Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 123

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Chapter 123 Festival

The young man’s face turned pig’s liver color, and he didn’t know what to say, so he turned around after a while, smiled awkwardly at Bai Ziyun, and left with the next person.

Looking at the back, there is a bit of embarrassment and escape.

Bai Ziyun’s eyes flashed when he looked at Fahai’s back, this old monk had not planned to hold a puja meeting for a long time.

Bai Ziyun and the two sensed Fahai, and Fa didn’t know that a cultivator had come to his temple.

“People are warmly invited, then let’s go.” Bai Ziyun played with the taste of the Three Virgins.

The Three Virgins nodded inexplicably, although she did not know the story of the White Snake, she could see that Bai Ziyun had no kindness to Fahai.

Since Bai Ziyun had no kindness towards Fahai, the Three Virgins also automatically listed Fahai as an enemy.

Helping relatives or not helping, this is the simple and crude outlook on life of the Three Virgins.


Fahai stood on a high place, looking at the pious beings at his feet, his hands clasped together.

This loud Buddha chanting was heard throughout the temple.

This divine power also aroused the excitement of surrounding believers.

“Holy monk divine power.”

“This is definitely a holy monk with great magical power, and he must ask for a peace talisman later.”

“Then it goes without saying that the last time I asked for a peace charm, in the blink of an eye, a fire broke out in my street.”

“Huh? Brother, you’re not sick, are you? This is also called a peace charm? ”

“Hmph, you know what, the houses near my house are all burned down, but my family is fine, and now there is only one intact family left in my family on that street.”

“Oh, that’s really magical, brother, I’m talking too much, sorry, sorry.”

“Hmph, just know.”

Once believers recognize Fahai, no matter what good things happen, they will automatically attribute them to Fahai, and when bad things happen, they will come to ask for a peace talisman, which is the power of religion and faith.

“Master preach the puja, wait and listen quietly, do not make noise.” A monk stepped forward and said.

As soon as the monk’s words fell, all the moments in front of the temple were quiet, and everyone knew that Fahai had never held a puja, and no one wanted to miss it.

Seeing that everyone calmed down, Fahai stepped forward and revealed his true face.

Yin’s heart exclaimed, in fact, it was not so amazing, but the believers automatically mythologized Fahai, and only felt that Fahai was inexplicably powerful.

“The poor monk’s name is Fahai.” Fahai said: “The mana is boundless, and the mountain collapses and the ground cracks. ”

Saying that, Fahai opened his arms, and with that tall figure, the crowd really had the temperament of a cult leader.

The Three Virgins have been on the mountain all year round, where have they seen such scenes, the crowd is turbulent, the atmosphere is frenzied, and for a while they are a little dumbfounded.

I was about to pull Bai Ziyun and ask for experience, but I didn’t expect to suddenly hear Bai Ziyun’s disdainful voice.

“Neuropathy.” Bai Ziyun said with disdain.

“Eh?” The Three Virgins were stunned, I don’t know how Bai Ziyun could be so disdainful, isn’t it good?

As long as it is an immortal, no matter which side it is, they hope that the more believers there are, the better, even if it is Yang Jian who is less prosperous.

In addition to eliminating demons, he will intentionally or unintentionally build his own Erlang Zhenjun Temple to obtain incense.

“Playing with the fools is indeed the consistent virtue of Buddhism.” Bai Ziyun said lightly.

Bai Ziyun glanced at the people around him whose faces were flushed and his eyes were fanatical, and said, “Opening up the wisdom of the people and giving people dignity is what I should do.” It is somewhat disgusting to let these monks cheat in the world. ”

“Hey.” The Three Virgins said a little nervously, “Don’t talk nonsense.” ”

Although the Three Virgins said this, her heart was still a little dark when she heard it, not mentioning her natural antagonistic relationship with Buddhism, playing with the people like this, she was also a little blind.

But despite this, this is the realm of Buddhism after all, and provocation here is too arrogant after all.

This is Fahai has just sat down, and the hearts of the sea of people below are all ready to listen respectfully.

Fahai was just about to say something, but he didn’t expect that a discordant voice suddenly appeared.

“Master, I have confusion in my heart, can you explain it for me?” Bai Ziyun said lightly.

As soon as this voice came out, everyone frowned, everyone here was waiting for Fahai to speak, who had the patience to listen to Bai Ziyun’s words.

The little monk serving next to Fahai was just about to speak, but was stopped by Fahai’s gentle group.

Fahai clasped his hands together at Bai Ziyun and said, “Amitabha, benefactor, this festival is specially opened for you alone. ”

At this moment, everyone was in an uproar, including the elders who accompanied Fahai, all of them looked shocked.

Generally, festivals are held after a long period of preparation, gathering nearby believers, which means to expand the influence of the temple.

Even temples like Jinshan Temple have just won the Great Festival not long ago, so they can hold the Festival at any time.

Because the prestige of Fahai and Jinshan Temple is high enough, there is a constant flow of people on weekdays, and I am not afraid that no one will come.

In fact, Fahai also suddenly wanted to hold a puja meeting today, which made the elders all look surprised, but they didn’t expect Fahai to say such words, which made everyone stunned.

Only for the young man.

So, everyone present is stained with the light of this young man?

At this moment, the young man who had talked to Bai Ziyun was already pale, looking at Bai Ziyun who was not shocked.

He really couldn’t imagine what kind of person could make such a faceless monk condescend to a dignified and dignified person, and hold a puja for one person.

Could it be the prince of that family, or even the people in the palace?

The young man’s face suddenly sweated like rain, and he didn’t dare to think about it anymore, he just wanted to slap himself a few times, and he was still waiting for the female dependents who coveted people.

Think with your ass ~ ass and know that a man who can have such a beautiful flower must have an identity that matches it.

The young prince fell into a tangle, and somehow made amends to Bai Ziyun, and prayed in his heart that he would never remember himself as a little person.

“What confusion does the donor have, though?” Fahai looked at Bai Ziyun, wanting to see what Bai Ziyun had intentions.

I saw Bai Ziyun with a puzzled look and said, “The Golden Mountain Temple is so magnificent, why can’t we disperse the wealth and donate it to the people of the disaster?” On the contrary, it is not productive, and the monks who are determined to practice hard eat their brains full of fat, which is contrary to the Buddhist concept of saving people from the world, in my opinion, it is better to disperse the Jinshan Temple, when the time comes, the monks who want to stay are naturally religious, and can benefit the people, what the best of both worlds, a master? “

After speaking, Bai Ziyun looked at Fahai with a hopeful look, as if he felt that he had really proposed a good idea and was happy about it.

And the pilgrims were originally not happy in their hearts because Bai Ziyun planned the festival, but when they heard Bai Ziyun’s suggestion, they showed a pensive look on their faces. _

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