Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 134

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The 134th is the unstoppable Fahai

These words were accompanied by a chuckle, drowned in the brilliant colorful thunder light, and the place where Bai Ziyun stood was completely covered by dazzling thunder light.

The thunder light raged in Bai Ziyun for an unknown amount of time, and finally began to disperse.

Bai Ziyun was still standing in place, never moving, as if the colorful divine thunder did not have the slightest power at all.

Under the protection of Bai Ziyun’s mana, not a single grass and tree around him was affected.

Bai Ziyun looked at the calamity clouds that had not yet dispersed in the sky and the frightened Moon Elder, stretched out his hand, and took Zhenshen Mountain back.

At this time, Zhenshen Mountain was already miserable, almost losing more than half of the mountain, and the remaining half was also scorched black.

But Bai Ziyun nodded with satisfaction, what Zhenshen Mountain lost was only the waste, and the rest was the essence.

Bai Ziyun backhanded Zhenshen Mountain into the spiritual space, and was warmed by Wen Dao Baoshu.

Under the nourishment of this supreme treasure of suppressing qi luck, Zhenshen Mountain will usher in a transformation like nirvana rebirth.

At this time, a bucket-thick colorful robbery thunder slashed down, and Bai Ziyun flicked his fingers lightly, dissipating the robbery thunder on his fingertips.

“Wouldn’t it be too exaggerated to be so relaxed?” Bai Ziyun suddenly smiled slightly, although he had meritorious protective body, but this seemed to be really a little conspicuous.

“Alas, invincibility is so uncomfortable.” Bai Ziyun shook his head, he didn’t want such an easy crossing, he said that the nine deaths of a lifetime, this is not challenging at all.

The Fahai Divine Thought has been lingering for a long time, and this is the Golden Immortal Thunder Tribulation, which disturbs the power of heaven and earth here, and covers up the slight fluctuations of his Divine Thought.

But as soon as he saw Bai Ziyun using the magic weapon to protect his body and resist the thunder calamity, he couldn’t help but scold shamelessly, and at the same time, jealousy couldn’t help but surge in his heart.

This is that you can’t eat Portuguese ~ eat Portuguese ~ sour, the West is already barren, even if there is something after the battle of the gods, there are some treasures, it is not something that junior disciples like Fahai can touch.

As a disciple of His Holiness Kaye, he only had a purple gold bowl in his hand, but he still gave it to Kaye, and Kaye gave it to him.

In addition, he had no long things, used many magic weapons, and completely resisted this kind of thing as the thunder calamity, he didn’t dare to think about it, and after hearing about it for the first time, he was simply stunned.

Therefore, the disciples of the Buddhist family are famous in the three realms of the flesh, not like hand-to-hand combat, they are really forced to helpless, there is no magic weapon in their hands, they do not reach it with their physical body, and how to fight with others.

Therefore, he is often jealous of the wealth of the East, and at this moment, seeing Bai Ziyun not hesitating to lose magic weapons and resist the behavior of the Golden Immortal Tribulation, Fahai simply has a heartache.

What made Fahai grit his teeth the most was that Bai Ziyun’s move, although some losers, did almost avoid a thunder calamity.

Although the next thunder tribulation will be more violent and a wave of outbreaks, even if Bai Ziyun greets the thunder tribulation with his own body, he will not worry about his life, which is different from Fahai’s expectations.

In Fahai’s expectation, if Bai Ziyun had suffered this thunder calamity completely, not to mention it, it would be at least a half-crippled.

At that time, Fahai directly burst out with all his strength and suppressed it unexpectedly, although the woman next to him may stop it, but Fahai is confident that he will directly suppress Bai Ziyun.

But now, Bai Ziyun, who is about to survive the thunder calamity, will not be greatly injured by then, and will definitely be promoted to the Golden Immortal realm, and maybe he will immediately discover Fahai’s peeping.

Thinking of that scene, Fahai is absolutely unacceptable.

Fahai’s body was still in the distance of the Qiu Wang Mansion, and suddenly his eyes were full of yin color, taking advantage of the thunder tribulation that was not dispersed, without any cover, the flesh directly rushed to the Qiu Wang Mansion, to be precise, it rushed to the robbery cloud above the Chong Wang Mansion.

Bai Ziyun naturally discovered the Fahai coming from afar, without the slightest intention of hiding hostility.

Immortal gods are often withdrawn, because there are too few people to trust, and they are often easy to be attacked by others when cultivating.

Therefore, they are cautious about the approach of other cultivators, and generally the immortals and gods have a tacit understanding and will not come to the door for no reason, otherwise it will be embarrassing if they happen to encounter someone at a critical juncture of cultivation.

Not to mention that Fahai’s swaggering rampage when Bai Ziyun crossed the calamity, it can simply be regarded as a declaration of war.

“Master, what’s so expensive?” Bai Ziyun looked at Fahai, who had already appeared in shape, and asked with a smile.

At this time, another thunder struck, perhaps because of the fluctuation of Fahai’s breath, the power was even greater.

But slashing on Bai Ziyun’s body, it still had no effect, and even Bai Ziyun’s body could not enter, and it was dissolved by the peripheral meritorious golden light.

Fahai simply gritted his teeth when he saw it, he thought that Bai Ziyun was going to consume some vitality, but he didn’t expect that there was such a thing as meritorious golden light.

That is the golden light of merit, which comes from the same source as the Dao, and is closely related to the origin of heaven and earth, and it is originally the Dao of Heaven rewarding people who have great merit to the world.

With this kind of thing, what evil and ghosts are not a problem, the most unheavenly thing is that it can eliminate cause and effect.

That is the function that even the power of the quasi-saint level has to move, and the reason why many people can’t go further is that they are entangled in cause and effect, even if they can forcibly break the realm, they will only attract more terrifying thunder calamities, and finally turn into ashes under the divine thunder.

Fahai’s nether realm this time is to eliminate the thousand-year cause and effect with Bai Suzhen, if there is this thing, then use the next mortal, directly cross the calamity.

And with the support of meritorious golden light, crossing the robbery is like going through the back door, which is originally a thing from the same source, and it is almost confirmed that the person who protects the meritorious golden light can ignore the thunder calamity.

Fahai almost vomited blood, he saw Bai Ziyun’s meritorious golden eyes were red, this kind of treasure, why did Bai Ziyun have it.

Fahai cut his teeth and said with a threat in his words: “Donor, why don’t you inform the poor monk here, and the poor monk can also help protect the Dharma for the donor.” ”

Bai Ziyun was unheard, and he didn’t look at the thunder tribulation outside his body, allowing the golden light of merit to be consumed.

Looking at Fahai, he said with a regretful expression: “That’s really a pity that the master is painstaking, I am going to finish the thunder tribulation, I am afraid that the master will have no chance.” ”

After speaking, another thunder slashed, but Bai Ziyun’s voice passed through the thunder and clearly reached Fahai’s ears.

Fahai laughed viciously and said, “This is not a problem, the poor monk can let the donor do it again.” ”

“Oh? Is the master going to empower me, transmit my life’s cultivation, and let me break through the realm and suffer again? This is not necessary, my internal cultivation is pure, and I can’t stand the master’s cultivation of joy and joy. Bai Ziyun frowned thoughtfully.

Huanxi Zen is one of the Buddhist practices, but within Buddhism, it is an evil method that is despised by many disciples, and only some servants who have no hope of breaking through in their lives will practice it.

Carefully observe the _ here with divine thoughts.

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