Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 105

Chapter 105 Master and Apprentice

The three virgins and the little white dragon turned their heads to Bai Ziyun at the same time, only to find that Bai Ziyun had woken up, and the two of them were unaware.

Moreover, the mysterious aura of the strong man surrounded by Bai Ziyun seemed to be slowly dispersing, knowing that the little white dragon and the two could no longer feel it.

Only Bai Ziyun knew that the mysterious aura did not dissipate, but was converged into the body by Bai Ziyun.

This breath made Bai Ziyun also a little surprised, the old man on the star said that he wanted to give himself a little gift, could it be this flood desolate god and demon breath, and the stars to practice divine thoughts?

As soon as Bai Ziyun’s mind moved, his divine thoughts swept the little white dragon duo clean, and countless information was transmitted back to Bai Ziyun’s brain, some of which Bai Ziyun blushed when he saw it.

Although the little white dragon and the two found that Bai Ziyun’s expression was a little different, they only thought that it was brought by the newly improved cultivation, but they did not think that Bai Ziyun had inadvertently probed them just now.

What surprised Bai Ziyun the most was that the little white dragon duo didn’t notice anything.

The top bloodline of the Dragon Venerable is also the top in heaven and earth in terms of danger defense, and the three virgins have the Baolian lamp protective body, and the defense is even more leaking.

And the two of them at such a close distance, it turned out that you didn’t realize anything, Bai Ziyun’s divine thoughts, indeed there was no change.

The simplest, used to probe the enemy, is invincible.

“You, now the Golden Immortal?” Xiao Bailong asked carefully.

Perhaps because of the influence of the breath of the fierce beast, the little white dragon only felt that the breath on Bai Ziyun’s body was obscure, and he could roughly estimate Bai Ziyun’s realm before, but now he couldn’t see it at all,

When the Three Virgins heard Little White Dragon’s question, they also unintentionally focused their attention on Bai Ziyun, cultivating into the realm, but anyone who is a cultivator is not exempt from vulgarity.

I saw Bai Ziyun take a deep breath, first he had a new understanding of heaven and earth, and his voice slowly said: “The Golden Immortal is not yet, it’s just a slight gain, and now it’s … Late Xuanxian bar. ”

If Xiao Bailong heard that others were improving speed like this, he would definitely think that it was a monster, but on Bai Ziyun, Xiao Bailong was relieved.

If it was really a golden immortal, Xiao Bailong felt that he could go back to the Dragon Palace for retreat without being forced by his father and sister, and he would not come out until the golden immortal.

Fortunately, Bai Ziyun also gave people a way to live, if it wasn’t for less than a year after he had just ascended to the Xuan Immortal, he would have reached the Golden Immortal Realm, and he didn’t want anyone to live.

“Hmph, so weak-hearted, the realm must be unstable.” The Three Virgins were like little girls, raising the bar.

Bai Ziyun smiled when he heard this, and did not speak.

The reason why he said something uncertain was indeed because the realm was biased, not because the realm was unstable, on the contrary, because the realm was somewhat abnormal.

Generally speaking, immortals are good at cultivating gods, so Yuanshen and Shennian are generally stronger than the current realm.

Bai Ziyun, as a cultivator, is similar to Taoism in this regard, and Bai Ziyun’s divine ideas are also extraordinary.

But this time, Bai Ziyun used the power of the stars to temper his divine thoughts in the process of crossing the sea of stars, and even directly joined the condensed light of the stars.

This also caused a peculiar phenomenon, Bai Ziyun’s divine mind was extremely powerful, and it had long exceeded the scale of the late Xuan Immortal period.

Moreover, that kind of condensed quality is comparable to the divine mind of Da Luo Golden Immortal.

Needless to say, Elder Yue’s pseudo-Da Luo Golden Immortal-level divine thought, even if it is Yang Jian’s kind of divine thought, Bai Ziyun can now raise his hand and transform it.

“Oh? Avatar? Not bad. ”

Bai Ziyun noticed the situation in Han Yu’s body, which was nothing more than suppressing the soaring talent in his body.

Xiao Bailong was speechless listening to the side, this kind of upgrade across the great realm, in your place is just a good one, in other immortal gates, this is already a proper internal master, okay?

Han Yu’s cultivation is improving too quickly, and what he is doing now is just a water mill, if there is no one to help, Han Yue may have to retreat for a month.

Bai Ziyun raised his hand and slapped a palm on Han Yu’s shoulder, a much stronger talent qi than Han Yu’s body, instantly entered Han Yu’s body, and a face suppressed Han Yu’s talent qi into the dantian, where it was pressed by Bai Ziyun into a talent vortex, and from then on, relying on this talent vortex, Han Yu’s talent qi will be endless.

This is the gap between whether there is a master or not, just a momentary thing, it is worth Han Yu’s own hard work for months, and the effect is not necessarily good.

Han Yu also eased his breath, he had not been on the path of cultivation for a long time, and this state of talent was indeed in a hurry.

“Why, did you come to say goodbye to me?”

Bai Ziyun suddenly turned his head and said with a smile to Xiao Bailong.

Xiao Bailong slandered who is free to say goodbye to you in his heart, and it is true to send this aunt away.

Seeing the raised eyebrows of the Three Virgins, he hurriedly said with amusement: “Oh, it’s really with Brother Bai and Sister Chan, in the future, when you leave, I am left here alone, I don’t know how I will miss it.” ”

Saying that, the little white dragon actually raised his sleeve and wanted to wipe his tears.

Bai Ziyun was amused in his heart, but the Three Virgins went up directly and kicked it, saying, “Dead lady cannon, get out.” ”

The little white dragon did not have the dignity of the dragon clan at all, and quickly farted and left.

The Three Virgins glanced at Bai Ziyun, their lips moved, obviously wanting to say and stop, and finally just snorted, turned and left.

Bai Ziyun smiled in his heart, he naturally knew what the Three Virgins wanted to say, it was nothing more than that mysterious and complicated aura.

But Bai Ziyun was only a preliminary mastery, and after Bai Ziyun came to this world, these breaths not only did not dissipate, but became more condensed.

At the gathering place of Bai Ziyun’s talents, a disembodied cloud was formed, but there were various scenes in it, one would be like the sun of Houyi, and the other would be like Dapeng spreading its wings.

The scenes and stories of mythology are reproduced in this cloud and mist, and sometimes there is a faint strange roar.

Bai Ziyun knew that in addition to divine mind training, this was one of the so-called small gifts of the old man, but I didn’t know if there was any deep meaning in giving himself something that involved the flood waste.

On the other side, the three virgins who walked far away, twisted the magic in their hands, and came out a strange charm, and the three virgins took out the Pauline lamp, and waved their hands at the light of this Pauline lamp, and a long line of fire came out from the Pauline lamp and poured on the strange charm.

The spell that touched the fire of the Pauline lamp seemed to have come to life, and under the guidance of the Three Virgins, it rushed through the clouds towards the distant sky.

Bai Ziyun’s divine thoughts moved slightly, and suddenly raised his head, and his divine thoughts extended extremely widely. Seeing that strange spell all of a sudden, Bai Ziyun withdrew his divine thoughts and did not hear it.


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