Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 117

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Chapter 117: Li Bai’s First Battle

Bai Ziyun left without looking at it, leaving Li Bai eager to try.

Huineng looked at all this with some worry, pulled Li Bai’s sleeve, and said, “Senior brother, is it really okay for the master to beat this great monk indiscriminately?” ”

Huineng spent a few years in the temple, although it is not clear, but in the end he has been a monk for a few years, naturally he can’t bear it.

Li Bai is not afraid of the sky, and the master dares to break in anywhere.

After cultivating for so long, in addition to fighting with Hui Neng, being violently beaten by Xiao Qian and the Three Virgins, he had never come to actual combat at all, and he couldn’t wait for a long time.

His face was full of excitement: “The master has beaten him, then he will definitely be a bad person, since you don’t dare to go up, then Senior Brother I will come first, but don’t tell Senior Brother Han that I won’t let you.” ”

Funny to say, Li Baihui can two, in addition to Bai Ziyun, the most afraid is his junior brother Han Yu, this kind of square and bright person, whoever goes against him, it seems that it will seem unreasonable.

Huineng listened with a look of disbelief: “Who, who said that I don’t dare, I, I just can’t bear it.” ”

Saying that, Hui Neng’s face was a little unbearable, more sincere than the compassion on the face of the great monk when he first entered the mansion.

Li Bai didn’t care so much, he would find out that a long sword suddenly appeared, and the sword body was shiny, with a bleak meaning.

“Monk, Xiao Ye’s Green Lotus Sword appeared for the first time. Let Xiaoye see what skills you have. Li Bai stood different, only waiting for the great monk to slow down, unwilling to take advantage of him.

At this time, a cyan light aura flashed on Li Bai’s sword, as if he couldn’t wait.

The great monk finally calmed down at this time, leaned against the back of the wall, and slowly got up.

The monk shook his head, and there was not a trace of scar left on his bald head.

The bowl was still firmly in his hand, with one hand on his chest ~ front, and slowly performed a Buddhist salute.

But on that face, the mercy has disappeared, replaced by the violent killing intent.

The voice was gloomy: “Little benefactor, why did your master attack the poor monk?” ”

Li Bai laughed loudly when he heard this, and said, “My master is right, the bald donkeys in the world are so badly beaten, if you want to hit my master, you don’t dare to say it directly, why bother so cowering.” “

The monk’s eyes flashed, and his face turned red.

Seeing this, Li Bai didn’t say a word, and went up with a straight sword.

The monk did not dodge or dodge, and shouted: “The poor monk’s name is unconscious, you all remember it, and today I will collect the master and apprentice for the people of Li.” ”

Hui Neng said to himself next to him: “Senior Brother Master is right, the monk is verbose, fortunately I am not.” ”

Saying that, Huineng patted his chest for the rest of his life, fortunately he did not become a monk for a few years.

Although Li Bai is only a teenager, a snowy long sword, dashing and sharp, the sky, the sword move is like a snow dance, and it rushes towards the monk impermeably.

That momentum can simply kill all the enemies that stand in the way in front of you.

Li Bai rushed towards the monk with great momentum, and the scene of flesh and blood that Li Bai expected did not appear, but the monk’s two fingers turned yellow, like a gold cast, and clamped Li Bai’s long sword without fail.

Without any hesitation, Li Bai directly released his sword and retreated, and a flying body returned to the same place.

The monk named Wujue’s eyes flashed with joy, he thought that the ghosts in this enemy mansion were eliminated by this pair of masters and apprentices, so he was so cautious and wanted to inquire about the name of the other party’s sect.

I didn’t expect this exchange, and found that Li Bai’s long sword was removed so easily, it seemed that it was just a bluff.

In the eyes of the current unconscious monk, Bai Ziyun must have been seriously injured in the process of fighting against the ghost, so he would take advantage of his unpreparedness and suddenly burst out of his full strength to give himself a dismount.

Then he was so frightened that he returned and fled quickly, leaving an apprentice behind, wanting to scare himself off.

The unconscious monk thought that he had figured out the cause and effect, and he was suddenly full of confidence, and suddenly he felt deceived and humiliated.

Suddenly felt that there was no need to think about leaving any way back, and shouted loudly: “Little thief, quickly call your master out, the poor monk must get rid of you evil demons today.” ”

Li Bai and Hui Neng looked at each other, and they both felt that this monk was suddenly neurotic, and had just been beaten into the wall by the master, and there was suddenly such a strong confidence.

Suddenly, Hui Neng looked at Li Bai with contempt, and the meaning was very clear.

It is clear that you are a waste firewood, and when you go up, you will be directly unloaded by others, which will make this monk suddenly so rampant.

Li Bai was full of care, showing a confident Wei smile, and said, “It seems that Sister Cicada is right, playing with swords is very good-looking, but unfortunately it is just very good-looking, and it is still taught by the master when facing the enemy.” ”

“Old monk, I’m going to hit you seriously.” Li Bai suddenly looked at the unconscious monk and said with a smile.

The unconscious monk laughed viciously, believing that Li Bai was still pretending, delaying time.

“Haha, finally have a chance to use this.” Li Bai listened to Han Yue’s colorful voice and said that Bai Ziyun’s battle in the ghost city of the netherworld against the monk, with the immortal battle Buddha, Li Bai listened to it fascinated, and he had long wanted to try it.

Li Bai suddenly converged his cynical look, and said solemnly: “Heavenly Bai Yujing, twelfth floor and five cities.” The immortal caresses my top, and the hair bears eternal life. ”

The mighty unconscious monk over there had already rushed in, seemingly to resist hard with his flesh, and a golden lion phantom behind him rushed towards Li Bai.

The unconscious monk with the golden lion phantom suddenly felt that there seemed to be a change here, and he obviously rushed towards the kid in front, how did he suddenly enter a phantom palace room.

The palace room is just a phantom, but you can see the scenery inside, the clouds and mist rise, quite a feeling of immortal clouds, and there are people coming and going in the middle, all of them are young women wearing light tulle.

The monk was trapped in it at once, and whispered in surprise: “Mirage? Magic? ”

The unconscious monk only thought that this was an illusion, and was a little surprised by Li Bai’s methods.

Li Bai smiled slightly, his mind made up for the master’s demeanor, and repeated the last sentence with some sense of ritual: “The immortal caresses my top, and the hair is immortal.” ”

As soon as the sentence fell, the scenery of the peaceful Immortal Palace beside the unconscious monk suddenly changed, and a loud shout came, it seemed that the owner of the Immortal Palace came, and found this visitor who had broken in by mistake.

An unreadable phantom sat high on the north side of the Immortal Palace, which seemed to show his high status.

The shadow palm that surprised the unconscious monk was lightly covered, and it was pointed at the unconscious monk.

“Pretend to be a ghost, and the great law of Buddhism will break it with one force.”

The unconscious monk knew that this was not a simple illusion, and thought that he could easily take Li Bai, but he did not expect that Li Bai still had the means, so that he could not recognize it, and suddenly became irritable.

In this case, the unconscious monk directly let the lion phantom melt into his body, did not retreat, and pounced on the misty shadow on the high seat. _

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