Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 099

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Chapter 99 explains

If there is no accident, after I don’t know how many years later, this spirituality may slowly give birth to an instrumental spirit.

And if Elder Yue is involved in it, he can directly replace that weak spirituality and become a new instrument spirit.

Most importantly, this process will not be rejected by Zhenshen Mountain.

Therefore, Yue Lao is indeed the best choice Bai Ziyun can find now.

“Bang.” Bai Ziyun gently spit out a word, and his qi directly impacted Old Yue’s flesh.

Although Elder Yue was mainly injured by the Yuan God, his physical body could no longer withstand the power of the overflowing Yuan God, and he was close to decay.

Under the impact of Bai Ziyun’s talent, this flesh body directly collapsed and turned into flying ash.

And the remnants of the Yuan God of the Moon Elder also floated out, in the end, it was once the Great Luo Golden Immortal, his eyes were still clear, and he did not lose his spiritual intelligence like the Great Monk who was killed by Bai Ziyun.

If it was in the past, it would be nothing if the Moon Lao Yuan God was exposed to the air, but now it was a matter of life and death, and Moon Lao naturally did not dare to take a little risk.

Bai Ziyun was not in a hurry, only then burst out of his anger, threaded into a thread, tied to the Moon Old Yuan God, and headed towards Zhenshen Mountain.

Old Moon Ben was also prepared for the damage of Yuanshin, but he did not expect that the whole process was unexpectedly smooth.

Under the initiative of the core of Zhenshen Mountain, Elder Yue’s soul instantly entered and took over the entire Zhenshen Mountain.

It’s just that it seems that the soul is restrained, and there is a feeling of being restrained in the underworld of the old moon.

That is the power of Bai Ziyun, the instrument spirit can control the magic weapon, but it can only be the assistance of the master, Bai Ziyun only needs to move his mind, he can seize control, and even directly let the magic weapon self-detonate, a Wu master can only do it.

The old moon god in Zhenshen Mountain has stopped shattering, and it seems that he has been temporarily suppressed and saved his life.

Elder Yue was temporarily relieved, although if Bai Ziyun could upgrade Zhenshen Mountain in the future, he would be able to help Elder Yue completely repair the injuries of the Yuan God.

Elder Yue didn’t pay attention to it at all, waiting for the magic weapon to be upgraded? That’s a long way off.

“Old slave, thank you master.” Elder Yue was slightly entangled, and said a little awkwardly.

“Excuse me.” Bai Ziyun didn’t care about Elder Yue’s hypocrisy, as long as he could do things, it was enough.

Elder Yue is quite satisfied with his new body, although he is no longer a human body, but the victory is strong enough,

Since he has become a slave of others, the most important thing is to quickly ask Bai Ziyun’s trust, and in this regard, Elder Yue is very conscious.

Elder Yue hurriedly asked, “Master, I don’t know what plans you have recently, the old slave can also give you a plan.” ”

Bai Ziyun looked at the moon eye in Zhenshen Mountain in surprise, this mentality changed too quickly.

Elder Yue quickly explained: “It’s really not the master, as long as the old slave leaves the person now, it is a death, so I still hope that the master is safe and safe, not too much… Risk”

Bai Ziyun nodded, knowing that this was the pimping he was familiar with.

Since you have accepted the slaves and held all the lives of Elder Yue in your hands, you must make full use of them.

Bai Ziyun also directly said what he was thinking, “You also know that I have a small Taoist system, so let’s set a small goal and overthrow the two Buddhist and Taoist sects.” ”

If it was still a human body, Elder Yue would definitely be stunned when he heard it, even now, Elder Yue was dumbfounded, and his speech was a little stuttered, “Please, overthrow the two Buddhist Dao?” Or a small goal? ”

Elder Yue instantly felt that he had met someone who was not Shu, and if Bai Ziyun really thought so, he didn’t have to plan to restore his physical body.

It’s better to simply pack up and go to bed, and live a good life for the last period before you die.

“What are your plans?” Bai Ziyun didn’t seem to feel the complaining in Elder Yue’s heart, but continued to ask.

“This, this, small goals, this is indeed a little difficult, it is better to… Put it further back? The master first let them go, solve the enemies around him, and then look for them after freeing his hand? Elder Yue said tactfully, lest Bai Ziyun not listen to the advice, and did not hesitate to speak with a clear conscience.

Bai Ziyun instead looked thoughtful, but with a smile in his eyes, it seemed that this slave was not bent on dying with him.

Otherwise, some concrete measures might have been proposed.

However, Elder Yue’s words reminded Bai Ziyun that he had some potential enemies that he needed to consider and solve.

“Do you know anything about Buddhism and Hades?” Bai Ziyun asked.

Elder Yue was a little confused when he heard it, it seems that the power of Buddhism has not extended to this place, how can this still have anything to do with Buddhism?

However, Elder Yue naturally knew a little about it, and said: “These two places do have some understanding, and the thirty-five Buddhas of Buddhism are all figures in heaven and earth, and they are naturally familiar. ”

Bai Ziyun nodded quite satisfied, and a dog-headed military master was indeed much more convenient, and continued to ask: “Do you know who this great monk is?” ”

Saying that, Bai Ziyun reproduced the phantom of the great monk he killed at that time for Elder Yue to see.

Elder Yue was still a little confused when he saw this great monk, and he only felt that it seemed to be a little familiar.

But suddenly he drank like a stick, and said, “Isn’t this one of the three thousand disciples that Mokogaye accepted at the Great Festival that year?” I heard that he later gave the name of the mortal Buddha, how, you know him, it would be great if that were the case, don’t say anything else, just in the West…”

Seeing Elder Yue’s look of surprise, Bai Ziyun had to break Elder Yue’s illusion and said, “I seem to have killed him.” ”

Elder Yue was instantly sluggish, and said with difficulty: “Killed? This is impossible, he is one of the Buddha sons in the mortal world, he must have been given the law by His Holiness Kaye, although his cultivation is not outstanding, but self-preservation should be no problem, Buddhism is already famous for saving his life, plus he controls the prefecture, how can it not be…”

Later, Elder Yue couldn’t say anything, because he suddenly remembered that although his Great Luo Golden Immortal Realm had computer water, it was also suppressed by Bai Ziyun himself.

Bai Ziyun recalled, and did not seem to waste a lot of hands and feet, “Mortal Buddha? Is he that powerful? ”

Elder Yue has now determined that his master is really not joking, he really played the disciples of the Kaye Venerable to death.

Although he didn’t want to answer, he still cried in a sad voice and explained: “The Buddha family re-epiphany but not oral transmission, the so-called title of Buddha is awarded by choosing a disciple with a high degree of enlightenment when His Holiness Buddha lectures, in other words, those who can hold the title of Buddha are not necessarily highly cultivated, but they must have excellent qualifications.” ”

“You killed a Buddha in the family, although it is only a mortal Buddha, it seems that the qualifications are not very satisfactory to His Holiness, but after all, it is an offense to His Holiness, I am afraid in the future…”

Elder Yue said later, he smiled bitterly, obviously extremely pessimistic about Bai Ziyun and his own future. _

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