Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 106

Chapter 106 Back to the Ghost City

A smile appeared at the corner of Bai Ziyun’s mouth, standing with his hands in his hands, looking at the direction where the rune was dragging the long flame light, and muttered: “Come on, come on, the prosperity of a Daoist system must be to step on the white bones.” ”

Thousands of miles away from Chaozhou City, above a prosperous city, it was pouring rain, and not a single pedestrian on the road was visible.

But the people were smiling at home, and without him, this heavy rain came too timely.

If there is no heavy rain, this year will be a great drought, there will be no water in the farmland, and there will be no harvest, and then the government will go on a rampage again, and there will be only a dead end.

Just when the people of Mancheng were desperate, suddenly heavy rain poured down, which relieved the danger of Manchu people.

This heavy rain lasted for two or three days, and the people in the city had nothing to do, and some people liked to brave the heavy rain to come to the tea house in the city to sit down.

First, it’s really boring at home, and second, it’s because everyone knows that a beautiful woman has come to the teahouse.

At first, everyone thought it was a relative of the teahouse owner, but then they learned that it was not, so some people dared to talk to each other, but without exception, the end was miserable.

After that, everyone understood the truth that you can only watch from afar and not play profanely, just take a few peeks when you come here to drink tea every day.

Today, the beautiful woman is still sitting here drinking tea, and a group of people are still here to peek at this woman in the name of drinking tea.

This beautiful woman seemed to sense something, suddenly raised her head, looked outside the teahouse, and the people who had been paying attention to the woman’s movements also subconsciously looked.

Outside the door was just pouring rain, nothing, almost suspected that this woman, although beautiful, could not be a little silly, right?

The woman didn’t mean to give up at all, as if she was waiting for something.

Suddenly, something shining with fire broke through the rain curtain outside the door, dragging a long flame into the teahouse.

Just when people were stunned, the beautiful woman raised two fingers, and the flame also rushed straight towards the beautiful woman as if she had a set goal.

Just in the beautiful woman’s two fingers, the fire did not burn the woman’s white fingers in the slightest, but suddenly extinguished.

I saw a rune mark with a little Mars in the woman’s hand, the woman glanced at it, frowned slightly, and crushed the rune seal, turned into a point of light and disappeared into the air.

Ignoring everyone’s stunned gazes, the beautiful woman slowly said to herself: “Go to Jiangnan? It seems that West Lake is still free, and it seems good to go where to be a dragon king. ”

After speaking, the beautiful woman got up and left, looked around at random, did not stop, directly walked into the larger and larger rain curtain, just walked out a few steps, disappeared into the rain curtain vapor.

It’s just that outside the sound of rain, there is a faint loud dragon groan, which seems to be away from this small teahouse… Pretty close?

“Dragons… Niangniang, dragon niangniang is on top, villain, villain is guilty, bypass villain. Before everyone could react, everyone saw a sudden sound sound, and there was a banging sound.

This person has been peeping ~ peeping at the beautiful woman during this time, and now he sees that he has been offending the real dragon, almost frightened, and no matter where the beautiful woman went, he quickly knelt down and pleaded guilty.

The onlookers were still stunned, and some of them who reacted quickly quickly knelt down and begged the dragon lady for forgiveness.

Since then, a temple of the Dragon Lady has suddenly appeared here, and incense has been enjoyed for generations.


And here Bai Ziyun now looked at the scene under his feet, the corners of his mouth showed a slightly satisfied smile, and said: “It’s not bad.” ”

Bai Ziyun fell, the black and red earth under his feet, surrounded by ghostly qi, but here is a decent city.

This is the ghost town that Bai Ziyun subdued, managing more than a hundred counties around Chaozhou, and after Bai Ziyun accepted it, he let Xiaoqian sit in the position of the lord of the ghost city.

Bai Ziyun was about to go away, so he came over to say goodbye to Xiao Qian before leaving, and by the way to see how this ghost city developed.

Bai Ziyun looked at the surrounding scene, after the last time he used the Zhengqi Song to surpass the ghosts in the city, countless ghosts came intermittently in the already empty ghost city.

The ghost officials who had been idle had something to do again, and even the Yin soldiers sent here by Bai Ziyun were all part-time ghost officials and were very busy.

Bai Ziyun could only sigh at the meaning of the Bodhisattva of Jizo’s sentence that hell is not empty and vows cannot become a Buddha, and there are so many ghosts in this ghost city.

I am afraid that the Bodhisattva King of Jizo really had to reluctantly work in hell until the heavens and the earth were extinct, and Bai Ziyun couldn’t help but be moved by this spirit of self-sacrifice and shame.

Just as Bai Ziyun was inspecting the first ghost city he had built, a discordant voice suddenly sounded: “Hey, what are you doing?” Another newly dead lone soul? ”

Bai Ziyun looked towards the voice, and saw a somewhat faceless ghost official, holding a chain of ghosts in his hand, and was about to take it on himself.

“New here.” Bai Ziyun asked curiously, after he surpassed the ghosts in the city, there were not many ghosts left in the city, and they had already seen the true owner of this ghost city.

This ghost official was a little faceless, and he couldn’t recognize Bai Ziyun, so he should have been newly promoted to a ghost official.

I saw that the ghost official heard this, his face sank, and said: “Daring, the little ghosts dare to ask so much, you better honestly follow me, otherwise I will directly let you enter the animal road.” ”

Saying that, the ghost official said threateningly, threw the chain in his hand, and let Bai Ziyun put it on himself.

Bai Ziyun looked at the ghost official with interest, “Can you decide the six reincarnations of the little ghost?” Can that make me vote for a rich man’s house? ”

The ghost official listened to it for granted, and seemed to be quite satisfied with Bai Ziyun’s upper path, and said, “That’s natural, as long as you divide your soul core into half of me, hehe, what’s so difficult for you to vote for a prince’s house.” ”

The soul core is the last precious place of the little ghost, as long as the soul core is lost, it will perish forever in heaven and earth, as if it has never existed.

I don’t know when, the soul core was discovered that it could be given to others to promote ghost cultivation, but it required the ghost to be completely voluntary and open up to dedication.

This ghost official is making a deal with Bai Ziyun, as long as Bai Ziyun sacrifices half of his soul core, the ghost official can arrange for Bai Ziyun to cast a good baby.

“Sorry, but I still like the official route.” Bai Ziyun said with a smile.

The ghost official’s face changed when he heard this, and said, “Then don’t regret it later.” ”

So he pulled Bai Ziyun to the ghost city official mansion, Bai Ziyun knew that this ghost official was probably deceiving ignorant new ghosts, the six reincarnations are the core of the netherworld, Xiao Qian and the judge are too late, how can a little ghost official have the opportunity to get involved, if he really let this little official succeed, Bai Ziyun almost doubted whether it was the hands and feet arranged by the judge in private, and it was impossible to clean up a wave. ”


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