Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 118

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Chapter 118 is bizarre

The monk had never seen such a method, and the young man in front of him just read a paragraph, just like such a spell appeared.

It is not the same as a Taoist charm, but rather, it is like a piece of poetry?

“Great fearless lion, break all illusions.” The unconscious monk shouted, his voice was grand, as if shouting through a big bell, shocking the heart.

The lion phantom behind him suddenly expanded, opened his mouth and roared, and the divine power was majestic, as if the white clouds in the sky were about to be roared to pieces.

Li Bai looked at it with a grin and said, “Bluff, let you see my Wen Dao methods today.” ”

After speaking, the immortal on the high throne directly pressed with a palm, and the rushing golden lion was directly pressed to the ground by an invisible huge force.

The lion roared violently and wanted to struggle out, but it was still under the cactus, held down by death, unable to raise its head.

“The kid is looking for death!” The unconscious monk gave birth to a fearless lion, which was connected to its divine destiny, and the lion was pressed by the immortals ~ like a dog on the ground, and the unconscious monk also felt a strong sense of humiliation.

Wujue hehe was the one who hesitated again and again, finally made up his mind, bit the tip of his tongue, and spewed a stream of essence blood towards the fearless lion.

At the moment of contact with the essence blood, the lion’s golden light was stained with bright red blood, as if it was crazy, directly got rid of the immortal restrictions, turned over and rushed towards Li Bai.

Li Bai raised his eyebrows slightly, obviously he didn’t expect that the monk still had this means, and was about to make a move.

Huineng next to him subconsciously helped, pointed at the lion, and chanted: “Elder Shi must Bodhi.” Among the masses. That is, from the seat. Favor the right shoulder. Right knee on the ground. Fold your palms respectfully. ”

As soon as Hui Neng’s words came out, no vision appeared, but the fearless lion covered in golden light and bloodshot was slightly stunned, and involuntarily stopped and looked at Hui Neng.

Hui Neng subconsciously retreated slightly, but there was no look of fear on his face, but a kind of… The color of curiosity.

For the first time, there was an emotion in the tyrannical and majestic eyes of the fearless lion, as if it was not a dead thing summoned by a monk, but a real creature, but now the real body has come.

The unconscious monk was also stunned, just now, seeing that the fearless lion was about to kill these two little ghosts, who knew that it stopped inexplicably.

Just because of a small Buddhist sutra that the little devil read just now?

The unconscious monk instantly felt that these two little ghosts were too evil, just read a few words, without seeing any aura fluctuations, can there be such a change?

The monk felt a cold breath hit his spine, this was definitely not an ordinary cultivator, but like a sect?

This is, the fearless lion looked at Huineng, under Huineng’s calm and peaceful gaze, the bright red blood on the fearless lion’s body slowly retreated, the color of the body changed to milky white, there was no first, but like Huineng, the body was full of peaceful breath, like a lazy big cat, lying at Huineng’s feet.

“You, you, the devil, the great devil.” Unconscious eyes. Looking at Hui Nengdao.

After Bai Ziyun punched him into the wall, the unconscious monk was not so tight, and now, the unconscious monk clearly felt that the fearless lion in his hand did not control himself at all, and directly became Huineng’s sitting beast.

Unconscious has encountered many cultivators before, and he has never encountered such an evil thing, which is simply a legend that only appears in the Buddhist scriptures.

Unconscious hehe is the one who can’t help but think of those evil demons who can fight with the Buddha, and they also confuse the Buddha to sit down as a disciple.

At this time, Bai Ziyun also returned here, and he was also a little surprised to see the situation of Huineng and the lion.

Sure enough, he is the sixth most respected ancestor of Buddhism for thousands of years, and if he practices Buddhism, there is hope for becoming a Buddha.

Although Bai Ziyun left, he left a trace of divine thought here, after all, it was the first battle of the disciples under the seat, how could he not care.

At the beginning of Li Bai’s set of sword techniques, Bai Ziyun knew that Li Bai was showing off his skills, and since Li Bai started, Bai Ziyun only let him lay a solid foundation and practice the Dao.

The sword technique has not been taught, so Li Bai’s sword technique seems to be very dazzling, but in fact, it is just a human sword technique learned before, and it has been slightly improved by Li Bai.

So Li Bai lost for the first time, Bai Ziyun was not surprised, but Huineng gave Bai Ziyun a surprise.

“Good.” At this time, Huineng touched the fearless lion’s illusory body with a smile, and his milky white hair was quite peaceful.

The fearless lion also squinted his eyes, quite enjoying the touch ~ touch of Hui Neng, without the slightest appearance of being violent and bloodthirsty under the control of the unconscious monk.

Huineng took the Diamond Sutra as the basis and practiced it diligently on weekdays, and in times of crisis, he subconsciously used the Diamond Sutra to use the literary method to face the enemy.

The fearless lion felt something in his heart, and he actually felt the breath of Buddha in Huineng, and he ignored the unconscious monk and naturally obeyed.

And at that moment, the treasure book in Bai Ziyun’s spiritual world vibrated on the page with Huineng’s name.

There is qi luck descending in the underworld, subordinated to the Wen Dao treasure book, Bai Ziyun, as Wen Zu, naturally has some perception, just now the entire Wen Dao’s luck is clearly up a little.

Although not much, it is also obtained from Huineng and naturally does not come out of thin air, according to Bai Ziyun’s speculation, Huineng is obtained from Buddhism.

When the unconscious monk saw Bai Ziyun appear, his face turned pale, and he turned around and wanted to escape.

At this time, the unconscious monk naturally knew that he underestimated this master and disciple, and these means were clearly the great demons recorded in the Buddhist scriptures.

Bai Ziyun spoke softly and said, “Come back.” ”

The unconscious monk only felt that the stars were shifting, as if he was running away with all his strength, but for some reason, he was still in place, but slowly moved towards Bai Ziyun.

No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t escape from Bai Ziyun’s side, and the monk suddenly felt powerless in his heart.

This is a little bit about the operation that Bai Ziyun came into contact with after using the power of Tianpeng, and it may have no effect on the strong enemy.

However, in terms of speeding up and dealing with the cultivators under the immortals, it had a miraculous effect.

“Where are you going?” Bai Ziyun asked casually.

The unconscious monk opened his mouth and was about to speak, but Bai Ziyun directly cut out a white light and entered the unconscious monk’s brain.

Wujue’s eyes were sluggish for a moment, and he instantly passed out, and Bai Ziyun threw him out of the house.

After a while, I woke up again outside the gate of the mansion, my eyes were full of confusion, and I seemed to be unable to figure out how I could be here.

Got up and hesitated for a while, discerned the direction, subconsciously moved away from the Qiu Wang Mansion, and walked away elsewhere.

And the fearless lion beside Huineng is finally a spirit body born of mana, but it is just a phantom shadow of the real fearless lion in the Buddha Gate, and after half an hour, it finally dispersed, _

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