Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 110

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Chapter 110 Monkey King

Bai Ziyun, who left the ghost city, did not return to Chaozhou City, on the contrary, he flew straight to the east.

Even at Bai Ziyun’s speed, it took a lot of time to see his destination.

I saw a famous mountain surrounded by fairy mist standing by the sea, beautiful mountains and waters, flourishing trees, and I don’t know how many animals inhabited in the middle.

Bai Ziyun was now standing on the sea, facing the waves, looking at this mountain from afar, shining with the brilliance of the stars for a long time, and did not find any cultivator breath.

This was a little unexpected for Bai Ziyun, I thought that Sun Wukong would not go to worship the teacher for a long time, and there would be immortal figures to visit one or two, but I didn’t expect that there was no response.

After thinking about it, it may be that the immortal family is too confident, and the desire for an obscurantist innate spirit like Sun Wukong is not as high as Bai Ziyun imagined.

This is also the speculation that Bai Ziyun made during this time when he truly understood the power of the immortal family.

Bai Ziyun flew directly towards Huaguo Mountain, which has become the world of monkeys, and the further into the mountain, the fewer and stronger the monkeys.

Compared to the last time Bai Ziyun came here, the monkey group here has grown tenfold.

The monkeys who can live here are the strongest in the vicinity, and they are the most powerful monkey kings who guard them.

Bai Ziyun flew all the way, did not alarm any monkey group, like a clear wind and white clouds, quietly approached the core of the monkey group.

There is already a water curtain cave, the neighborhood is rich in products, all kinds of fruits, the smallest monkeys play here, this is the most precious thing of the entire monkey group, and it is placed in the safest place, let them grow, and after a while they will be taken out to be tempered by nature.

Bai Ziyun sensed that in the cave that was blocked by the waterfall, there was a powerful and hot breath.

To Bai Ziyun’s surprise, next to that breath, there were several breaths, although it was not worth Bai Ziyun’s attention, so Bai Ziyun directly skipped it in the divine mind sweep just now, but it was indeed the taste of some cultivation.

Could it be that there are monkeys becoming demons? Bai Ziyun’s divine thoughts swept like electricity, it was indeed a few monkeys, but there were also snakes, insects, tigers and leopards, and there were many types.

Bai Ziyun Shennian entered the water curtain cave, and at this time he saw a monster with a minotaur in the cave talking, and said: “King Sun, it’s not an old bull blowing, just with our strength, it’s absolutely no problem to take down a few mountains in the vicinity, the old cow is only waiting for your order, to ensure that the first to be the vanguard.” ”

After saying this, several strange-looking monsters next to him all nodded and said yes, and all turned their eyes to the golden retriever monkey squatting on the high stone seat, waiting for his attitude.

I saw that the monkey’s whole body was golden and bright, a gold cast, the blood in the body was rushing like a small river, just squatting there was an energetic momentum, and the breath was the most vigorous and powerful among the monsters present.

In a world where kings are respected and the weak are preyed on, it is no wonder that these monsters are the first to follow his lead.

I saw that the monkey king’s face was expressionless, and there was a flash of essence between the opening and closing of his eyes, forcing the demons to dare not look directly.

The Monkey King said in an unquestionable tone: “I said, I will wait here for my master to return, it is impossible to go anywhere else, you can go if you want to open up the territory, you don’t need to notify me, I will not participate.” Of course, if you think about opening up Huaguo Mountain, I have no opinion, you can try. ”

After speaking, the monkey king’s golden eyes slowly swept over the demons in the cave, and the monsters swept by his eyes couldn’t help but lower their heads, or they avoided it unnaturally, and no one wanted to look at the pair of pupils that seemed to contain the hot energy of a volcanic eruption.

When he swept up to the old cow who had just begun to speak, the old cow smiled and said, “King Sun, although your master is powerful, he is a human being after all, and there is a saying in human beings that … If it is not my race, its heart will be different, why should you…”

Before the old cow’s words fell, the huge body soared out and hit the stone wall fiercely, and the horns of the ox were broken in half.

The monkey king slowly withdrew his fist glowing with golden light, scanned the surroundings again, and his voice was like a golden stone, as if announcing, and as if ordering: “Insult my master? Looking for death, from today onwards, the barbarian tribe will be removed from the twelve mountains and five rivers, who is in favor and who is against? ”

This kind of power made the entire cave silent, and the monsters hated to bury their heads in their crotches, and none of the monsters dared to speak.

Seeing that no one spoke, the monkey king seemed to nod with satisfaction, and said: “Then deal with it like this, since the barbarian tribe likes to open up territory, let them go, I promised to send the zhuguo let them bring it back, from now on, the barbarian tribe is not allowed to appear in the twelve mountains and five rivers, if there is no opinion, just disperse.” ”

After the monkey king said the last sentence, the demons in the cave were relieved, there were little monkeys next to them to lead them out, and the special fairy fruit of Huaguo Mountain was sent, who still had the heart to care about the old cow lying on the ground.

Originally, he wanted everyone to come together, saying that it was a mortal means to learn, and what kind of collective forced palace, the monkey king would definitely give face, and promised to attack the outside territory together, and then everyone’s power could grow.

Now that he can’t force the palace, he deserves to be beaten by Boss Sun, and it’s a big deal to help him intercede in the future and give his ethnic group a way to live, and it is also the end of benevolence and righteousness.

A little monkey came in and carried away the old cow that had collapsed to the ground, and in the water curtain cave that was still full just now, there was only the monkey king left.

The monkey king frowned and thought, he found that since he had cultivation, the happy day he expected had not come, but all kinds of troubles came to the door in advance.

“It seems that I am not lazy these days.” A Qingyue voice with a smile sounded in the empty water curtain cave, echoing layer by layer in the ears of the monkey king.

“Master.” The monkey king’s solemn expression just now disappeared instantly, and he seemed to have found a pillar, and his heart suddenly settled down.

Bai Ziyun walked out and looked at his second apprentice, who had not been seen for a long time.

After a while, Bai Ziyun nodded quite satisfied, and the potential of Sun Wukong’s physical body had begun to be stimulated.

Now the qi and blood are vigorous, the body has infinite strength, this is only preliminary, according to Bai Ziyun’s idea, in the end, at least have the ability to tear the stars alive and fight the real dragon.

Compared with that realm, dominating the nearby mountains now is indeed just the beginning.

“It seems that you have been quite busy lately.” Bai Ziyun said urgently, obviously referring to what the demons had just listened to.

“It’s just a bunch of people who want to come cheap.” Sun Wukong listened to Bai Ziyun mention it, and seemed to be quite disdainful of what happened just now.

Then he lifted his spirits, as if to report, and told his own experience.


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