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Ke Xue: Many children bring blessings, cut off the unmarried concubine Yingli chapter 180

Night falls.

Kanbaru Takuya left the two little guys Akai Shuichi and Akai Hideyoshi to Dr. Agasa, and then went to attend the appointment.

But before he left, the results of the hair growth potion had come out, and there were no harmful substances.

So what is needed next is to conduct an experiment, find a bald person, and let them voluntarily participate in the experiment.

This kind of thing should not be difficult. After all, it is a hair growth potion. No one wants to have black and beautiful hair!

It’s just that the test cycle is a bit long, it will take at least a month.

Kanbaru Takuya didn’t have any objections to this.

He is not short of money now, so he can take hair growth potion early or later in the evening.

And there is no fear of the formula being leaked.

With Tomoko Suzuki watching, there won’t be any problems.

After all, she must have joined this project. If the formula were leaked, she would be causing trouble for herself.

And the only people who know the formula are Dr. Agasa and Kanbara Takuya, and it is impossible for them to tell the formula.

Therefore, this time should be foolproof.

At this time, Kanbaru Takuya appeared in a high-end blowfish shop.

And the person who invited Kanbaru Takuya this time was Tomoko Suzuki.

However, when Kanbara Takuya entered the door, he found that Suzuki Tomoko’s face was not very good, and she was sitting there drinking alone.

It seems that after he left, something happened between Suzuki Tomoko and Suzuki Shiro!

Kanbaru Takuya stepped on the tatami and walked in, closing the door behind him, and then sat opposite Suzuki Tomoko.

At the same time, he took out a black instrument from his pocket and pressed the button.

After finding no response, he started to speak.。

“Senior sister, did something happen between you Suzuki Shiro? ”

The instrument he just took out is a device for detecting bugs and transmitters. It was invented by Dr. Ali and the effect is quite good. Although Dr. Ali often fails in experiments, he is still very handy in inventing

these little things. , there is almost no time for failure.

You must know that more than ten or twenty years later, the equipment on Edogawa Conan was made by Dr. Agasa, and everyone who has used it said it is good. It is

only about detecting bugs and sending messages. What does the utensil mean?

It’s so trivial!

Hearing this, Tomoko Suzuki’s face turned red, and she put her right hand on the table suddenly, making a sound.

It was obvious that Tomoko Suzuki was in a really bad mood at the moment.

Takuya Kanbara didn’t say anything. , but quietly looked at Tomoko Suzuki。

“This guy Shiro Suzuki was ready to completely drive me away from the Suzuki Zaibatsu. He even wanted to divorce me, and he didn’t even want to give me any money! “Suzuki Tomoko frowned and said in a deep voice.

At first, Suzuki Tomoko planned to be a husband and raise children, but after getting married, she felt that this was not the married life she wanted. After

giving birth to her child, she wanted to work for the Suzuki Zaibatsu. , but was rejected. If it weren’t for her strong request, she would still be a housewife now.

The most important thing is that Suzuki Shiro has a woman outside and even has a child.

And all this started after she gave birth to Suzuki Ayako!

A large family enterprise like the Suzuki Zaibatsu naturally needs one

person to inherit it, and this heir is naturally the eldest son in the family. The

previous generation of the Suzuki family had two baby boys, one was Suzuki Shiro and the other was Suzuki Jiroyoshi.

These two Everyone is qualified to inherit the Suzuki Zaibatsu, but Jirokichi Suzuki gave up. He did not want to inherit the Suzuki Zaibatsu, but wanted to live the life he wanted. So he hung up the

title of consultant and went around the world to have fun. , not married!

Not in Neon now.

And in this generation, there is only one descendant, Suzuki Ayako.

Although you can also find someone to marry into the Suzuki family, or go to an orphanage to find a suitable boy, and then inherit the Suzuki family.

However, these He is always an outsider, not really a member of the Suzuki family at all.

It was precisely because the first child was a girl that the relationship between Suzuki Tomoko and Suzuki Shiro changed.

And now, Suzuki Shiro is preparing to marry Suzuki Tomoko Divorce, paving the way for her own estrangement.

As for who Suzuki Shiro’s estrangement is, Suzuki Tomoko doesn’t know, but she knows that this person exists. Don’t ask, just

ask, it’s just intuition! (Read the cool novels, go to Fei Lu Novel Network!)

It’s just that if she gets divorced like this, Suzuki Tomoko can get part of the Suzuki Zaibatsu’s property. If she has evidence of Suzuki Shiro’s cheating, she can get more. However, she doesn’t know where to go

now Looking for evidence.

So she came to ask Kanbaru Takuya for help.。

“.Tsk tsk! Kanbaru Takuya took a sip of wine and said with a smile: “Is this the family feud of a wealthy family?” It’s really interesting! Hearing this

, Tomoko Suzuki said coquettishly, “Stop watching the fun here. What do you think we should do now?” ”

Takuya Kanbara stretched out his fingers and cupped his hand.

Tomoko Suzuki moved forward and leaned over.

Then she heard Takuya Kanbara’s voice.。

“I said at the beginning that if you can’t solve the problem, then just solve the person who caused the problem.。”

“If you do this in the first place, you won’t have so many worries! Kanbaru Takuya chuckled and said, “Senior, those who achieve great things don’t stick to trivial matters.”。”

“Isn’t it bad to die early and give birth too early? ! ”

There is no burden for him to kill someone.

What’s more, Suzuki Shiro is still the chairman of a chaebol, so killing him is even less burdensome.

And he also thought about letting Neon not see the sun the next day.

Hearing this, Suzuki Tomoko’s face (Li’s good) expression changed.。[]

After a long time, Suzuki Tomoko raised her head, as if she had made up her mind: “It will be the same now!”

“Kill Shiro Suzuki。”

“Even if I can’t get something, I can’t let him get it! “Tomoko Suzuki said calmly.

Since Shiro Suzuki doesn’t want her to be decent, then everyone should stop being decent.

Just order some dirty stuff.。

“oh! Senior sister, have you really made up your mind? “Takuya Kanbaru shook his wine glass, a little playfully.

At this time, Tomoko Suzuki stood up from his position, walked up to him under the gaze of Takuya Kanbaru, and then knelt down in front of Takuya Kanbaru.。

“I have no way out now! ”

After the words fell, Suzuki Tomoko lowered her head!

“hiss! Senior! ”

Takuya Kanbara subconsciously put his hand on the back of Tomoko Suzuki’s head!.


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