Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Ouyang Xiu

The official only felt that the voice in his head said that he had been suppressed in his heart, and he had always been unhappy and unhappy, and there was a feeling of pain.

When he saw the people take out the last bit of their belongings to worship the fat-headed and big-eared monks, the anger in his heart almost rushed out of his chest.

Why, these people with fat brains and full mouths of lies can squeeze out the last bit of marrow of these poor people.

Aren’t they monks? Isn’t it compassion?

Why should you take the wife and daughter of the recipient to pay off the rent that is as high as a year.

A monastery with more than 100 people can monopolize the resources of several mountains and villages.

These things that have been heard and seen have been written by officials and executed in the official palace.

However, Buddhist temples are often very powerful in the local area, and those who are leveled are often only ordinary people.

Therefore, officials are extremely disdainful of Buddhism, treating them like thieves, like Han Yu, and hate to kill them quickly.

The official listened to the surging heart, and shot up the case, saying: “Well said, my people in the world are tenacious, hard-working, as long as they read and reason, why do they need these wastes to save?” “

“The world does not need a pure land of bliss, we can create a pure land of bliss ourselves. We don’t need to pin our hopes on the past, we can not succumb to this life. ”

“I wait to learn Confucianism precisely to apply it to the world!”

The official was arrogant and rushed straight into the sky.

When Bai Ziyun heard this, he opened his eyes, and a trace of appreciation flashed in his eyes.

Just as the Dao ancestor will have some sense of those who learn the Tao in the world, but all people in Confucianism who learn spiritual qi will have an invisible meteorological formation.

Maybe it can’t alarm the heavens and the earth, but let Bai Ziyun perceive it, but there is no problem.

This is a Wen Dao wizard, Bai Ziyun’s heart moved, and he differentiated a Wen Dao seed from the sea of his talent, followed the source of that induction, and personally planted it on the official.

As soon as the seed enters the official’s body, it does not even need the gestation period, and it is directly infected by the talent qi in the official’s body, and it takes root and breaks the shell in an instant.

When the officials were impassioned, they suddenly felt a flood of information rushing to their minds.

“Wen Zu? The Law of Cultivating the Way? Wen Dao disciple? The officials looked surprised.

“Hahaha, the old man has studied Confucian classics all his life, and I didn’t expect it to come in handy today. As long as the people can enlighten the wisdom of the people, what harm does the old man have to do with those evil demons who plague the people. ”

Bai Ziyun couldn’t help but praise when he heard it. This kind of courage is the so-called iron shoulder morality.

“After the great prosperity of my literary path, everyone in the world can practice, and do not rely on the next life, and then everyone can give Yao Shun.” Bai Ziyun’s faint voice came, but it was all indestructible.

Han Yue suddenly heard a voice, as if he was saying, but the phrase “everyone can give Yao Shun” deeply moved him, so he replied: “Haha, well, as long as Wen Dao is exactly as Wen Zu said, disciple Ouyang Xiu, as long as it is exactly as Wen Zu said, today he will worship under Wen Dao, die and live, and always want to follow.” ”

After speaking, he directly performed the disciple salute on the floor, and he didn’t know who to salute to, so he simply bowed to the sky.

Bai Ziyun was surprised when he heard the official report his name, it turned out that this was Ouyang Xiu, no wonder, this is also a staunch anti-Buddhist person in history.

It’s just that according to legend, he had a dream in the late year, and a Buddhist god persuaded him in a dream, and threatened him with various retribution talks, and since then, Ouyang Xiu has been in a trance for a hundred years, until later, inexplicably met many monks, and gradually did not oppose Buddhism.

Now that I think about it, Buddhism may have used the same methods as Han Yu, using the means of practitioners.

Bai Ziyun thought for a while, did not hesitate to spend mana, sent a stone from Zhenshen Mountain in the air, and said in a deep voice: “This is a magic weapon for the master, wear it around in the future, you can avoid evil spirits, if there is a crisis, just throw this stone.” ”

When Ouyang Xiu saw the stone in his hand, his expression was incredulous, and he wanted to thank him.

Bai Ziyun said lightly: “Don’t forget the purpose of your cultivation, everyone in the world is Yao Shun, not afraid of this life, do not look forward to the next life…”

Bai Ziyun’s voice gradually drifted away, it was already inaudible, Han Yue grasped the stone in his hand and felt the heat flowing in his body, which was the power that could allow Confucian to change the world with his own hands.

Han Yue and Ouyang Xiu became brothers of the same disciple, and he could only achieve it in this world that was big enough and several ancient dynasties of the Celestial Dynasty coexisted.

On Bai Ziyun’s roster of treasure books, Ouyang Xiu’s name appeared out of thin air, and immediately after, several other names slowly emerged.

This is the first time that Bai Ziyun has revealed the power of Wen Zu, inspired the world’s Confucianism, and some people who happened to awaken.

These people all became disciples under the name of Baoshu, and the qi luck that did not appear on their bodies rose up, and they were integrated with Baoshu.

Bai Ziyun closed his eyes and felt that in his mind, the world in the darkness had light, which was the distribution of Wen Dao disciples in the entire world.

There are also many people who have not awakened, but have sensibility, and they are also blankly reading a few words said by Bai Ziyun and chanting the name of Wen Zu.

And Bai Ziyun, as the specific embodiment of the entire Wen Xiu Dao, all the power of qi luck will be distributed to him.

Although he had only just summoned his disciples, he had already accumulated a lot of luck.

It is enough for Bai Ziyun to raise a level of realm this time.

The clouds in the sky are getting thicker and thicker, and it may seem rainy to ordinary people, but the three virgins who have experienced the immortal tribulation know that this is a thunder tribulation.

Bai Ziyun stood under the thick clouds, and in the fierce wind, he had already felt the gathering of the Yang Qi of heaven and earth, which was the thunder calamity brewing.

Bai Ziyun suddenly looked into the distance, which was the direction of the Golden Mountain Temple.

Fahai stood in front of the window, his face livid, looking at the dark clouds in the city.

He could naturally recognize that it was the Immortal Tribulation Thunder, and looking at the power that had been accumulated for a long time, I was afraid that it was the Golden Immortal Tribulation.

If Fahai wants to develop here, he naturally probed all the cultivators here, and those who can cross the calamity here, except for Bai Ziyun, do not think about the second person.

Originally, under the exploration of Fahai, Bai Ziyun’s aura was obscure and deep, which may be the realm of golden immortals.

Even so, Fahai is a Buddhist cultivator, with a long blood, a Vajra incarnation, and a magic weapon given by the Buddha, even if Bai Ziyun is good at fighting methods, he will not be afraid of him.

But now it seems that the golden immortal he thought has just begun to cross the calamity.

This is what worries Fahai the most, the Xuan Immortal Realm makes him unable to see through, and even subconsciously feels that it is a little dangerous.

Xuan Immortal Realm and Golden Immortal Realm are a watershed, really can be called a name, like the twelve golden immortals of the teachings, although the cultivation is uneven, there are still many golden immortal levels in the battle of sealing gods, but it is enough to be recognized by the strong people of the three realms. _

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