Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 104

Chapter 104 Awakening

Little White Dragon let out a long breath when he heard this, nodded, he ignored the warning in his bloodline and carefully probed outward.

Found that as the three-tailed fox said, this breath is not so much the arrival of Tianpeng, but a corner of the flood world has been copied, all kinds of breaths are mixed, but there are strong and weak, Tianpeng breath happens to be the strongest of them, so that the little white dragon only cares about this dragon family enemy, and suddenly ignores the others.

The flood world is different from now, when the worldly gods and demons like Tianpeng were rampant ~ traveling between heaven and earth, and the breath was sprinkled with heaven and earth, and I don’t know how many terrifying gods and demons like Tianpeng there were.

Just the Eastern Emperor Taiyi alone drives the glorious sun to shine on the world every day, and I don’t know how many times better than Tianpeng.

Even now, who has been far away from the flood for an unknown number of years, there are still believers of the Eastern Emperor Taiyi in this world.

It was a magical era, and all kinds of incredibly powerful auras were scattered all over the flood and wasteland, and the entire heaven and earth simply could not contain these terrifying existences.

It wasn’t until the saints withdrew from the flood and retreated each other that heaven and earth returned to peace, but where did those innate gods and demons go.

Little White Dragon’s expression was solemn, and he had long heard that there were often strange encounters between heaven and earth. Could it be that he was met by himself today, is there some treasure born in the flood waste?

The little white dragon rubbed his fists, let the three virgins and the three-tailed fox stay in the dragon palace, and turned into their own bodies.

In the Dragon Palace, only the Three Virgins and the Three-Tailed Fox looked at each other, and the Three Virgins suddenly said incredulously: “Is this kid crazy?” Why would you think I’d listen to him? ”

The three-tailed fox shook his head blankly, judging from his husband’s performance in front of the eyes of this three-dimensional lady, it was indeed quite unreasonable.

Seeing that the Three Virgins laughed disdainfully, the jade hand flipped, and a lamp appeared out of thin air.

This lamp is shaped like a lotus flower, and the middle part is like a lotus stem, and the whole body is shiny with black gold.

This is the Baolian lamp given by the Jade Emperor, which is a spiritual object born at the beginning of chaos, and the three virgins have barely refined this lamp by using the power of Huashan’s luck.

The Three Virgins remembered Yang Jian’s instructions and kept the Baolian lamp secret, and today’s flood and desolation breath made the Three Virgins finally take out the Baolian lamp in case of accidents.

As soon as the Pauline lamp appeared, it ignited a fire, although the light was only the size of a bean, but the space around the small light seemed to be unable to withstand the burning of the light, and it was faintly distorted.

The Three Virgins followed the little white dragon and left, leaving only the three-tailed fox behind, at a loss.

The little white dragon who set off first felt more and more wrong as he walked, isn’t this the direction of Chaozhou City? Could it be that something happened to Bai Ziyun?

Although they didn’t have long to intersect and were severely beaten by Bai Ziyun, the two broke through the ghost city together. 、

Xiao Bailong has no friends since he was a child, except for the sister who loves to teach him, and several dragons have been confined at home, lest they be like the East Sea Dragon, and meet Nezha’s kind of god man, which will make people pick their skin and cramp.

So Xiao Bailong never had any friends, and Bai Ziyun was one of them.

The little white dragon was anxious in his heart, and his speed was a little faster, and white clouds were born outside the dragon’s body.

When the hurried little white dragon arrived, he was dumbfounded, and he saw that Bai Ziyun and Han Yu, the master and apprentice, were all transmitting unstable energy fluctuations, just like … After the realm breakthrough, the breath was a little unstable.

In Xiao Bailong’s perception, Han Yu is now equivalent to the cultivation of the Transformation God Middle Realm.

This surprised him, you know, even a divine beast like him had never heard of a cultivator who had improved his cultivation so quickly.

You know, when Xiao Bailong left, Han Yu was only in the Golden Pill Realm, and it was only a few days before he jumped to the Transformation God.

As far as Xiao Bailong knew, there were only some evil cultivation secret methods that could cause such a terrifying effect, and they did not hesitate to consume the origin of life to improve their cultivation.

However, Han Yu’s aura cultivation still fluctuated slightly, but his breath was pure, and he obviously followed the right path.

Xiao Bailong couldn’t help but turn his gaze to Bai Ziyun, Bai Ziyun’s condition was the same as Han Yue’s, but Bai Ziyun had an aura on his body that made Xiao Bailong feel his heart tremble.

As the Three Virgins said, it was not only the breath of Tianpeng, but also Bai Ziyun’s body, and at the same time, there were four or five kinds of terrifying marks that were no less than that.

Just the bloodline of the little white dragon can be distinguished, there are one or two kinds of Tianpeng and Donghuangtai, this is because these two are the heads of the demon clan, and they are closely related to the dragon clan, whether they are friends or enemies.

The little white dragon can only affirm these two breaths, and the rest seem to have some extremely pure flame power, far better than all the flames in heaven and earth that the little white dragon has heard of, but it is somewhat similar to the Pauline lamp flame in the hands of the three virgins.

There are also some breaths that are too mixed, and the little white dragon can’t tell the difference, maybe the Qingqiu fox clan with a wide range of friends can still distinguish one or two.

The little white dragon subconsciously looked at his dragon palace, the three-tailed fox did not follow, but also a little relieved, this kind of place, even if the three-tailed fox came, just with his immortal cultivation, a face would have to spit out blood.

Although the three-tailed fox did not come, another figure was getting closer and closer in the eyes of the little white dragon.

“I know.” The little white dragon couldn’t help but hold his forehead.

A woman with yellow ~ fire around her body quickly came, and the person who came was the Three Virgins, and the Three Virgins were slightly startled after coming here, but they didn’t expect this scene.

Driving the Baolian lamp to the ground, looking at the master and apprentice duo as if they were looking strange, they instantly understood Bai Ziyun’s situation.

Seeing Xiao Bailong’s envious look, he poked Xiao Bailong’s arm and whispered: “Hey, otherwise you will also give this little white face as an apprentice, I see that this little white face improves the speed of cultivation, and it is no problem to suppress you for a lifetime.” ”

Xiao Bailong was a little moved when he heard this, after all, whoever saw this kind of unreasonable and did not have any sequelae would be envious of the way to improve his cultivation.

But he suddenly reacted and glared at the three virgins: “My dignified dragon son, nine-clawed green dragon lineage, has a noble inheritance, how can I be a disciple of a human being.” ”

The Three Virgins were unimpressed when they heard this, and muttered, “There are more people who drive for humans.” ”

“You.” Xiao Bailong’s eyes were instantly anxious and defended: “Is that called driving?” That’s called a guard… That’s called… Hum. ”

Later, the little white dragon was speechless, not only how to argue, but also the fact that there were people in the dragon clan who could drive some powerful cars.

In the bickering between the little white dragon and the three virgins, Bai Ziyun finally temporarily digested the gains and slowly opened his eyes.

Unexpectedly, what welcomed Bai Ziyun to complete his transformation was the noisy blushing little white dragon three virgins and two people.

Bai Ziyun looked at the two people quite speechlessly, until now he hadn’t found that his true lord had woken up, and finally couldn’t help but speak: “I said, you are looking at me, right?” ”

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