Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 122

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Chapter 122 Abbot

Although the previous abbot passed away, he left such a huge golden mountain temple to the current abbot, and looking at what the believers talked about, it seemed that they respected the current abbot.

“The benefactor is courteous.” There were monks in front of the door who gave gifts to the pilgrims, perhaps seeing Bai Ziyun with such a beautiful beauty, and he himself was in a good mood, knowing which prince the guest thought it was, he specially clasped his hands together and gave a slight salute.

Bai Ziyun smiled and nodded, the monks here were much more polite than the Jinshan Temple in Luoyang.

“Hey, the front, get out of the way, block my son’s way.” Just when Bai Ziyun was still lamenting that the quality of the monks here was high, a discordant voice suddenly came from behind.

Bai Ziyun looked at the people behind in amazement, it is said that this place can be regarded as a pure place of Buddhism, even some powerful people will converge one or two, and if it is not safe, there will be more noble people who will enter incense here, who will be so arrogant here.

I saw a young man, wearing a brocade robe, shaking a fan with a calm face.

There were seven or eight slaves around them, carefully clustered.

“Daring, the pure place of Buddhism, how can you be so rude?” The young man frowned and reprimanded.

The Hao slave, who was still fierce and evil just now, suddenly stopped and whispered: “Yes, Gongzi taught a lesson.” ”

That Gongzi originally just glanced at Bai Ziyun and the two, but suddenly his eyes lit up, and he said: “Brother, my family is rude, offending Gongzi, I am really sorry.” ”

Bai Ziyun shook his head lightly, signaled that it didn’t matter, and turned to leave.

I saw that the prince suddenly stopped Bai Ziyun and said, “Brother Tai doesn’t know what to do here, maybe he can help a little in the next place.” ”

“Oh? Can you help me? Bai Ziyun said with a smile.

I saw that the boy saw Bai Ziyun’s smile, and thought that Bai Ziyun really had something to ask for, and he was laughing.

Quite self-satisfied: “In Xia Bucai, this time I came to see the abbot of Jinshan Temple on the order of my father, if there is something wrong with Brother Tai, you may as well meet the abbot with me.” ”

After speaking, the young prince raised his eyebrows, but he looked in the direction of the three virgins, and his eyes were full of radiance.

“There’s a brain wreck.” Bai Ziyun naturally knew what the young prince meant, shook his head, and sighed softly.

“What did Brother Tai just say?” The young prince only looked at the three virgins, and did not stand up for Bai Ziyun to speak for a while, and said with some doubts.

Bai Ziyun glanced at the three virgins who were a little annoyed. I prayed slightly for the young prince in my heart.

Seeing that this person still had a bit of a face, Bai Ziyun gave a casual salute, and then pulled the three virgins away.

“Hey, girl, please stay.” The young prince was suddenly anxious, and for a moment said who he was really looking at.

However, under his voice, the Three Virgins really stopped.

The young man was overjoyed in his heart, it seemed that this girl was favored, but the man was just an obstacle.

Bai Ziyun also stopped in his tracks, not because of the young prince’s call, but because of the problem of this temple.

As soon as Bai Ziyun stepped into the gate of the temple, he felt that there was an unusual aura around him.

It seems to be the solemn qi of the Buddhist family, like… A certain practitioner has been immersed in practice here for a long time, and this place has become half of that practitioner’s dojo.

As long as he was in this temple, that cultivator could exert twelve percent of his mana.

Bai Ziyun glanced at the three virgins, and obviously, the three virgins also found out.

The Three Virgins pouted, she was naturally not afraid of this kind of thing, but anyone who practiced would be extremely sensitive to stepping into the arena.

Unless it is a close friend, if you step out rashly, it is a provocation in a serious way.

The Three Virgins were about to hesitate to pull Bai Ziyun to retreat, but a group of monks came from the other side.

Those monks have reached middle age, and a few are already wrinkled, looking at that kind of momentum, they are the steward monks in the temple.

Bai Ziyun frowned slightly, looking at those monks, to be precise, looking at the monk who was surrounded by a group of monks.

I saw that the monk was wearing a big red abbot’s robe, his eyebrows were white, and his face was majestic and kind.

The young prince over there was pleasantly surprised, and when the subordinate next to him saw this, he also hurriedly congratulated: “Congratulations Gongzi, today it was the abbot who personally came to pick it up, and the master will be happy after he goes back.” ”

The young man was also full of smiles, and waved his hand: “This is nothing, hehe, it is still valued by the abbot when I came to see the abbot with my father last time, it seems that I didn’t read those scriptures in vain at home.” ”

“That’s, that’s.”

The circle of people around congratulated.

At this time, the young prince had long forgotten Bai Ziyun and the Three Virgins to the country of Java.

Beauty is just passing eyes, only the money and power in the hands are the most realistic.

As soon as Master Fahai took over as abbot, Buddhism became famous far and wide, and even the prefects of this city came to him to talk about Buddhism, and many nobles who heard about Fahai’s reputation came to listen to Fahai teach Buddhism.

However, the young prince, as the son of a merchant, did not believe in ghosts and gods, and seemed to have no reason to visit Fahai.

In fact, merchant houses are often the most eager for the care of officials, if they can connect with various officials through Fahai…

That’s why the young prince attaches so much importance to Fahai, and even Fahai comes out in person, he must be happy.

The young man had already tidied up his clothes, and waited for Fahai to come and say hello decently.

The young man’s hands were already folded, and his body bowed slightly.

Unexpectedly, when Fahai walked here, he seemed to see the air, and he didn’t squint.

The young man’s hands were awkwardly left on his chest, and it was not to put it down, nor to raise it.

And no one dares to speak up, Gongzi is obviously in a bad mood now, who will go to find death.

When Fahai passed here, he suddenly stopped, turned his head as if he had investigated, and looked at the young prince.

The circle of people who followed around them all involuntarily stopped and followed Fahai’s gaze.

The young man suddenly became the focus of everyone’s attention, and his face suddenly turned red, and he couldn’t say it.

“Is Gongzi interested in hearing Lao Gu talk about Buddhism?” Fahai suddenly began, his voice was low, but like a Hong Zhong.

The young prince stammered nervously, and at this time, a chuckle came from behind the young prince: “The master is so interested, then Bai Mou will listen to it.” ”

Fahai smiled slightly, said something to the people around him, and left with everyone.

I saw a little monk shouting in front of me: “Today is the abbot of my temple, Master Fahai wants to preach to the believers, it is the first puja held since the master inherited the abbot’s position, if the believers are interested, they can sit and listen to the lecture.” “_

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