Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 119

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Chapter 119 Calculating

The fearless lion dispersed, and Huineng was stunned, with a reluctant face, as if he had lost a pet he had just obtained, but he was helpless.

Bai Ziyun touched Huineng’s head and comforted, this apprentice has Hui Gen, whether it is cultivating Buddha or cultivating literature, he can also reach the level of Daluo Golden Immortal, the talents accumulated in the mortal world for thousands of years, there are too many talents who can achieve the position of immortal god, Bai Ziyun has only netted a few of them.

Li Bai beat his chest and regretted it, losing the first battle, which was simply a stain on his life.

After some depression, Li Bai very consciously continued to practice, and it seemed that he would not give up if he did not produce results.

Bai Ziyun did not put his mind on the disciple at this time, but was slightly contemplating the change in qi luck that had just happened.

The idea of luck is ethereal, but it is extremely important, so that the saints also have to calculate it themselves.

The rise and fall of qi luck is also reflected in the battle between disciples under the disciples, and the battle between disciples is also the battle of Daoism and qi luck.

Victory or defeat is related to the rise and fall of qi luck, so now the three realms do not dare to start disputes lightly.

The two forces of Buddhism and Dao are equal, and no one is sure of victory, so they forbid Da Luo Jinxian level figures to make easy moves.

It’s just that the small means under the table are constant, trying to calculate the luck of the other party.

Bai Ziyun now wants to come, since the folk tales of ancient legends, all of them are the two of you come and go.

In this battle, Huineng subconsciously surrendered the fearless lion and sought a trace of luck for Wen Dao, which is the reason.


Where the mysterious is unknowable, the place where the immortals cannot reach.

This is not the Nine Heavens, not the Outer Heavens.

There is no emperor and old man surrounded by stars, ancient monuments and battlefields, and there is no Xuan Tian’s Dao protection from the Outer Immortal Palace, which cannot be detected.

This is just an ordinary Zen room, not just ordinary, it is more appropriate to say simple, the outside is a void, it seems that the Zen house was built on the top of a mountain.

The roof of this Zen house is made of thatch, and the outside is made of yellow mud, without any decoration.

It’s just that the thatch, somehow, looks very clean and beautiful, and the roots are as brilliant as gold.

There was nothing else in the room, only two straw futons, an oil lamp that had long been extinguished.

An old man meditates on a futon, which is straw but similar to the thatch on the roof, giving people an inexplicable sense of delicacy in the chaos, and the color is pure and flawless gold.

The old man had short white hair on the top of his head, which was only as long as an inch, and he looked a little strange.

There are some wrinkles on the face, not very old, wearing a robe, already dilapidated, I don’t know how long it has not been changed.

The old man opened his eyes slightly, and his eyes were not cloudy, but quite pure, like a newborn baby.

“Someone took away me to teach a trace of luck.” The old man spoke, with some anger and anger in his pure eyes.

It’s just that unlike mortals, the emotions in the eyes of the old man, even if they are angry and angry, give people a completely clean feeling, which is the natural origin of people, without the slightest anger.

“Siddhartha, come.” The old man spoke in the empty thatched hut, as if speaking to the air.

However, as soon as the old man’s words fell, a fragrant breeze suddenly blew, and a tall bald man appeared on another empty futon, without any sudden feeling, as if he had been here.

“Teacher?” The man wore a robe, clasped his hands together, bowed down and bowed gently to his disciples, and spoke, his voice was loud and bright.

“Someone plotted my Buddhist luck.” The old man who was called the teacher did not have the slightest demeanor, his expression was all on his face, and he said a little angrily.

“Teacher, don’t pay attention to them, as long as there is no war, the rest is just a trail.” Siddhartha laughed softly, as he said, this is really a common thing, a few disciples of the two religions can affect the luck of the two sects, this kind of thing has happened a lot in the past, even the middle-level figures of the two religions can not be affected, let alone attract their attention, I don’t know why the teacher is angry just this time.

The old man shook his head and said, “It’s not that simple, this time it’s a new Daoist, I noticed it before, I thought it was some dying Daoist, so I didn’t pay attention.” “

“This time, that Dao Sect has a new vitality, and now it seems that that Dao Sect has begun to accept disciples and grow, and the growth rate of new disciples has been rare since the flood.”

After speaking, the old man’s face was a little hesitant.

The man’s face was stunned, he did not doubt the old man’s words at all, if there is anyone in Buddhism who can compare with the Eastern sages and gain insight into heaven and earth, it must be his own teacher.

Since the teacher said so, there must be a new Taoist system, quietly growing without being known.

The middle-aged man stood up, like a wall erected, able to cover one side, and said in a deep voice: “Then I will invite this new Dao to come up.” ”

“Slowly.” The old man stopped: “This time is different from the past, before the first appearance of the new Daoist system, there was an obscurantism of the half-pillar incense in the Heavenly Dao, and even I can’t see what happened to the half-pillar incense, I think, the same is true of those in the east.” ”

“Since then, the Heavenly Dao has ceased to be stable, and every time I see the sense of obscurantism, it is simply a return to the flood and desolation of the beginning of heaven and earth…”

The man’s heart was cold, this situation, every time it appeared, it would cause a big change in the pattern of heaven and earth, I don’t know how many old immortal gods will fall, I don’t know how many new immortal gods will be called ancestors.

The last time it appeared was during the battle of the gods, and since then, the originally declining Western religion has flourished, divided the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and has developed to this day, and has officially become the Buddhism it is today.

And Taoism is also officially divided into three points, the change of luck begins to be obscured, the gods of the Eastern Heavenly Court enter together, their power rises, and they officially control heaven and earth for Taoism.

Even he himself officially inherited the mantle of teacher after the battle of the gods and inherited the position of the head of the Buddha in Buddhism.

But it is only a status of name, and men know very well that once the heaven and earth change, only a few people such as teachers are qualified in the heaven and earth.

“Ask the teacher to show me, and the disciple will arrange it.” The man said solemnly and obediently.

The old man usually does whatever he wants, so the disciples are the same, not as restrained as the Eastern disciples, but once they encounter a big event, they still only show the old man.

“Arrangement…” The old man said slowly with some hesitation, “I still wonder if the last battle of sealing gods was because I laid out too early, so that I still have a feeling of being calculated…”

“Those in the East, although they are not single-minded, but after all, they have been around that person for a while, it is really chilling to calculate, I teach the current situation, maybe there is a trace of their deliberateness.”

When the old man said that, his voice was a little different, and his emotions were a little complicated. _

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