have all seen it, in terms of inner darkness, I am not as good as Hokuto, he is the real Shinobi Darkness, no, he is the God of Darkness 3.0.” Orochimaru: “Something is wrong

. , I always feel that Beidou is not that boring, he must have his own ideas。”

【“So awesome。”】

【Nohara Lin looked at Beidou with admiration。】

【“The method you mentioned is indeed much better than what I thought before.。”】

【“If Obito really cares about me as a companion, he must know why I am angry and ignore him, and even want to break up with him。”】

【“In this way, he would be able to understand how much he had done to Mr. Minato and Sister Kushina.。”】

【“I think if he had a repentant heart, he would stop his wrong steps。”】

【Nohara Lin looked at Beidou happily。】

【A few seconds later, she also lay down with Beidou。】

【The two of them just lay quietly in the space at the edge of the Pure Land world, lying flat and looking at the “sky.””。】


【Nohara Rin couldn’t help but let out a sweet laugh: “It’s quite fun to fantasize occasionally in a place like this.。”】

【“After all, we are all dead, yet we are still here discussing things that can lead to resurrection.。”】

【However, Beidou just replied calmly: “I have a way to take us out of this space.”。”】

【“Are you interested in following me back to the ninja world?。”】

【“When our souls return to the ninja world, I have a way for you to truly start a new life in the ninja world.。”】

【Nohara Lin: “Ah?”】

【As if she couldn’t believe her ears, Nohara Lin looked at Beidou blankly: “Beidou, what are you talking about?”】

【“I said, I have a way to resurrect you. Are you willing to come back to the ninja world with me??”】

【Nohara Lin:“!!??”】。


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