Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 098

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Chapter 98 draws

As Elder Yue said, he lived long enough, so most of the things have been experienced.

But today I want to sell myself directly, this experience is too new, and Elder Yue doesn’t want to increase his experience in this way!

At Bai Ziyun’s urging, Elder Yue could only tearfully agree.

Bai Ziyun’s eyes suddenly flashed, and when he raised his hand, a flying blade of talent flew over, and Elder Yue exclaimed in pain.

It turned out that Bai Ziyun cut Elder Yue’s finger, forming a wound.

“Sign it.” Bai Ziyun said lightly.

“As for?” Elder Yue was simply stunned, even the rich man in the countryside would not be so impatient.

Bai Ziyun didn’t speak, just stared at Elder Yue like that, looking like he was sure of you.

Elder Yue let out a long sigh, using blood as ink, and drew a pledge on the deed of sale.

Helplessly raised his head and looked at Bai Ziyun and said, “This is always okay, right?” ”

Bai Ziyun smiled slightly, and did not make a sound, but the surrounding wind and clouds changed suddenly.

In just a moment, a fierce wind blew around Elder Yue, and suddenly stopped, and the piece of paper disappeared into spiritual light, and actually returned to the treasure book.

Elder Yue suddenly felt stunned, as if he had lost something, but when he thought about it, he couldn’t feel it.

The deed of sale just now is naturally not a child’s play, but a real, exclusive contract for immortals.

Different from the master-servant contract of the celestial realm, this is Bai Ziyun’s literary means.

The so-called contract is generally a guarantor as a witness, but Bai Ziyun’s contract is recognized by heaven and earth.

In the world of life, never free, it is bound by heaven and earth.

And Bai Ziyun, through this contract, directly let the Heavenly Dao in the underworld be a witness.

The way of heaven is not extinguished, and the contract is not abolished.

This means of going straight to the origin is almost like the immortality of the saint who pinned the Yuan God on the Heavenly Dao.

It can be said that as long as Bai Ziyun does not allow it, Elder Yue will never have the day of freedom.

After Elder Yue signed the contract, he had a pained expression, this trip to the Nether not only failed to achieve its purpose, but put himself in, and the words blood loss were no longer enough to describe Elder Yue’s mood.

“The contract has been signed, it’s time to help me continue my life.” Elder Yue said depressedly.

Unexpectedly, Bai Ziyun looked unhurried, and said slowly: “It is impossible for you to recover.” ”

When Elder Yue heard this, he almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood, and pointed his trembling finger at Bai Ziyun and said, “You vicious brat is lying to me?” ”

Bai Ziyun looked like you like this I was also difficult, said: “I have never packed a ticket, you wishful thinking, I can’t help it, and, remember to change the name in the future, be polite, you know?” ”

Bai Ziyun said later, with a smile on his face, but Elder Yue felt that there was a dangerous aura.

Bai Ziyun smiled, and Elder Yue only felt that his already fragmented Yuanshen began to loosen, and in this way, the Yuanshen would die in less than half a day.

Elder Yue looked panicked, knowing that this was Bai Ziyun’s means of using the master-servant contract, and begged: “Master, I am wrong, you save me, the old slave will definitely be able to die in the future.” ”

Bai Ziyun nodded at this time, it seems that if he continues to toss like this, his newly acquired servant will say goodbye to him.

Although Elder Yue was panicked in his heart, he also knew that since Bai Ziyun had already accepted him as a servant, it was unlikely that he would just let him die like this, and he just needed to be soft.

Old Moon is also bare, the master and servant contracts are signed, what is it to serve softly.

Bai Ziyun then slowly said: “Don’t be narcissistic, I’m too lazy to lie to you, your Yuan God collapsed, it was the immortal position that was taken away, and some of the Yuan God was taken out of life, even if it can be saved, it will cost a lot.” ”

Elder Yue also looked bleak when he heard this, of course he knew his situation, but he still pinned his hopes on Bai Ziyun.

But well. Bai Ziyun said thoughtfully: “Although Zhenshen Mountain is suppressing you, it also happens to temporarily suppress your Yuanshen temporarily, otherwise you would not be alive now.” ”

“Are you willing to put the Yuanshen on Zhenshen Mountain, with the power of Zhenshen Mountain, maintain your own Yuanshen Mountain, in the future, Zhenshen Mountain will definitely produce the power of Mizuki, and then you can repair the Yuanshen under the nourishment of the power of Mizumu and Earth.” Bai Ziyun stared at Yue Laodao.

Bai Ziyun is telling the truth now, Zhenshen Mountain is the first magic weapon he built with the power of poetry and writing, and he has a lot of hope for it.

Strictly speaking, the treasure book is the supreme treasure of Wendao Town Teaching, and it is also the first innate treasure, and this mountain is the first magic weapon of Wendao the day after tomorrow.

In Bai Ziyun’s opinion, this mountain must still have room for promotion in the future.

If it can be truly cultivated, maybe on the day it is promoted, the Heavenly Dao will be like the treasure book, descending merit and having the hope of becoming the most precious merit.

Elder Yue hesitated for a while, and hesitated: “What does the master mean, is it to make me an instrument spirit of Zhenshen Mountain?” ”

Bai Ziyun was quite satisfied with his insight as a newly acquired slave, and he really understood a little.

“That’s right, if you can become an instrument spirit, this mountain will become one with you, and naturally it will keep your Yuan God alive.” ”

Elder Yue also smiled bitterly and added, “But in that case, on the day of the destruction of Zhenshen Mountain, I, as an instrument spirit, will definitely die.” ”

Bai Ziyun nodded and was silent, obviously to let Elder Yue choose by himself.

Elder Yue felt that it was really not a good road in front of him, you know, in the Immortal Demon Buddha Demon Fighting Method, once you reach the state of life and death, self-detonating magic weapons is an ordinary choice.

In case the time passes and then becomes cannon fodder yourself …

But Elder Yue was able to mix from the flood desert until now, and he was also a very decisive person, so he simply said, “Thank you master, please master cast spells for me.” ”

Bai Ziyun nodded, he didn’t want to watch Yue Lao die, after all, it was still very useful to have one more living dictionary around him.

This is also the best of both worlds, if Zhenshen Mountain really has the day to become the most precious treasure of the day after tomorrow, Elder Yue may have to thank himself.

Elder Yue finally sighed, it can be regarded as resignation, the spirit of the instrument is the spirit of the instrument, it is better to die than to live, this is one of the tenets that Elder Yue can live until now.

Bai Ziyun nodded, if Elder Yue really had the heart to resist, it was really difficult to do it, after all, it was difficult for you to stop a person from dying.

In fact, when he heard that Old Moon was dying soon, Bai Ziyun was thinking about it.

Whether there is an instrument spirit or not, it is not the same as the magic weapon.

Moreover, the higher the origin, the more difficult it is to produce an instrument spirit.

Therefore, taking the initiative to refine one is also a good choice.

It’s just that there are not many souls that can be refined into instrument spirits.

And the appearance of Zhenshen Mountain happened to be to suppress Yue Lao, and it was in the formal refining process of Zhenshen Mountain.

Elder Yue has also been in it, and has even been sucked into a part of the power of the Yuan God to increase the spirituality of Zhenshen Mountain. _

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