Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Uncle and Nephew

“What are your intentions?” The Three Virgins had not lost their minds, but looked at Bai Ziyun with a cautious face.

There will be no pie in the sky, and although the three virgins have not been out of the mountain for a long time, this truth is still understood.

Therefore, it would not be easy for Bai Ziyun’s kindness, and the three virgins suddenly realized and said, “You won’t be… Like me, right? Enjoy so flattering me? No way! ”

After speaking, the Three Virgins looked proud, looking at Bai Ziyun and said defiantly.

Bai Ziyun shook his head with a smile, he naturally knew that the Three Virgins were really joking, but if the fake play was really done… I’m really a little afraid that Erlang God will tear his face and come to mortals.

Although you are not afraid to fight with it, it is not good to break the steps of preaching.

Bai Ziyun did not defend, and said with a grin: “Yes, this is my dowry, if you don’t take it for nothing, just accept it.” ”

The three virgins were speechless, defeated by Bai Ziyun’s spirit of climbing smoothly, and it was better than not having a face.

“Den apprentice.” The Three Virgins said airways, then hesitated for a moment, and added: “I can accept these believers, what do I need to do?” ”

Bai Ziyun looked at the Three Virgins with some surprise, it seems that this woman is indeed not stupid.

But unfortunately, it disappointed the three virgins, Bai Ziyun said generously: “You don’t need to do anything, you just need to receive these believers and make a good golden statue of yourself.” ”

The three virgins are unbelievable, how is it possible, what the immortals are fighting for is nothing more than the power of incense, and they do not hesitate to beat their heads and break the blood.

Bai Ziyun gave it to himself without reservation, and the eyes of the three virgins looked at Bai Ziyun strangely.

“I said, you, you won’t really like me, will you?” The Third Virgin looked at Bai Ziyun hesitantly, and then looked like she was planning for Bai Ziyun, and said very sincerely: “But these things are really not enough as a dowry, my brother and my uncle can’t cope with it, at least they have to… Let’s have another Golden Mountain Temple? ”

Before Bai Ziyun, who didn’t know what to say, reacted, the three virgins looked considerate, patted Bai Ziyun on the shoulder and said: “But it’s okay, I will accept this Jinshan Temple first, just treat it as a deposit, alas, it’s not easy for men, I have long heard my brother say.” ”

After speaking, he looked at Bai Ziyun very considerately, looking like I was thinking about you.

Bai Ziyun watched the Three Virgins bring a burst of fragrant wind, bouncing away, and his face was numb.

What’s going on, Bai Ziyun feels that he doesn’t understand the situation, this woman is planning to marry herself off?

Elder Yue looked admiring in Zhenshen Mountain, and the situation just now was taken into his eyes.

No wonder you don’t have to help yourself, it turns out that the master is so powerful, and Elder Yue didn’t understand what the situation was, so he took away the hearts of the three virgins.

Elder Yue felt that if Bai Ziyun agreed to his conditions and took over the post of Elder Yue over the years, he would not be able to soar.

Heavenly Court, in an immortal palace.

A middle-aged man dressed in white is playing chess, his fingertips are ~ playing a white chess piece.

This middle-aged man has three beautiful beards, his attitude is calm, although he is no longer young, but his facial features are handsome, and he is also a rather dashing beautiful man.

Opposite him was a young man, wearing soft armor, a gold thread between his eyebrows, and his voice was cold, and his face was somewhat similar to the middle-aged man opposite.

The young man was none other than Yang Jian, who was sitting on his chest and gently making a move.

After dropping the child, the middle-aged man on the opposite side frowned lightly and said, “Why, what’s something I can’t think about lately?” ”

Yang Jian was stunned and said, “Why do you say that?” ”

The middle-aged man smiled, and seemed to be surrounded by sunshine, “I didn’t think about it, I would block my chess so facelessly?” Taibai Jinxing accompanied me to play tens of thousands of chess, but he never won me once, you can be good, every time you play chess, you have to kill me a dignified jade emperor without leaving a piece of armor, so I don’t know how to see the eyes, but fortunately I am your uncle, otherwise, I would have let you go to the Nether as a drudgery. ”

Yang Jian smiled dumbly when he heard this: “Thanks to my uncle’s understanding, but I still like to go to the Nether Realm as a drudgery.” ”

When the Jade Emperor heard this, he brushed his beard and frowned: “Don’t fight those careful thoughts, although the Nether can accumulate merit, but it is also inferior, your mother’s affairs, I have my own way, and wait for it.” ”

Yang Jian was silent when he heard this, it was not for nothing that he mentioned this matter to the Jade Emperor, as the Jade Emperor said, he really wanted to go to the Nether Realm.

Just like the sea of ideas, in a short period of time in the Nether, he quickly accumulated incense power.

However, Yang Jian’s purpose was not to improve cultivation, but to accumulate merit in order to save his mother from under Peach Mountain.

However, the Jade Emperor did not let him go to the mortal realm, but only served in the heavenly realm, although he accumulated less merit, but he could improve his cultivation with the help of the power of the heavenly court, and he was also a member of the upright management of heaven and earth.

Seeing Yang Jian silent, the Jade Emperor sighed secretly, his nephew Long Zhang Fengzi was a first-class figure, and he only struggled every day to accumulate a little more merit.

But thinking that his sister was still suppressed~ Under Peach Mountain, the Jade Emperor quietly squeezed the chess pieces in his hand, and his heart was gloomy.

Although he is a grand jade emperor, he can’t even save his own sister, and he is almost a puppet.

Among the immortals of the Heavenly Court, that is, Yang Jian is his nephew, as well as several immortal gods from the battle of sealing gods, he can command and move, and the rest, all of them are saint disciples.

It is usually said that it sounds good is self-cultivation, and it does not ask about the world, in fact, it is not to put the Jade Emperor in his eyes.

Although the Jade Emperor had gone through 1,750 tribulations to ascend to this position, he found that his status as the Jade Emperor could be said to be very embarrassing.

In the later life, a heavenly court was actually troubled by Sun Wukong, and those immortal gods who existed during the flood did not care.

In the end, the most damaged was the Jade Emperor’s Lingxiao Treasure Hall, and in the end, he even let the Buddha come in and kick it.

This is also a serious infighting in Taoism, and even the dignity on the face of the Taoist sect is ignored.

So now, the most reliable people around the Jade Emperor are only Yang Jian and Li Jing and others, so naturally it is impossible to take Yang Jian down and lose his left arm and right arm.

The main thing is … The Jade Emperor did not think that Yang Jian could save people with enough merit.

Yang Jian’s mother was suppressed at that time because she violated the Heavenly Rule, however, it was the sister of the Jade Emperor…

Those who can be severely punished by the heavenly rules are generally not the people who formulate the heavenly rules.

The so-called heavenly article is no better than a word from a saint.

The Jade Emperor has been sitting in this seat for so many years, if he can release his sister, he will naturally release it.

However, now, the three realms of heaven and earth are praising the Jade Emperor’s selflessness.

Only the real strong know that the Jade Emperor’s grand duke is selfless, but not voluntary……_

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