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Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 103

Chapter 103: A Corner of the Flood Barrens

Bai Ziyun only felt that his current divine thoughts seemed to have shed a layer of restraint and became extremely light.

A misty starlight has been hovering outside the divine thoughts, and at the moment Bai Ziyun returned to the human world, he finally merged into it.

Divine thoughts are ethereal and intangible things, compared with the physical body, the reaction and perception are a hundred times faster, after the baptism of starlight, Bai Ziyun’s divine thoughts are more light and sensitive.

Bai Ziyun’s heart moved slightly, and his divine thoughts had gone out for thousands of miles, and all the biological breaths were all reflected in Bai Ziyun’s perception, and Bai Ziyun’s divine thought speed increased greatly.

If he went to that void space now, Bai Ziyun felt that he could go further.

After coming to the world, he saw the human city Guo in a while, and Bai Ziyun saw the familiar Chaozhou City.

I can’t help but sigh that the mysterious old man is reliable, and with a light throw, he can land so accurately.

Bai Ziyun’s divine thoughts instantly returned to the body, and this process was all experienced by divine thoughts, which was long to say, but in fact, it was less than half a column of incense.

Over there, Han Yu had just finished receiving the gift of the Heavenly Dao, and he was gently breathing the talent that was surging in his body.

And after Bai Ziyun’s divine thought returned to his body, he had experienced too much in a short period of time just now, and he was still a little confused.

After Bai Ziyun opened his eyes, ten thousand kinds of scenery appeared in his eyes, as if they carried the ancient aura of fierce beasts and stars.

Those were all things that Bai Ziyun had just experienced, but he didn’t have time to pay attention to, and now, Bai Ziyun inadvertently returned with their breath.

These are all left from ancient times, it is the dust of heaven and earth when the heavens and the earth first opened, and it was once the place where the innate gods fought.

It was an ancient relic outside the world, no one had been there for many years, only some old people like the heartless power of the world stayed there, guarding this place that once left blood.

It is a place that should not appear in the mortal world, and those who have been there either rely on the power of ancient memory, or mistakenly intruders, and wherever the mistakenly intruder goes, it is generally completely lost in the void space, and eventually the Yuan God withers and dies.

The old man was precisely worried that Bai Ziyun would not find a way back, and was afraid that this new emperor he had chosen would be left behind, so he would personally take action, and Bai Ziyun fished it out from there.

Fortunately, Bai Ziyun did not break into it deeply, and the old man found it in time, so he fished Bai Ziyun out so easily.

If it were someone else, I am afraid that I would really be lost.

But for Bai Ziyun, having merit is the most precious body, protecting the body, and not invading all evils is not just talk, the world can go.

It’s just that before he could use the treasure book, he was brought back by the old man, which can be regarded as saving a hole card of his own.

Now Bai Ziyun has returned to the world with traces there, allowing this world that has been ordinary for a long time to once again come into contact with the taste of antiquity.

This ancient aura slowly began to permeate, but fortunately, Bai Ziyun only passed through from there, and there were not many traces brought back.

In this mortal world, it only pervaded around Bai Ziyun.

If a figure like the old man outside the sky comes, it will be instantly detected by the power, this is a common tacit understanding between the strong in heaven and earth, and it is not allowed to cross the boundary at will.

Otherwise, maybe there will be an ancient old monster directly appear, and when the time comes, that matter will really be a big deal.

This trace brought back by Bai Ziyun was naturally not enough to alarm those perennial sleeping powers, but it was enough to alarm the vicinity of this small Chaozhou City.

The little white dragon was frowning in the Dragon Palace, and there was a beautiful girl in front of him, who was pointing at him and reprimanding him with a majestic reprimand.

Suddenly, the little white dragon inexplicably felt a palpitation, and he couldn’t care about the might of the Three Virgins, and stood up directly, with a solemn expression, looking in the direction of Chaozhou City in the distance from a distance.

The Three Virgins saw that the little white dragon dared to resist, and her face changed greatly at that time, and she wanted to maintain her authority as the best friend of the eldest princess.

Suddenly, his face changed, and he no longer paid attention to the little white dragon, but looked in the same direction as the little white dragon, with a look of surprise on his beautiful face.

After being brought back by the little white dragon, the three-tailed fox, which has never had much sense of existence, was even more fearful, and the three tails that had been put away behind him appeared directly, subconsciously protecting the body.

It seems that some terrifying strong person has appeared, and that familiar aura has long been engraved in the bones.

And the little white dragon now has the same feeling as his concubine, the dragon blood in his body is hot, and the divine soul constantly sends warnings, as if he has encountered a natural enemy.

“Tianpeng, this is… Tianpeng. Little White Dragon’s face was full of disbelief.

Although he couldn’t believe it, the bloodline memories passed down from ancient times told him that this was the breath of Tianpeng, who killed countless compatriots and specialized in dragons.

In the inter-clan legend of an ancient race such as the Dragon Clan, Tianpeng is even better than the Golden-winged Dapeng, which is another form of existence of Tianpeng’s bloodline.

But those past events that should have been buried in the pile of old papers a long time ago, how could there be such a flood god and demon in this world.

Tianpeng was the existence that swept through the ten thousand races in that strange period, and the Qingqiu Fox clan to which the three-tailed fox belonged naturally also had memories of this breath of Tianpeng.

This kind of race handed down from ancient times does not rely on knotted ropes to remember stories and pass them on by word of mouth like humans, but the ancestors of the clan directly imprint their memories in their bloodlines, so that the descendants of the clan can avoid evil.

This kind of painstaking effort is to let the little white dragon avoid there at this time and avoid poisonous hands.

And the little white dragon was a little hesitant, after the ancient flood, the ancestors disappeared, and the Tianpeng also disappeared, and curiosity prompted the little white dragon to go over and take a look.

But the great terror between life and death that came from the bloodline was stopping him again, and the little white dragon almost bit his lips, which was really a dilemma.

Unlike the little white dragon, although the three-tailed fox clearly sensed the terrifying and tyrannical aura of Tianpeng, it seemed to be mixed with something else.

Just the bloodline of the three-tailed fox felt familiar, there was a power of the scorching sun and the sun, a thick aura of deep darkness, in addition to something that was looming in the middle of several people, but had never been neutralized by several powerful breaths.

The three-tailed fox hesitated a few times, but finally believed his judgment, and looked at the little white dragon worriedly: “Husband, this should not be Tianpeng.” ”

Xiao Bailong turned his head in surprise, looked at the new concubine who he had been treating as a vase, and hurriedly asked.

The curious gaze of the Three Virgins also turned to this little sister who had just recognized, and she found something wrong, could it be that this seemingly weak three-tailed fox pressed and found out?

The three-tailed fox was so concerned by the two, his pretty face couldn’t help but blush, and he said a little nervously: “Although the breath of Tianpeng is the most prominent, there are actually other breaths, just like … Many strong people came at the same time, but unless there was a big change in heaven and earth, it was impossible. ”

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