Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 133

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Chapter 133: The Moon Elder who fought to the end

Bai Ziyun, on the other hand, did not mean to change at all, on the contrary, he injected more mana into Zhenshen Mountain, and it seemed that he wanted to resist the thunder calamity with Zhenshen Mountain.

And Zhenshen Mountain did not disappoint Bai Ziyun, the five elements lived together, and the thunder tribulation that represented the heavenly punishment did not belong to the invisible, and could destroy all things.

But the best thunder calamity among the five elements is the magic weapon of the earth attribute, and Zhenshen Mountain is such a magic weapon.

Coupled with Bai Ziyun himself and the talent in the treasure book, Zhenshen Mountain seemed to have no problem resisting this time.

But the thunder tribulation is better than the other, and the power is getting bigger and bigger.

But the mana on Zhenshen Mountain has not increased at all, it is still the same as at the beginning, there is no problem in carrying the first thunder tribulation, but compared with the ever-increasing thunder tribulation, it is somewhat dwarfed.

Gradually, the seemingly indestructible Zhenshen Mountain had been crushed and rubble, revealing a faint metallic luster, which was caused by the metal vein hill that was smelted into at that time.

Under the increasingly violent thunder bombardment, more rubble continued to fall on Zhenshen Mountain, and even solid metal was directly bombarded.

The robbery thunder bombarded wildly, and in a short period of time, hundreds of robbery thunder hit the Zhenshen Mountain, and the entire Zhenshen Mountain was beaten one layer shorter.

“Help, master, I’m going to be split alive like this.” Elder Yue shouted in fear in Bai Ziyun’s spiritual world.

In fact, he did not survive the thunder tribulation completely, and the opportunists who used countless magic weapons said by the Three Virgins had his share.

Coupled with some external forces, mixed with the years, this finally achieved the position of Da Luo Golden Immortal with the help of the immortal position and the person behind him.

On the aspect of crossing the calamity, he agrees with the views of the Three Virgins.

Bai Ziyun had better resist all by himself, and not use the power of magic weapons.

The difference is that the Three Virgins are a little ashamed to see people in their hearts, and they don’t want her brother to have an opinion about Bai Ziyun.

And Elder Yue simply didn’t want to face the heavenly thunder, lest he accidentally hold it and fall under the heavenly thunder.

Since becoming an instrument spirit, Bai Ziyun has treated him well, he originally thought that Bai Ziyun would be enough to use him to resist a few heavenly thunders, so although he was reluctant, he was not very worried.

Who knew what happened next, but it made Elder Yue collapse. Bai Ziyun actually completely let Zhenshen Mountain bear everything, and he provided a little insignificant talent, completely standing idly by.

“Master, if this continues, I will really die, help.” Another piece of hard ~ hard rock fell off, and Elder Yue watched himself shrink continuously, crying for help in horror.

Bai Ziyun did not have the slightest hint of impatience, as if this was not his magic weapon.

Instead, he used coercion in the spirit world to intimidate Elder Yue, and said, “Noisy, I can’t even resist the thunder calamity, what use do I want this waste magic weapon of yours.” ”

Elder Yue was shocked by Bai Ziyun and couldn’t speak, but after listening to the vernacular, he almost burst into tears of grievance.

It’s still unreasonable, this is just a golden immortal, a magic weapon, can’t it be over, shouldn’t it be?

Besides, even if people use magic weapons to cross the robbery, they also use many magic weapons, which one is useful to carry dead.

His own calamity, others can’t survive, even have to scold the magic weapon, Elder Yue feels like a long-term worker of the landlord’s family, that is really a lot of grievances.

Elder Yue had a deep grudge in his heart, but since he had such a master, he would also finish the thunder tribulation when he cried.

Bai Ziyun looked at him coldly, he naturally did not mean to put Elder Yue to death, after all, it was his magic weapon, even if Elder Yue wanted to find death, Bai Ziyun could not agree.

As the Three Virgins said, the Thunder Tribulation can not only temper cultivators, but also temper magic weapons.

Zhenshen Mountain was personally refined by Bai Ziyun, and it is also the treasure that Bai Ziyun can use now, and now this power, Bai Ziyun has long been dissatisfied.

Now it is not too long after the flood famine, and there have been too many immortal gods falling, and their magic weapons are naturally left, but most of them have origins, and there are quite a few of them.

Most of them were collected by some immortal gods, and a famous immortal god was randomly picked out in the three realms, and there was an innate spirit treasure in his hand.

For example, Nezha, the small local tycoon, spread a more local tyrant master, innate treasures casually taken out, King Kong circle, mixed sky aya and the like are all famous treasures.

In this case, Bai Ziyun’s choice to temper his magic weapon is also an inevitable choice.

Moreover, the strength of the magic weapon is also in the instrument spirit, and Bai Ziyun, the temperament of Elder Yue, has long seen it clearly.

If you are killed, you will retreat, otherwise you will not be captured by Bai Ziyun, and this quenching is also the requirement of quenching the elder Yue as an instrument spirit.

If he fails and the magic weapon is destroyed, Bai Ziyun will not feel a pity, and he will refine one.

Seeing that Bai Ziyun was indifferent, Elder Yue really didn’t intend to come to the rescue, and looked desperate.

Is it really going to die?

Elder Yue, who had almost died once, was naturally unwilling, and the feeling of almost losing everything, he didn’t want to experience it again.

“I want to live, I want to live, heavenly calamity, if you can’t break me up, I will definitely live.” Elder Yue roared in the Zhenshen Mountain,

Zhenshen Mountain also seemed to be affected, and the mountain trembled ~ trembled, roaring, as if roaring.

And the Heavenly Tribulation seemed to be provoked, and the robbery thunder that was slashed down was even more powerful.

Zhenshen Mountain is also more miserable, now there are only thirty zhang left in the mountain, but the momentum is more condensed.

But the heavenly thunder one after another, without the slightest intention of stopping, Elder Yue was already crazy under the threat of death.

Do not retreat, but advance, meet the thunder in the sky, and go up.

The roar of an old man seemed to sound between heaven and earth.

“Come on, come on, isn’t it a death, today life and death are decided today, come.”

It was obviously a mountain, but when it rushed up, the ruined mountain was quite tragic.

Finally, after being hit a few times in the face of the robbery thunder, Zhenshen Mountain was even more miserable, and it seemed that it would be split if it could not rush to the robbery cloud.

The three virgins below had gloomy faces, and by now, the Heavenly Tribulation was almost over, although the last few Tribulation Thunder were the strongest, Bai Ziyun was still unharmed, and it was impossible to survive safely.

Just like that… But it disappointed her too much, a golden immortal who survived the heavenly calamity like this would not be put in the eyes of Erlang God.

Bai Ziyun was quite surprised to see the way Old Moon fought everything tragically, but he didn’t expect that this old man still had some color in the end.

Bai Ziyun looked at the crumbling Zhenshen Mountain, chuckled, and said, “This is almost the same, this old man should also reach the limit, right?” ”

After speaking, Bai Ziyun gently raised his hand, pointed to Tianlei, and said, “Come.” ”

The heavenly thunder that was about to strike and slashed towards the old moon turned out to be just as Bai Ziyun said, avoiding Zhenshen Mountain and slashing towards Bai Ziyun.

Bai Ziyun suddenly remembered something, and chuckled in the face of the vast thunder light: “I don’t know that making a lightning rod has no effect, haha, interesting.” “_

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