Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 111

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Chapter 111 Cause

It turned out that as soon as the monkey king had some cultivation results, several demon tribes nearby discovered the treasure land of Huaguo Mountain, and they couldn’t help but occupy it and drive away the monkeys.

At that time, Bai Ziyun had just left, and the monkey king, who did not know how much strength he had, held the idea of fighting with him to step forward to meet the enemy.

Unexpectedly, the few ethnic groups who wanted to invade Huaguo Mountain did not have a place for Sun Wukong.

It’s just that the simplest, most primitive flesh collides, and the monsters in those groups are the end of limbs and flesh, and no one dares to go up for a while.

Later, Sun Wukong fell into a cycle of trouble coming to the door, solving the trouble, trouble coming to the door, solving the trouble.

Until the end, the monkey king did not tire of it, and simply sorted out some cultivation techniques from his own cultivation, plus the cultivation exercises obtained from the mouth of the captive price demon group leader.

Choose the smart and powerful monkey group and let them practice, and just like that, there are also the first monsters in the monkey group.

After that, Sun Wukong is quite similar to the monster who built a cave mansion on the road to the west, and the people around him will go up again, and they can’t see it, so they will go up to meet the enemy.

In this way, the monkey king did not know how long it took, and finally no one came to the door to look for trouble.

At this time, the monkey king found that he had inexplicably become the demon king of the nearby twelve mountains and five rivers, and all the ethnic groups would come to Huaguo Mountain to find Sun Wukong before making any decision.

Even if there is a contradiction between the two ethnic groups, they have to come to Sun Wukong to solve it.

Sun Wukong lived the life of the soil emperor with a confused look like this.

Until recently, the barbarian tribe where Lao Niu was located, provoked trouble everywhere, wanted to jump on the territory outside, and lobbied some powerful ethnic groups everywhere, according to Lao Niu, it was to come… Forced palace.

If those monster races knew in advance what forced palace meant, there would definitely not be one appearing.

Just kidding, why go to Boss Sun to find excitement, or is it bad?

Because the old cow mouth does not choose to speak, he will be directly expelled from the barbarian tribe by the monkey king.

In a sense, Old Niu’s wish was really fulfilled, although he was the only group to clear the land without support and without the base camp.

“You don’t have to wait for me, just do what you want, don’t worry, just remember, if there is something you can’t handle, I will come to help you.” Bai Ziyun patted Sun Wukong’s shoulder and said.

He knows that Sun Wukong still likes to take risks and challenges in his heart, and he is not so disgusted when he goes out to open up forces, more to stay here, lest Bai Ziyun not find him, otherwise he will not leave the old cow with his life.

But now with Bai Ziyun’s encouragement, the worry of the empty back suddenly disappeared, and I only felt that there was a broad scene ahead, and my chest was hot ~ hot.

“Master Xie.” Sun Wukong was a little moved, he knew deeply that Bai Ziyun, now he may just be one behind many demon kings, let alone be above many nearby races.

Bai Ziyun nodded gratifyingly, being able to integrate the surrounding forces was not a good thing for Sun Wukong.

When the heavenly soldiers surrounded and suppressed, Sun Wukong could hold with the heavenly soldiers and generals for a while just by gathering monsters near Huaguo Mountain, or mainly the monkey clan, if he could become the demon king of the entire Shenzhou, then even the heavenly court would have to change its strategy.

Bai Ziyun passed down the cultivation methods for Sun Wukong again, and he floated away.

Before leaving, Sun Wukong left a word, the same as the judge, in a critical situation, just use this word, you can burst out Bai Ziyun Daluo Golden Immortal-level killing intent, and Bai Ziyun will instantly perceive the scene there.

Bai Ziyun looked at Huaguo Mountain where the scene of dispatching troops was emerging, and Sun Wukong stood majestically at a high place to command, surrounded by monsters.

Bai Ziyun stood on the waves on the sea, his expression seemed to be a little embarrassed, and said: “A pure fighting victory over the Buddha, or a great demon who coerces Shenzhou, Sun Wukong, only rely on your heart.” ”

After watching for a while, Bai Ziyun left here, the current Monkey King is still in his embryonic form, what Bai Ziyun has to do is to protect his growth, waiting for the day when Sun Wukong becomes a great demon in the world, sweeping thousands of demons, and swallowing Buddhism, at that time, it is also time for the literary path to completely prosper and the strong to emerge.

Bai Ziyun thought for a moment, it was a dense air full of literary powerhouses, standing in the front row were Li Bai, Huineng, Han Yu and other legendary literati who were passed down through the ages, plus thousands of demons behind Sun Wukong, Li Bai should be the first to use a green lotus Confucian sword, the sword pointed to the western soil, and then he could fight with Buddhism.

That scene really made Bai Ziyun’s blood boil a little in his chest, especially when he created it himself, which made people excited.

“Wen Dao is prosperous, how can it not be excited?” Bai Ziyun smiled slightly, turned into a light and disappeared into the sky.


Chaozhou City, Hanfu.

Although he is an immortal, he still has to be prepared, Bai Ziyun wants to leave, but the three virgins are busy.

“Hey, let you pack your things, don’t you bring this big ding?” Bai Ziyun looked at the Three Virgins speechlessly.

I saw the three virgins domineeringly lifting the big ding, the three virgins petite ~ small is the body and the big ding in a very sharp contrast, the three virgins bar big ding easily thrown, directly into their own storage space, but also quite proud clapped their hands, the onlookers next to Huineng Li Bai and the two are also amazed.

“You know a… What the. The three virgins who subconsciously returned their mouths finally remembered that there were still children here, and they had to take care of the image of the goddess and abruptly take back that word.

“These days, Ben Niangniang has become accustomed to using this cauldron, if you use something else, you are responsible for the level drop?” The Three Virgins said disdainfully.

Bai Ziyun really wanted to say that I was responsible, but when the words came to his lips, he still swallowed it, idle, and there was nothing to do that dead thing, not to mention that the Three Virgins also had a difficult brother and uncle.

In other words, a little white face like Liu Yanchang dared to be fearless of death, Bai Ziyun felt that even if he wanted to be a little white face, he could not hang himself on the tree of the Three Virgins, it was better to go to Bai Suzhen.

Speaking of Bai Suzhen, it seems that he is on the edge of West Lake, Bai Ziyun touched his chin and pondered.

The three virgins have appeared, and there is no reason why the white snake does not appear.

Han Yu stood here, looking at his two senior brothers with reluctance, and instructed: “In the future, you must listen to the master’s words, practice well, and read poetry diligently.” ”

Li Bai and Huineng said honestly: “Got it, we must listen to the master.” ”

Han Yue nodded gratifyingly, during this time, he had put a lot of effort into Li Baihui and the two,

Bai Ziyun is not too eye-catching, sometimes he wants to turn the generation upside down for them, but Han Yue is resolutely opposed, or come first, first come, etiquette should not be wasted.


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