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Konoha Exclusion: I will take Uchiha on a great voyage chapter 280

“The art of doubling! ! ! ”

Uchiha Xuanyan drank softly, and his body began to become huge, and in an instant it became about the same size as the Kyuubi.。

“oh? The secret ninjutsu of the Akimichi clan is worthy of being a disciple of Orochimaru, and he is very good at collecting ninjutsu. However, using the secret ninjutsu of this family requires a lot of calories. ”

When Orochimaru saw the ninjutsu used by Uchiha Genyan, he immediately recognized that it was the secret technique of the Akimichi clan in Konoha Village. The Akimichi

clan is also a very famous clan in Konoha Village.

The secret technique of this family is to make the body huge. Hugeness itself is a powerful force.

He has studied this secret technique, but it has many limitations, so he gave up.。


The nine-tailed demon fox roared at “One Five Seven” Uchiha Xuanyan, and the powerful wind pressure swept towards the surroundings again.

Uchiha Xuanyan does not intend to continue to spoil the nine-tailed demon fox。

“shave! ! ”

Uchiha Xuanyan shouted softly, and the person had appeared in front of the nine-tailed demon fox. The

armed color on his fist hardened and turned black. At the same time, it wrapped around the armed color Haki and the Overlord color Haki, and hit the Nine-Tails with a left hook. On the face of the demon fox.


“Roar oh oh oh oh! ! ”

Rumble————! ! !

The nine-tailed demon fox let out a cry of pain, and its entire body was smashed away by Uchiha Xuanyan.

All the trees and rocks where the nine-tailed demon fox passed were smashed into pieces. This blow sent the nine-tailed demon fox thousands of meters away, and finally the nine-tailed demon fox hit the mountain wall.

boom—————! !

A big hole was made in the huge mountain wall, and the nine-tailed demon fox stopped.。


Several people couldn’t help but open their mouths when they saw this scene. Their expressions were like watching Ultraman fight a little monster.

Of course, they were indeed watching Ultraman fight little monsters.

Such a huge body, and such a huge nine-tailed demon fox, the head-on collision of the two behemoths brought an extremely strong shock to people.

Blah blah blah! !

Jiulama shook his head, feeling a little dazed by Uchiha Xuanyan’s fist just now.

what’s the situation? !

Was he punched away by a human?

Is that human a tailed beast or is it a tailed beast? But it feels that it has been very strongly insulted and must kill that human.。


Jiulama roared at Uchiha Xuanyan.

Then he opened his mouth and concentrated chakra in front of his mouth. Soon a purple-black tailed beast jade appeared in front of the nine-tailed demon fox’s mouth.。

“It’s Tailed Beast Jade! ! ! ”

Minato Namikaze’s expression changed when he saw this.

The tailed beast jade is an S-level ninjutsu of the tailed beast. It changes the shape of one’s own chakra, then compresses it and then releases it in one breath. The power of the explosion can be said to be devastating. Destroy the earth.

One tailed beast jade can almost destroy the entire Konoha Village. This is also the most terrifying ability of the tailed beasts. The

chakra consumed by this tailed beast jade is completely unmatched by human ninjas.

Tailed beasts can fire a lot of tail

ed beast jade, so they are feared by all villages.

Jinchuuriki can make humans have the same chakra as tailed beasts, which also makes jinchuriki’s strength very terrifying

. Only Only the village that owns the tailed beast has the right to speak, which is the main reason why he wanted to keep half of the nine-tailed demon fox.

If the village was left without the tailed beast, other ninja powers that were eyeing the Leaf Village might really Use jinchūriki to deal a devastating blow to the village。


Just when the nine-tailed demon fox was condensing the Tailed Beast Jade, Uchiha Genya also raised his right hand high, chakra quickly condensed in Uchiha Genyan’s hand, and in the blink of an eye, a Rasengan appeared in Uchiha Genyan’s hand.

From one meter in diameter to two meters, three meters, five meters, ten meters, twenty meters in diameter…

A huge spiral pill with a diameter of more than 20 meters appeared in the palm of Uchiha Xuanyan’s head. At the same time, Uchiha Xuanyan Yan changes the chakra to the wind attribute, and the wind attribute chakra rotates rapidly like a huge shuriken.。

“Rasengan? ! ! ” (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“so big! ! ! ! ”

The Fourth Hokage was a little confused. The Rasengan he created was also based on the tailed beast’s tailed beast jade. But why did it

feel a little wrong in the hands of Uchiha Xuanyan? The change in the nature of the wind attribute was only one aspect. , he could easily see this.

But isn’t there something wrong with this size? You can’t double the Rasengan with your doubling technique.

Kakashi is even more stupid. He also rubs As for meatballs, the meatballs he made were only about the size of a fist. The meatballs Uchiha Xuanyan made were bigger than a house. Isn’t the size difference too big?

His chakra amount itself is relatively rare. So he used it carefully during battles.

To be honest, he usually didn’t envy those with high amounts of chakra, because he believed that ninja combat tested skills. The amount

of chakra actually played little role.

But when he saw the huge Rasengan in Uchiha Xuanyan’s hand, he admitted that he was really sad. When

Akai saw the huge Rasengan and the huge tailed beast jade, his mind was empty. When he encountered this situation Can he resist?

Are you kidding? What can I use to resist? As long as he touches it, his whole body may evaporate in 3.7 seconds.。

“This disciple of mine…has so much chakra! ”

Orochimaru couldn’t help but sigh at this time. He already has enough chakra. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is a humanoid tailed beast. He relies on the technology he has studied for many years to store a huge amount of chakra in his body. But

Uchi Bo Xuanyan didn’t use these techniques, he relied on himself.

Sure enough! It’s still hard to calm down! The body of his disciple is really amazing! This is the body he has dreamed of。[]

The nine-tailed demon fox was also confused as to why the move used by that human was so similar to his own, and what he released was actually bigger than his own.

No matter how this works, it must increase its strength, and the Tailed Beast Jade will expand again, and it must completely turn this hateful Uchiha clan member into ashes. .


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