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Konoha Exclusion: I will take Uchiha on a great voyage chapter 266

Orochimaru’s eyes flickered and he said: “Then what will I get if I help you? I remember that you are a person who likes fair trade very much. The nine-tailed demon fox, even half of the chakra, is not worth anything else. It can be compared.”

Orochimaru didn’t care about tailed beasts. Tailed beasts just have some chakra that can’t be used up. He already has more chakra than he can use up, so what’s the use of tailed beasts.

Except for the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails, other tailed beasts can provide him with limited power. The power of the tailed beasts is their terrifying destructive power.

One tailed beast jade could destroy half of the ninja village.

But he doesn’t mind getting some benefits from Uchiha Xuanyan. It would be best if he could get this guy’s body.。

“Eh? ! Mr. Orochimaru, you are my most respected teacher! It’s so chilling that you actually ask for payment from your lovely disciple! ”

Uchiha Xuanyan looked at Orochimaru with an expression of disbelief19。


Several other people couldn’t stand it anymore. This bastard Uchiha Xuanyan was so strong, but his personality was still the same.

Orochimaru didn’t care at all. He knew that he, a student, had many treasures. He liked to collect and learn ninjutsu, and this problem was perfectly passed on to Uchiha Genyan.

The thing that makes Uchiha Xuanyan better than him is that he understands many things but cannot learn them, just like many people can read them but don’t know how to use them.

This talent severely limits him.

But Uchiha Xuanyan is different. This kid will learn it after seeing it for a while. This is why Orochimaru wants Uchiha Xuanyan to be his container most.

Not only that, Uchiha Xuanyan also has many special abilities, such as swordsmanship.

He has taught Uchiha Xuanyan swordsmanship, but his level is not high enough to teach a sword god!

This kid has a lot of things hidden from him, he is just a little vixen。

“never mind! Who told you to be my teacher? The things of the apprenticeship are also the things of the master. After the matter is completed, I will list some, and you can choose one, Mr. Orochimaru.。”


snort! I believe you, but what he doesn’t believe is the hypocritical master-disciple relationship that Uchiha Xuanyan said, but he does believe what Uchiha Xuanyan said about choosing him.

Uchiha Xuanyan inherited his fine tradition of being true to his word and generous. Knowing that Uchiha Xuanyan asked him to choose, he would definitely choose it for him.。

“Yes, but you know, when you reincarnate from the dirty land and resurrect one person, you need the life of another person as a carrier. Not only that, if you want the nine-tailed demon fox, you need to almost completely resurrect the Fourth Hokage. Then the candidate for resurrection needs At least the life force of the shadow level, who do you want to sacrifice. ”

Orochimaru had a playful smile on his face, and his cold eyes fell on Shisui, Itachi, Kakashi, and Akai.

Kakashi and Akai were facing powerful enemies. This was one of the legendary three ninjas. One Orochimaru is many times more powerful than these fledgling boys. Even if the two of them have obtained the breathing method, they cannot be Orochimaru’s opponent. Uchiha Itachi faced Orochimaru’s


anton Defiant, expressionless, not caring at all。

“snort! ”

Zhishui snorted coldly, and a powerful electric current appeared under his feet and rushed straight towards Orochimaru.。

“What? ! ”

Orochimaru was surprised. He didn’t expect that the opponent would release lightning in an instant. He didn’t feel the fluctuations of chakra from Shisui at all. It was too late to avoid it at this time.。

“Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ! ! ”

The electric current on the ground directly hit Orochimaru’s body. In an instant, the strong electric current completely melted Orochimaru’s body.。

“Shisui? ! ! “(To read cool novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Kakashi and Akai were both a little confused. Didn’t they say they were coming to Orochimaru for help? Why did they kill him directly?

At this time, The burnt Orochimaru’s mouth opened, and opened wider and wider.

Then, a pair of hands suddenly appeared from inside and grabbed the corners of the huge mouth, and then another Orochimaru appeared from Orochimaru’s mouth.

This terrifying This scene really shocked Kakashi and Kai.

This is not a matter of courage, but some scenes are really too scary. Even Uchi, who is well-informed and has already seen this move, Bo Xuanyan also felt horrified.

It was like something that made people feel uncomfortable. Would you like it after seeing it once? No, you would still feel uncomfortable. The more you see it, the more you will feel uncomfortable.

Orochimaru came out of it. The previous Orochimaru was like a snake that had shed a layer of skin, but now Orochimaru is intact. He should be the one who deserves the best,

but he has to admit that his teacher is really a genius. This move of golden cicada’s shelling can perfectly heal the injuries suffered by oneself. The disadvantage is that it consumes more chakra. It

also needs certain transformation. Because 993 is too disgusting, Orochimaru wants to teach it to Uchiha Genyan, Uchiha Xuan Yan didn’t learn anything.

Although he was struck by lightning, Orochimaru looked at Shisui with excitement, and then asked Uchiha Xuan Yan: “What is that? ! ”

As the man who knows the most about ninjutsu in the entire history of the ninja world, he can be sure that what Uchiha Shisui just released was definitely not a ninjutsu. After being chopped, he felt the power of thunder and lightning, but did not feel the attributes of lightning. The power of chakra.

This novelty naturally aroused his very strong interest. He has always liked to study ninjutsu, but he did not expect that there is such a powerful power besides ninjutsu.

This pair of people like Orochimaru For those who like research, it is simply a supreme treasure. Over the years, he has become a little tired of developing ninjutsu. His corpse reincarnation ninjutsu has been completed. Now as long as there is Uchiha Genyan as a container, it will be perfect. .

But he was not in a hurry. Although it was a bit difficult to obtain the true form of his apprentice, it was completely possible to clone one with his skills. The corners of

Uchiha Xuanyan’s mouth raised slightly, and the fish took the bait: “That is the power of the Devil Fruit. In the end, it is the power of the Devil Fruit. Strong natural type thunder fruit。”。


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