Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 120

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Chapter 120 Buddha

“Alas, under the saints are all dogs, but why can’t the saints help themselves?” The old man didn’t know what to think of, and sighed.

“Our Buddhism is not as good as the Taoist foundation of the heavens, when we established our own religion, our disciples withered, and although the battle to seal the gods flourished, but now that we think about it, the Eastern saints clearly have the meaning of putting us on the fire and roasting, forcing us to be aggressive everywhere, although we know that it will not last long, but there is nothing to do.”

The man was silent and said with a slight groan: “Teacher, I have arranged for my disciples to go to the Nether Realm, if I can cross the east of the Mahayana Dharma and rely on the luck of the human realm, I will not be able to prosper here.” ”

The old man frowned a little and said, “Now that the situation is unclear, the Heavenly Dao has begun to be obscure, and I don’t know what changes will happen.” ”

Then he made a decision: “Although my Buddhist family can now stand with the East, but after all, the foundation is still shallow, if I can survive a battle of sealing gods again, my Buddhism can be regarded as truly inherited, otherwise it will only be like the Lich and Demon race, and it can only show one calamity in the world.” ”

“Yes.” The man answered.

The old man suddenly seemed to sigh and said, “Speaking of which, I haven’t met a few old friends for a long time, and a few old guys are just busy with Daoist disciples… Scold. ”

The old man shook his head and said, “That’s it, you go down, it’s just that you don’t change and respond to all changes, if the little Daoist can really get up, it may not be a bad thing for my Buddhist family.” ”

The man slowly retreated, and the old man pondered for a while, and finally couldn’t calculate the variables of the Heavenly Dao.

What he didn’t say was that since the battle of the gods, the Heavenly Dao had been obscure for a day.

I don’t know if it’s the Dao Ancestor’s handwriting that fits the Dao, I don’t know what his intentions are.

The old man shook his head secretly, and everyone in the world compared him to that Hongjun Dao Ancestor.

In his heart, that Dao Ancestor had long been beyond everything, and several saints did not have the slightest concern about his thoughts.

He himself has also received the Taoist ancestor’s preaching, so he can open up another way and establish Buddhism, although it has long been thousands of miles away from the Taoist path, but the old man does not feel that his Buddha can be compared with the Hongjun Daozu.

Maybe it’s about the same as Sanqing, or even, it’s a level higher than Sanqing.

Even the promotion of Buddhism to the world is somewhat imitated by the opening of the heavens and preaching.

“How can the word Dao Ancestor be worthy of you?” The old man said slightly, and said with a bitter smile: “Maybe it is more appropriate to call you God?” ”

The old man shook his head, contemplatively, and before he knew it, a halo rose in the back of his head, shaped like a disc.

This is the light of wisdom of the Buddha, one of the visions of the true Buddha, and the time of wisdom is present.

The old disciple came out of the small thatched hut, with a strange expression on his face, it seemed to have compassion, and it seemed to have a violent color, and when he stepped out, it was another space.

“I Buddha!”

There is no end in sight to the disciples under the seat, this is the Western Buddha Land, and the most outstanding disciples of the eight sects of the Three Realms are here, and the lowest have the potential to become arhats and are selected to be cultivated in the Western Buddha Land.

When the disciples saw the only true Buddha in their hearts appear, they were all excited, and the mountain praised, this is the head of the world’s Buddhist Buddha, the Mahayana and Hinayana co-masters, the present Buddha that all Buddhas in the past and the future will worship.

Rulai was still respectful in front of the old man just now, sitting on the lotus throne, and became the only Buddha in the world.

It seems that no one remembers that there are still a few old people who do not appear, but if you come to know, the reason why you can inherit the position of the head of the Buddha and get the title of Buddha is all given by the old man.

If the old man does not want him to continue to see things one day, with just a few words, he will have to go back to his Bodhi tree and realize the Dharma for thousands of years.

When the Buddha was headed for too long, Rulai already had some doubts about whether they were venerating their own lotus seat or themselves.

For some reason, Rulai suddenly remembered his favorite and the smartest disciple under the seat.

That day, he questioned his words in front of everyone, and if he didn’t care about the Dharma debate, he believed in his wisdom, otherwise the old man would not have chosen him as a living Buddha.

What he hated was the disciple’s attitude, as if he was doubting, and as if he was … Taunt.

“Preach the four words of awe and great power today.” If you come lightly to preach the Dharma, a golden flowing halo appears behind your head, as big as the sun.

Seen from afar, it is like a sun saying here.

Da Ri Rulai, the most outstanding saint disciple after the battle of the gods, directly inherits the position of the head of the Buddha, and is called the living Buddha among the three Buddhas!

The disciples of Western Earth fell to the ground one after another, can they listen to the Buddha’s lectures, no matter what the theme, it will definitely benefit them a lot.

On the left hand side of the Buddha, standing in one of the closest positions to the Buddha, a Buddha listened with a smile, this is the master of Fahai, Maha Kaye, also known as Kaya Buddha.

There is also the solemn and beautiful Guanyin Bodhisattva next to her, and she can stand here as a bodhisattva, which is enough to explain her status.

Since the golden cicada was degraded to the mortal world, the Buddha’s side has been empty, and several disciples, since then, they have been arguing difficult when they listen to the Dharma, and ask questions when they should ask, but no disciple dares to contradict the Buddha.

This is the image of the prosperity of the Dharma and the flame of luck.

Perhaps, as the old man said, there is a bit of deliberate behavior of the Eastern saints in this prosperity and luck?

The Buddha’s gaze swept gently, and he smiled peacefully on his face, thinking so in his heart.

Buddha taught that golden lotuses descended from heaven, and each one that fell on the disciple would turn into pure Buddha power.

This is given by the Buddha relying on the power of luck, and each flower can bring help to his disciples.

The disciples will bring more prosperous luck to the Daoist system, and the cycle continues, and so on.

Above there is a golden-winged peng spreading its wings and chirping, resounding in the sky, and landing on the Buddha’s shoulder, as if listening intently.

Buddhism’s luck is flourishing, and Dao Ancestor Hongjun has long since disappeared, and Rulai really can’t understand the old man’s worries.

“Although Siddhartha has never seen the opening scene, he will not fall behind in the east.” Rulai thought to himself, still smiling on his face.

Indeed, since the battle of the gods, not to mention the Western Buddha Land, even if he is connected to the entire Taoism, he dares to call the first person.

Now the people who talk to him are all the people left over from the heavens, and this kind of natural wisdom will allow the old man to take over as the head of the Buddha.

At this time, in the thatched house, there was only a gentle sigh, and then there was no sound.

If the lecture came to an end, the disciples were all closing their eyes and digesting it.

Rulai thought slightly, and turned to Kaye and said, “You have disciples who have sent down the mortal world. ”

Kaye’s heart moved, and he said, “Exactly, there are some disciples under the disciples, and the cause and effect in the mortal world are coming to an end. ”

Buddha lowered his eyes and hesitated slightly: “Cause and effect… That’s it, why should I teach more cause and effect, and let it go with the flow. ”

Kaye didn’t know the cause and effect, so he had to put his hands together and say yes, but he had to be inexplicable, but the Buddha didn’t mean to explain it, and he didn’t want to ask at all. _

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