Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 132

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Chapter 132 The Law of Crossing the Robbery

If Bai Ziyun survived the Immortal Tribulation and officially stepped into the Golden Immortal Realm, it would be an all-round improvement from the flesh Dao Divine Soul, but it would be extremely terrifying.

At that time, Fahai had little confidence that he could overcome him.

Fahai stood still for a moment, looking at the dark clouds that could be seen in the distance outside the house, pacing in the Zen room.

His face was full of hesitation, if Bai Ziyun was allowed to survive this calamity safely, the consequences…

Fahai pondered for a while, seeing that the heavenly thunder was about to come down, and finally made up his mind.

Fahai stepped out of the door, was lifted up by the breeze, and walked into the void.

Bai Ziyun was blown by the fierce wind, and a series of white clothes were tightly attached to his body, squinting slightly, and looking up at the dark clouds flashing with electric light in the sky.

The Wen Zu edict just now was Bai Ziyun’s first voice to the Confucians of this world, which made some Confucians who had long been dissatisfied with the status quo react.

It is precisely these great Confucians who have been suppressed for a long time to return to their hearts, which makes Wendao flourish and suddenly get a large number of talents.

This is just a slight summoning of Bai Ziyun, which is enough to show the potential of Wendao in the human world.

Bai Ziyun looked at the sky, in his eyes, countless invisible wishes broke through the sky, unhindered by everything, and all entered the Wen Dao treasure book.

He could feel that his every move now contained the wishes of many Confucians who had just been summoned.

This is the desire of the human heart, and the way of heaven belongs.

Bai Ziyun glanced at the heavenly robbery clouds, his eyes flashed, there was the first calamity thunder brewing there.

At this time, Fahai was also watching all this coldly, but the sudden increase in the power of Bai Ziyun’s body really made his face gloomy.

In front of the abbot of Jinshan Temple during this time, he was naturally very familiar with the wish power, and he wanted to rely on the Golden Mountain Temple to gather the wish power and polish the relic golden body.

But why, Bai Ziyun will also have this kind of thing on him.

Fahai’s eyes were shocked, and he couldn’t help but wonder which disciple Bai Ziyun was, who was sent by the elders to the mortal realm to practice.

He didn’t expect that this was Bai Ziyun’s own gain, because it was not impossible to gather these wishes in a short period of time, but those were all figures who called the ancestors, and those people could not appear here.

At this moment, the heavenly calamity thunder is brewing, and there is a faint flash of colorful light, which is the calamity of the golden immortals, which has only begun to appear since the flood famine, and the legend says that it is used by Hongjun and the Great Avenue to delineate and hone the cultivators of the world.

Bai Ziyun’s body shone with a faint golden light, it was a massive amount of merit manifestation, and anyone with great merit, when crossing the calamity, even the heavenly tribulation would be particularly open.

Therefore, Bai Ziyun was not very worried, and the calamity that the cultivator wanted to endure was often outside the heavenly tribulation.

The first thunder finally fell with a bang, and the power of the earth, destroying all the demons in the world, instantly arrived in front of Bai Ziyun’s eyes.

At this moment, in the Qiu Wang Mansion, people looked up to the sky and marveled, and the old people had never seen this kind of thunder.

Bai Ziyun’s body shone with golden light, but his flesh body would not resist the heavenly thunder.

I took off a small pendant from my waist and threw it into the sky, and the pendant was faintly visible in the shape of a small pebble.

The pebbles were thrown into the air, rising in the wind, and when they met the first thunder, they became a majestic mountain.

However, this mountain is far from being as big as when Bai Ziyun was just refining, and now the shape of the mountain remains unchanged, but it has not become tens of zhang in size.

This size was calculated by Bai Ziyun, which was just enough to condense the mountain and exert the maximum mana to fight against the thunder.

Thunder Tribulation does not allow people or treasures to help the robbers, otherwise the Thunder Tribulation will not slowly split, but directly send all the energy and chop both to death.

But Bai Ziyun’s own magic weapon was naturally not among them, and the thunder slashed into the mountain, like a mud cow entering the sea, without the slightest wave.

Bai Ziyun’s eyes flashed when he saw this, knowing that his plan was right, and he continued to instill a steady stream of talent into the Zhenshen Mountain.

Before the thunder tribulation, the three virgins gave advice to Bai Ziyun, and in the process of crossing the calamity, as long as it is the treasure of the robber, it can be used to resist the thunder calamity.

Some immortal gods could not survive the thunder tribulation on their own, thanks to the power of magic weapons.

There are also some immortals with many magic weapons, who simply spill all their magic weapons when crossing the calamity.

In the end, a thunder tribulation did not slash on his body, and his body was unharmed, and he survived the thunder tribulation safely, which was a strange talk of heaven and earth for a while.

People who are not as good as such are extremely rare, firstly, because the thunder tribulation is getting bigger and bigger, that person will destroy countless magic weapons after a thunder tribulation.

Ordinary immortals really didn’t have so many magic weapons, so they had to resist with their flesh.

The most important thing is that this is a clever way after all, and the thunder tribulation is not only a life and death calamity, but also a calamity of grinding.

Anyone who can survive the thunder tribulation must gain something, and even some perverts, do not use any magic weapons, directly baptize the flesh under the thunder calamity, and everything that is spent like that is the best among the peers in the three realms.

Therefore, although some innate gods and demons, descendants of the heaven-opening power, have countless magic weapons, they resolutely refuse to use them.

What they want is not to survive the thunder calamity safely, but to be astonished ~ magnificent, which can overwhelm the astonishment ~ enchantment of all their peers.

The advice given by the Three Virgins to Bai Ziyun was to do their best to let the flesh and soul undergo the baptism of thunder and tribulation as much as possible, that would be truly powerful.

However, if you can’t survive the thunder calamity, then take out a magic weapon to resist it, and it is important to save your life.

Moreover, Bai Ziyun’s Zhenshen Mountain is still of the Five Elements Territory, just not afraid of the power of thunder robbery, if it can properly withstand the thunder tribulation tempering, it can also make it more refined and powerful.

What was a little frowned in the Bering Three Virgins was that Bai Ziyun took out the Zhenshen Mountain at the beginning of the thunder tribulation and let the robbery thunder split on it to resist it for himself.

The face of the three virgins was a little ugly when they saw this scene, the magic weapon was a life-saving at a critical moment, Bai Ziyun actually took it out at the beginning, did he want to use the power of the magic weapon to fool through?

Although the three virgins usually look giggling, without heart and lungs, it is only external.

After all, she is Yang Jian’s sister, and she has been in contact with Yang Jian, the first god of war in the Heavenly Court, since she was a child.

The nature is extremely strong and tenacious.

Otherwise, he would not have gone crazy to stay on Mount Hua for the sake of refining treasure cultivation, and he would not have secretly run out even once.

She recognized in her bones that it was a man who dared to fight between heaven and earth and did not change color in front of difficulties.

In her eyes, Bai Ziyun’s move was really a bit opportunistic.

Perhaps in Yang Jian’s opinion, this kind of behavior is greed for life and fear of death, and the road of cultivation is thorny step by step, if this mentality, the future achievements will not be too high, let alone worthy of his sister.

But judging from the relationship with Bai Ziyun on weekdays, Bai Ziyun is not that kind of person, perhaps it is the first time to have a Golden Immortal Tribulation, accumulating strength for the rear area.

At this moment, in the eyes of the Three Virgins, there is only this explanation.

The Three Virgins silently said in their hearts, Bai Ziyun, don’t let me down. _

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