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Ke Xue: Many children bring blessings, cut off the unmarried concubine Yingli chapter 176

Suzuki Research Institute.

This research institute is a research institute of the Suzuki Zaibatsu, and it is also a research institute of the highest standard.

There are researchers from all over the world gathered inside to help the Suzuki Zaibatsu research something.

Such as certain alloys, medicines and other items。

“President! ”

When Kanbaru Takuya and others came over, a woman in a black suit came over, and behind her there was a man in a white coat. And this man

was a Mediterranean.

When he saw this Mediterranean, Ah Dr. Li subconsciously touched his head and couldn’t help but thought to himself: “If it weren’t for Takuya, I would be like this in a while! ”

Thinking of this, Dr. Ali couldn’t help but shudder. Although this hairstyle is a hairstyle for a strong man, he doesn’t like it and it’s ugly!

“How terrifying! Fortunately, I am out of this nightmare! ”

He feels that he is lucky to have met such a good friend like Kanbara Takuya, which has saved him from baldness. And he

will also make the world no longer have the symptom of hair loss.

Dr. Agasa: Kanbara Takuya and I are in trouble kill!

“Qiu Hui, are you ready? ” Tomoko Suzuki asked.

The woman in front of her is called Akie Tomizawa, one of her personal secretaries, and one of the people she trusts more.

Akie Tomizawa has nothing to do with the Suzuki Zaibatsu.

But this does not hinder Tomoko Suzuki. With the help of the Suzuki Zaibatsu!

Because she knew that the Suzuki Zaibatsu would also be involved in the matter of hair growth potions. She and Kanbaru Takuya alone would not be able to take such a big piece of cake. Unless Kanbaru Takuya killed all these people.


this It’s impossible!

Unless Takuya Kanbara is not going to hang out with neon anymore.

At this time, neon is still somewhat useful, but it’s uncertain in the future. By then

, Takuya Kanbara will probably make this country disappear!

“Yes, President! Everything is ready! Tomizawa Akihui held the document in both hands and nodded: “This is the scientific researcher responsible for the analysis, Mr. Kuwano Bunta. He will be responsible for the analysis and testing of the hair growth potion!” ”

At this moment, researcher Kuang Yebuntai walked over quickly and said excitedly: “President, is this hair growth potion really that magical? ”

Before coming here, Suzuki Tomoko released part of the information with the consent of Kanhara Takuya (bjcg). So Kuwano

Bunta knew some information, and he also had the hairstyle of a strong man, so he was a little excited, so he ignored the rules. came forward to ask.

But Suzuki Tomoko was not angry. She understood the mood of these people.

After all, no one wants to go out with a strong man’s hairstyle, unless he really doesn’t care about anything!

“It’s not certain yet, it will take some experiments before we can be sure.。”

“Let me introduce, this is Mr. Takuya Kanbara, and this is Dr. Agasa. These two are the inventors of hair growth potion! “Suzuki Tomoko looked at the two of them and introduced.

At this moment, the mobile phone in Suzuki Tomoko’s pocket rang.

After taking out the mobile phone, Suzuki Tomoko looked at Kanbara Takuya, Dr. Agasa and others, said sorry and

left He went aside to answer the phone.

After Tomoko Suzuki left, Dr. Agasa also started talking to the researcher.

Maybe it was all related to the researcher. Dr. Agasa had a very interesting conversation with this guy, and they seemed to hate each other until they met. Not long after

, Suzuki Tomoko came over and asked her assistant to take Dr. Agasa and Kuwano Bunta to test the hair growth potion, but only Kanbara Takuya stayed.。

“What happened? Tomoko-senpai! “Kanbara Takuya noticed something was wrong with Suzuki Tomoko’s face, so he stepped forward and asked.

Hearing this, Suzuki Tomoko grabbed the phone, looked at Kanbaru Takuya and said, “Suzuki Shiro wants to see you!”

“ha? Want to see me?”

“It seems that I have never met or dealt with him, but he actually wants to see me?”

“Could it be that he knows about the two of us? ! “Kamihara Takuya touched his chin and said.

There are only two of them here, there are no other people around, and only they can hear his voice, so they are not afraid at all! Hearing this,

Suzuki Tomoko rolled his eyes at Kanbaru Takuya, and said, He said angrily: “We have nothing to do with each other, it’s just what happened in the box last time!”

“He couldn’t possibly know!”

“And his tone was the same as usual!”

“It is impossible to know this! “Tomoko Suzuki looked determined! (To read cool novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Except for what happened in the box last time, the two of them had normal interpersonal interactions when they met.

So Kanbara Takuya said It is impossible for Suzuki Shiro to happen.

If Suzuki Shiro really knew, he would definitely not be so calm.

Not many men can be so calm after knowing that they have been cuckolded.

At least Suzuki Tomoko knows that Suzuki Shiro is not like this people!

“If it’s not this thing, then what is it? ”

Takuya Kanbara is also quite curious about Shiro Suzuki looking for him.

But he feels that it is definitely not a good thing!

Tomoko Suzuki said: “He hasn’t said it yet, but I have some guesses!”

“Tell me!”

“I heard in the past two days that you are going to be promoted. Search for the head of the second class! Right? ! “Tomoko Suzuki said.

Hearing this, Kanbara Takuya was a little surprised: “You already know this, you are worthy of being the Suzuki Zaibatsu!”

“It can’t be because of this matter!

Tomoko Suzuki said: “Search Section 2 is in charge of economic crimes, and you should know about the Suzuki Zaibatsu. “。”

“Coupled with my relationship with you, Suzuki Shiro probably wants to get to know you and prevent you from doing evil things!”[]

Kanbaru Takuya naturally knows all about the dirty things among the chaebols.

Economic crimes are a common occurrence for them.

But there were people behind them, and they were huge in Neon, so the Metropolitan Police turned a blind eye most of the time.

If you really can’t hide it, just bring in a few temporary workers and show it to Tokyo citizens.

This way everyone will be in peace.

It is impossible to crucify the chaebol through economic crimes.

But if you want to cause trouble for these chaebols, you can still do it.。

“That’s it! Then go meet the head of the Suzuki Zaibatsu! ”.


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