Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 121

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Chapter 121 Hangzhou Jinshan Temple

Kaye Buddha is the Kaye who throws flowers and smiles in legend.

At a Lingshan puja, King Brahma offered golden pineapple flowers to the Buddha and asked the Buddha to speak.

For example, the Buddha did not say a word, but just used pineapple flowers to show all the disciples and listeners, calmly and calmly.

At that time, all the people and gods in the meeting could not understand the meaning of the Buddha, only His Holiness Mahakaya understood the meaning and laughed with joy.

Shakyamuni handed the flower to Kaye, and the two smiled at each other, as if only these two knew the truth.

Since then, it has been said that Kaya and the Buddha have a common mind, and they can best understand the true meaning of the Buddha, and maybe they can become a generation of Buddhas in the future.

However, Kaye knew that when the sun smiled, it was not only himself who was relieved, but the golden cicada.

The difference is that he laughed with joy that day, while the golden cicada showed disgust, although it flashed away, but it was finally captured by himself.

Soon after, the golden cicada collided with the Buddha and was directly expelled from the mortal world.

Since then, the Buddhas of Western Earth seem to have forgotten the golden cicada who was dressed in white and had unparalleled eloquence.

On the contrary, they all called Kaye the Buddha’s favorite disciple, but since the golden cicada was degraded like the mortal world, Kaye knew that as long as he did not disobey the Buddha, with the measure of the Buddha, he could cut meat and feed the eagle, and he could also accommodate any disciple.

On the other hand, whoever it is, it is better to be expelled.

The puja dispersed, the Buddhas returned to their places, and Kaye also worshiped and returned to his abode.

Looking at the big day in the distance, silently chanting the sutra, like a blessing, like a nostalgia.

At this time, Bai Ziyun also looked at the sky thoughtfully, as if someone had noticed himself.

It is not that Bai Ziyun’s cultivation is superior, but a level of transcendence.

Just as the weakest are wiser than the strongest lions.

Bai Ziyun, as the ancestor of the Wen Dao, had contact with the Heavenly Dao, and although he did not reach the realm of the Dao Ancestor, some things were the same.

What the Buddhist old man can perceive, he will also sense, just now it is clear that someone wants to calculate the Wen Dao, and it is a powerful enough existence.

That existence just moved his thoughts, which affected Wen Dao’s luck, Bai Ziyun felt that the treasure books quietly fluctuated, and then the brilliance was restrained, clearly ready to suppress qi luck.

It was only for a moment that the big man gave up his plan for Wen Dao, and Baoshu suddenly calmed down.

This is the power of the real big man, just a slight thought, it is enough to cause a small Daoist to shake, if it really strikes, I am afraid that in a breath, the entire Daoist will be destroyed.

But that is only for the small Taoist system with no foundation, and Wendao can be said to be the most unique Taoist system since the opening of the heavens.

He had the widest range of believers, and every nation, was his most active preacher, and his followers were spread across nations.

It can be said that Wendao represents a literati without the power of chickens, and the luck carried by him is earth-shattering as soon as he is born.

Let the heavenly way descend merit, and elevate the treasure book to the innate nature of the day after tomorrow, and become the most precious treasure of merit as a protection.

“A shocking thought? There are not many such days, so cherish them. Bai Ziyun looked at the sky with a subtle color in his eyes.

In the future, those who will sit high in the sky may be his figure.

“Did anyone come just now?” The voice of the Three Virgins came, revealing a face with a suspicious look behind Bai Ziyun.

“Have you figured out how to make money?” Bai Ziyun did not return, but asked rhetorically.

This sentence made the three virgins look entangled, hesitated, and said, “I see that in this vicinity, there is my brother’s Erlang Zhenjun Temple…”

Bai Ziyun knew what the Three Virgins were going to do again, but he really didn’t want to let Erlang God go to the realm anymore.

Sighing, he said, “Forget it, I’ll come anyway.” ”

“What are you going to do?” The Three Virgins asked rhetorically.

“You don’t have to worry about it, you just need to stay around.” Bai Ziyun said with great disgust.

“You…” The three virgins were angry, unable to say anything, and could only pray that Sister Tong would arrive soon, so that she could teach Bai Ziyun a lesson.

The Three Virgins pouted and muttered for a while, “I don’t care, then I also have to go out to play first.” ”

Bai Ziyun looked at the three virgins like a little girl with a headache, really couldn’t imagine her giving birth to agarwood, could it be that she automatically matured after becoming a mother?

“Then go to Jinshan Temple.” Bai Ziyun flashed with light.

Reminded by the Three Virgins, there are indeed many places of interest in this vicinity, especially the Jinshan Temple, Fahai should be in that place, it is better to step on it in advance.

“Okay, okay.” The Three Virgins said cheerfully, but they didn’t expect Bai Ziyun to agree so cheerfully, and then said with a skeptical face: “You won’t have any purpose, right?” ”

“Nope.” Bai Ziyun replied succinctly, and the Three Virgins were occasionally very bright.

The three virgins played eagerly, and Bai Ziyun also wanted to see the characters in the legend, so he immediately walked towards the Jinshan Temple.

As for Li Baihui and the two, they were directly ignored, children, practice is the most important, what to play.

Hangzhou is indeed different from Chaozhou, not only the market is prosperous, but also there are many temples.

The Three Virgins also carefully took Bai Ziyun around the Erlang Zhenjun Temple, like a truant student walking around the teacher’s office.

“This Golden Mountain Temple… It’s kind of awesome. The three lives sighed.

She has always hoped to have a small temple with strong incense, but today the three views were hit.

Jinshan Temple is worthy of the name of Jinshan, and it is completely the appearance of turning a mountain into a temple.

Pavilions on the mountain are everywhere, and you can faintly hear the melodious bells of the entire mountain.

The gate of Jinshan Temple faces west and faces Elysium in the west.

In fact, Bai Ziyun had also come to Jinshan Temple and wanted to look for the reincarnation of the Tang monk there, but he did not find it, but he harvested a Huineng coin.

However, Bai Ziyun went not to the Jinshan Temple in Hangzhou, but to the Jinshan Temple in Luoyang, the two are just the same name, but the appearance is indeed incomparable.

There are many pilgrims in front of Jinshan Temple, not all of them are local people, and some are not Buddhist believers, but just guests from other places who come to see the magnificent scenery here.

Whether it is a good faith or not, Jinshan Temple will not refuse to come, even if you can’t donate incense money, after coming to see it, it is good to promote the reputation of Jinshan Temple.

This is also the rule set by the previous generation of hosts, and after Bai Ziyun heard about it, he almost thought that this host had crossed over.

This effect is used first and then bought, and the means of promoting the brand is exactly the usual marketing means used in later generations.

This host is extremely skillful, Bai Ziyun specially inquired, heard that the previous host had passed away, so he had to regret it. _

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