Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 124

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124th madness

Although the people are religious, once their own interests are involved, unless they are fanatical believers who have truly given up themselves, they will subconsciously resist this kind of thinking.

Others, will still subconsciously consider their own interests, Bai Ziyun’s words, just full of temptation ~ seduction for the people.

“Yes, the master is merciful, and he must have such intentions.”

“Well, in my opinion, what this young man said is not unreasonable.”

“If you do this, it will also be for the government…”

There happen to be some officials among the believers, and although the officials are not large, they are not as ignorant as ordinary people.

Bai Ziyun’s words caused them to think deeply, yes, the Golden Mountain Temple is so rich, it is really appropriate, and the goods in a temple are like golden mountains.

If it is used to provide relief to the disaster-stricken people, it can indeed save a lot of money for the government and make the government save a lot of money.

And…… The money must have passed through the hands of officials.

The officials worked so hard, leaving a couple of hard work … It seems to be reasonable.

Thinking of this, some people’s eyes lit up, and they hugged their fists on this stage and said, “Master, what this prince said makes some sense. ”

“Yes, Master.” He said thoughtfully, “This prince is also a good strategy. ”

“Yes, yes, by the way, the master opens a rice shop in the next home, as long as the master comes to buy rice for the disaster victims, he will definitely receive two percent less silver money in the next house.” This is a businessman with a keen sense of smell, and if he can catch this big deal, he will not worry about eating and drinking in recent years.

“And me, and me, I run a butcher’s shop.”

“Master, in the next willing to drop three percent, three percent!” Someone over there was anxious, only then did he react, and also opened his mouth to shout.

Doing business is like a shark smelling blood, scrambling to speak, as for worshiping Buddha or something, it is important to make money.

There was a sudden noise below, originally some officials included, opening their mouths to restrain was just a convenient thing, but it seemed to be an appointment, and the officials were intentionally or unintentionally a little indulgent.

Because of the reputation of the Jinshan Temple, it is definitely not possible to forcibly seize it on the surface, but now it has the meaning of persecuting Fahai, after all, the wealth is touching, and it is nothing to offend the monk.

It’s a big deal to turn back and pull the boss in to share the benefits, after all, this is a no-cost transaction, maybe you can also gain some popular support.

The monks were suddenly flustered and overwhelmed, but they never expected that the words of the young man in the audience would cause so many people to sweep.

Now those people in the audience, looking at their eyes is like looking at fat sheep.

The monks all set their eyes on the tall figure standing at the highest place, last time it was he who rescued the danger of Jinshan Temple, and this time the entire Jinshan Temple pinned their hopes on him.

At this time, Fahai is also not happy, if he has contact with the afterlife, then the words “moral kidnapping” will definitely blurt out.

That’s right, the trick used by Bai Ziyun is common in later generations, and it stands to reason that although the property of Jinshan Temple is donated by Huayuan, it is also considered a temple.

As for the small words, compassion is the same thing, it is often said, but no one takes it to heart.

Bai Ziyun is straight today, breaking that layer of window paper, and then entangled the believers in the Jinshan Temple to form a community of interests.

At this moment, it turned out to be a forced palace pattern, and everyone was watching Fahai’s statement.

However, if you do not agree or shirk, the righteous name of Jinshan Temple will be gone, let alone absorb the power of faith, I am afraid it will be notorious in the future.

Fahai clenched his hands into fists, his eyes staring at Bai Ziyun as if he was about to spew fire.

He had long discovered Bai Ziyun’s arrival, so he deliberately persecuted him in the form of a festival to see if he could find out his details.

And Bai Ziyun was even more desperate, directly coming to the bottom of the cauldron to draw salaries and attack his disciples.

This made Fahai very angry, and these days, he already liked mortal life a little.

Mainly as the abbot of a large temple, he absorbed more incense than in the western Buddha Tun.

This period of practice directly allowed Fahai’s grasp of achieving the position of Arhat by more than one percent.

After cultivating like this for decades, Fahai may be able to rise directly in the day.

Today, Bai Ziyun is persecuting Fahai to choose between believers and temples.

The point is that none of Fahai wants to give up, and every item in this temple is an integral part of the Fahai Dojo.

If it is lost, Fahai’s operation of the Jinshan Temple during this time will be in vain, and Fahai still needs to use the power of this temple to capture Bai Suzhen.

Fahai’s face smiled peacefully, and he said in his heart: “The benefactor said and laughed, this kind of big thing, the poor monk can’t do the master, and it needs to be discussed together in the monastery.” ”

“So the master doesn’t want to?” Bai Ziyun was straightforward.

“It’s not… Unwilling, just…”

“The master is shirking?”

“No, no, I didn’t say that.”

“Then you still don’t want to.” Bai Ziyun was a little happy in his heart, it turned out that standing on the moral high ground forced others to be so cool.

Fahai’s forehead was cold at this time, he had been practicing in the Western Buddhist Land, where had he seen this kind of coercive method in later generations.

But Fahai knew that the people below believed in this.

With a gloomy face, he said, “Little benefactor, you know that the poor monk does not mean this. “、

Bai Ziyun smiled and glanced at the people: “Master don’t be too humble, what kind of poor monk you are, everyone can see it.” ”

As Bai Ziyun spoke, Fahai glanced at a small Shami beside him inadvertently.

That little Shami originally looked at his abbot arguing with the young man with a confused expression, he felt that what the young man said made some sense, but he subconsciously did not want to agree.

If I really go to help the victims, even if this Jinshan Temple can be maintained, I will have to cut back on food and clothing, which is definitely something I accept for the monks who are used to living a comfortable life.

At this moment, Fahai’s eyes fell on Xiao Shami, who was still surprised, how could the abbot notice that he was a pawn.

The next moment, Xiao Shami’s surprised eyes turned crazy, and he casually snatched the Zen staff held by his companion, and smashed towards Bai Ziyun like a crazy demon.

That little Shami roared, his eyes were red, and he looked like he was crazy, as if he wanted to bite Bai Ziyun off a piece of meat.

The momentum caused by this little Shami was strong enough, and the believers who had been whispering were attracted to it, and watched Xiao Shami go crazy in amazement.

The crazy is still afraid of life, this is a lifeless posture, no one wants to go up and pull a fight, even Bai Ziyun, who has just spoken out for their interests.

Xiao Shami was like entering no man’s land all the way, and his seemingly weak body rushed all the way to Bai Ziyun’s side, and Fahai was high above, looking at all this lightly. _

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