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Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 107

Chapter 107 Kneeling

Bai Ziyun followed this ghost official all the way in and walked to the lobby of the ghost city.

The ghost official also glanced back at Bai Ziyun, with a warning in his eyes, and saw that Bai Ziyun did not have the slightest fear.

His eyes flashed, and he whispered, “Don’t regret it later.” ”

Bai Ziyun smiled, and without waiting for the ghost official to lead the way, he walked in first.

The ghost official looked stunned in the back, he was originally a demon outside the city, and he took advantage of the vacancy in this ghost city to find an opportunity to come in and become a ghost official.

It’s just that when the evil ghost does not change his habits, he picks up a new ghost and wants to take the soul core of others, and he has succeeded five or six times during this time.

Although he had not been a ghost official for a long time, he had never seen such a frank and fearless new ghost, and he was not afraid of his threat.

However, the ghost official sneered a few times in his heart, it is a big crime to break into the lobby of the ghost city privately, as long as he says that this little ghost broke in by himself, let alone enter the reincarnation, it would be good not to be scattered on the spot.

Sure enough, the ghost official was a step behind, allowing Bai Ziyun to break in by himself, deliberately waiting for a while, before he rushed in with a hurried look.

The entire ghost town lobby is a road leading to the end, with no obstruction in the middle, but the middle aisle is extremely deep, adding a sense of mystery and majesty.

After the ghost officials entered, they only vaguely saw a figure, working on the table in the deep middle road, and there were two rows of Yin soldiers standing and waiting on both sides, and the atmosphere did not dare to come out.

The ghost official stepped into this solemn aisle, it seems to be affected by the atmosphere, and he is cautious when he steps forward, and the ghostly hall is full of shadows, only the pen in the hand of the lying figure ~ wipes on the paper, making a fine rustling sound.

And Bai Ziyun in front was walking swaggering, and the ghost officials looked at the secret hatred and had the intention to catch up, but they really didn’t dare to be presumptuous here.

Although he envied Bai Ziyun’s swaggering appearance in this aisle, he had already sentenced Bai Ziyun to death in his heart, and now he is so presumptuous, and it is not the end of the oil pot after that.

The ghost official glanced at the Yin soldiers standing solemnly in the lobby, and a full of envy flashed in his eyes.

He came relatively late, and heard that the former ghost officials were sent to various places in the city, became various official positions, and were in charge of the affairs of the city, and even adults would regularly lecture those ghost officials.

And these Yin soldiers in the lobby now will be cultivated like this in the future, and may even become a Yin official.

Unfortunately, he came in late, and could only wander around the city every day to see if there were any fish that had slipped through the net.

Now, it’s a good opportunity to make a contribution.

The ghost official secretly glanced at the adult sitting in the lobby shrouded in shadows, as long as he could get the appreciation of that person, even if he was left by his side and appointed in the hall, it was not impossible.

It’s just that it seems that there is an adult in the city, but it is extremely mysterious and does not usually appear, but it is the real owner of this ghost city and the thousands of miles of ghosts nearby.

The ghost swallowed a mouthful of spit, plucked up courage, and knew that the future was here, as long as he could see this adult, the future was bright.

A panicked look shouted: “Adult, it’s not good adult.” ”

The ghost official shouted and ran, but before he could run a few steps, he was quickly stopped by a Yin soldier.

“Presumptuous, what dares to disturb the adults.” The Yin soldiers waiting on both sides stood up, took the entrance of the hall as the main one, and looked at this ghost official with an unkind face.

As for Bai Ziyun, who was dressed in white, he naturally saw the performance of the ghost official, and stood aside with a smile, which seemed to be quite interesting.

Bai Ziyun deliberately lowered his sense of existence, and the Yin soldiers paid attention to the ghost official with an exaggerated expression, and did not even notice him.

And the person who was concentrating on the office in the hall finally raised his head, looked unhurried, and slowly spoke, “What is the panic?” ”

I saw that the ghost official quickly knelt on the ground, his face was panicked with anger, and he said with a loyal look: “Adult, the villain found that a lone soul dared to break into the lobby without permission, the villain just found it, and was about to detain, and found that the little ghost was attacking the adult all the way, the villain was worried about the adult’s safety, and he was rude for a while, so please ask the adult to punish the crime.” ”

In the past, it was too late for ghosts to avoid the lobby, but now there are ghosts who dare to trespass into the lobby?

When the adult heard this, he couldn’t help but raise his head, temporarily left the shadows, and revealed his face, it was a middle-aged man with a somewhat official appearance, it was the judge Bai Ziyun accepted for Nie Xiaoqian.

The judge seemed to have been working for a long time, just came down and walked, and slowly paced in front of the ghost official, quite unfazed.

The ghost official was kneeling on the ground, and he didn’t dare to retreat his head, but he saw a pair of feet in front of his eyes, and he was overjoyed, this is the rhythm of asking and answering questions with adults.

Bai Ziyun looked at this ghost official in surprise, but he didn’t expect that Xiao Qian’s subordinates still had this kind of actor-level talent.

“What about the bold trespasser you’re talking about?” The judge did not find Bai Ziyun for a while, and looked around at random and found nothing.

He was listening to what this ghost official had to say again, when suddenly his body stiffened and he slowly twisted his head to a corner.

The ghost official lowered his head, unable to find the judge’s sudden abnormality, only heard the judge’s question, and said with great joy in his heart: “Lord Hui…”

The ghost official was replying, and suddenly a Qingyue voice sounded: “Didn’t you say that you want to lure me here to reincarnate?” How come I trespassed into the public court again, by the way, it seems that you can still control the reincarnation of ghosts, right? ”

The ghost officials did not bother to defend, as long as he was convinced that he was not led by the ghost officials and trespassed into the court, it was useless for him to say anything.

Moreover, the so-called official protection, although he is only a ghost official, but now is the time of lack of manpower, how can adults listen to the words of the little ghost.

The ghost official was about to take a bite back and said, “Sir, he is excusing himself, according to the villain’s opinion, it is better to let him go to the oil pot first…”

“Adult?” The ghost official did not see the judge’s reaction for a long time, and suddenly he was puzzled, and he looked up boldly, and he couldn’t help but be stunned.

I saw that the judge didn’t know when he was already ass ~ pouting high, kneeling at the feet of the man in white, his body trembling ~ trembling, but he didn’t dare to say a word.

The ghost’s brain was blank on the spot, this is a dream, right?

I saw the judge trembling and said, “Genus… Subordinate, the villain really doesn’t know what’s going on, master, the little one really doesn’t know this person, this, this must be fake, the master Mingjian ah. ”

Not only the ghost officials who were still kneeling on the ground, but also the Yin soldiers next to them, who were always ready to die for the judge, also looked at each other, and they all felt that there must be something wrong in this world.

They did not last long to become close soldiers, and they were trained by a general for a short time.

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