Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 115

Chapter 115: Purifying the World with Fire

Yes, if there is any advantage of the Qiu Wang Mansion, it is that it occupies a large enough area.

If there are any shortcomings, it is such a big place, and it is rotten enough.

That’s right, over the years, the Qiu Wang Mansion has been overgrown and dilapidated.

Moreover, the three virgins clearly felt that there was a smell that disgusted them.

It smells of dead people and resentment.

It is clear that there are ghosts here, plague the world.

The three virgins understood why this little money could win a royal palace.

“Cheap and not good, no wonder that person looks treacherous.” The Three Virgins muttered.

“Poor people are not qualified to say such things.” Bai Ziyun said with disdain.

“Hmph.” The Three Virgins were already immune to Bai Ziyun’s words, and they walked directly to the dusty Qiu Wang Mansion, quite biased towards Tiger Mountain.

The Three Virgins stood in the gate and shouted to the inside of the gate: “Hey, the dirty things inside come out quickly, give you a chance to escape, this is now the territory of my mother, I have to clean up now.” ”

There was no sound inside, just a gust of yin and wind, and a erratic ghost cry, which mortals had to hallucinate when they heard it.

“Heh, a group of little ghosts who don’t even dare to see the sun, and dare to pretend to be ghosts in front of me?” The Three Virgins sneered, the heavenly court was immortal, if it weren’t for the Three Virgins coming here, these little ghosts would not have seen her face.

“Don’t take me seriously, burn all the ghosts with pure fire.” The Three Virgins whispered.

As soon as the words fell, a palace lamp appeared plainly, floating leisurely in front of the eyes of the three virgins.


The three virgins suddenly spit out a word, and saw that on the palace lamp, the bean-sized light flashed, and a long line of fire led out and rushed towards the palace.

Bai Ziyun’s eyes widened, this was also the first time he saw the means of the Three Virgins, and he couldn’t help but be curious.

I saw that the line of fire was as thin as transparent, and after rushing into the house, if it was spiritual, it turned into a net of fire, as if it was capturing something.

In the eyes of mortals, they may not see anything, but in Bai Ziyun’s eyes, those fire nets accurately captured the ghosts in the house.

Even after the ghosts were glued to the fire net, they could no longer shake off, as if they were glued.

Some powerful ghosts immediately made a decision, and they tore off their arms stained with the fire net, but to no avail, the fire was born in the powerful ghost’s body, burning his soul until it burned out.

“Heartfire?” Bai Ziyun raised his eyebrows, this thing is indeed quite rare, it can hook human emotions, burn spiritual emotions, and directly act on the soul.

This is also a calamity that immortals will face when they are in decline, but I didn’t expect that the flame of the Pauline lamp also had such an effect.

The three virgins finally heard Bai Ziyun shocked. I can’t help but feel a little proud.

“Be careful.”

Bai Ziyun’s voice exited, and the person was already in front of the three virgins.

I saw Bai Ziyun looking indifferent, holding the neck of a huge ghost king in his hand.

This ghost king looks different from other evil spirits, wearing a golden crown on his head and a five-clawed golden dragon robe.

This is the Son of Heaven dressed, but obviously, even mediocre, even incompetent emperors will generally be invited to become a scattered immortal in the Heavenly Court, how can they not fall to this point.

“Hatred King?” Bai Ziyun tilted his head and looked at the ghost king in his hand and asked.

The Three Virgins quietly poked their heads out from behind, she didn’t notice it just now, and she was almost successfully attacked by this ghost king.

Mainly because the Three Virgins are too confident, it is said that there are no ghosts, and they can be captured through the fire net and directly close to the Three Virgins.

“Hehe, the royal ghost can, am I right? Your Highness? Bai Ziyun said with a smile, but that smile made the ghost king in Bai Ziyun’s hands chill.

The so-called royal ghost is a member of the royal family, and after death, I don’t know what grievances he suffered, and he chose to turn into a fierce ghost.

Such a powerful ghost can be fused with the royal qi luck that was divided before his death, forming an instinct that although he is a ghost body in the netherworld, he is not afraid of the spiritual objects of the yang world at all.

Even being able to absorb the sun essence to cultivate, such ghosts often surprise cultivators.

Today, it is precisely by virtue of this misunderstanding that the Ghost King can get close.

“Hey. Talk, oh, sorry, keep pinching your throat. Bai Ziyun slightly loosened the hand that grabbed the Ghost King’s throat.

It’s just that the ghost king, who has just escaped from trouble, just coughed twice, and a weird smile appeared on his face.

Bai Ziyun had just lowered his hand, suddenly raised it, and pinched the Ghost King’s throat.

I saw that the black ghost qi had just flashed in the ghost king’s body, and it scattered.

“As soon as I look at this ghost, I know that I want to blow myself up, is there something new.” Bai Ziyun shook his hand.

The three virgins felt something, and as soon as they picked up the Pauline lamp, they shone a phantom shadow and fixed it in front of them.

“Oh, this is the enemy king, this is a little new, but it won’t hurt to sacrifice his son so easily?” Bai Ziyun looked at it with some curiosity, and the phantom in front of him who was instructed by the Baolian lamp.

He has gray hair, and his face looks well maintained, but he is already around, like the one who was pinched by Bai Ziyun just now, he is also wearing an emperor’s crown, and he looks quite majestic.

To say that the biggest difference is that this enemy king does not look like a ghost, but is no different from ordinary people.

“Since there are several injured people, there is nothing to say on this network, but it is just a son, and it is not worth me and the two of you to die.” It seems that this is the real enemy, and he took the initiative to show his figure.

Bai Ziyun rushed at the three virgins and sighed: “See no, this is the hero, ruthless to the enemy, even more ruthless to his own son, the son who was killed with him, sold without blinking an eye, how come you didn’t ascend the throne.” ”

The Three Virgins were quite disdainful, and directly wanted to urge the Pauline lamp to completely burn the ghost king in front of him.

And Bai Ziyun also watched for a while, without the slightest appearance of interceding for him.

King Qiu was really panicked, really as he said, if his son is gone, he is gone, and if he dies, he is really dead.

Hurriedly spoke: “Two and slow hands, what the two want, I can satisfy, we can talk…”

Before the words were finished, the Three Virgins gently beckoned, and an impermeable net of fire suddenly covered the enemy king.

The Three Virgins muttered hatefully: “You can still live this time, and I will admit that you are the fire god Zhurong.” ”

The enemy king is the enemy king, although he has the blessing of royal luck, but he still did not resist for too long, and he struggled to turn into ashes.

Bai Ziyun said with a smile: “I really think why cats and dogs can talk about conditions, but it’s a pity that what we want is a clean home, you bloody guy is too eye-catching.”

The three virgins didn’t know what to think, the roots of their ears turned red, and then they looked like they were doing nothing.

And Bai Ziyun saw that after the soul of the enemy king was burned out, a small handful of ashes was left on the ground, and his eyes couldn’t help but brighten. _

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