Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 092

Chapter 92 Inform Parents

Bai Ziyun was speechless, I really don’t know how the three virgins with such a high vigilance were won by Liu Yanchang, could it be that Elder Yue really helped Liu Yanchang with the power of his immortal position?

Under the gaze of the Three Virgins, Bai Ziyun slowly took out the Zhenshen Mountain that he had just cultivated.

It looks like it’s just a hill, and it’s made to look like a strange rock in a large household’s household.

The Three Virgins naturally did not regard it as an ordinary object to appreciate, but when she saw this object, she gently snorted, in her perception.

This small mountain clearly contains extremely complex energy.

She could distinguish that there were three kinds of gold, earth, and fire among the five elements, in addition to a violent and unstable force mixed in, all of which were sustained by an extremely pure immortal qi.

These energies are mixed together, it is like a hodgepodge, but also methodical.

This is undoubtedly a magic weapon, but such a strange refining technique, the three virgins have never seen it.

Since meeting Bai Ziyun, the Three Virgins have never seen more and more things, and the Three Virgins almost wonder if they have not asked the world for too long and cannot keep up with the changes of the times.

“Isn’t it a magic weapon, what my brother has there is, my own magic weapon is much stronger than yours.” The Third Virgin saw Bai Ziyun take out this magic weapon that she couldn’t see, thinking that it was to show off, and immediately disdained.

Bai Ziyun felt that this woman was really competitive, and of course he knew that there were many magic weapons on this pair of brothers and sisters.

Just the Pauline lamp on the body of the Three Virgins is an innate treasure.

Bai Ziyun has an expression that I know you are the second generation of officials, don’t show it anymore.

The Three Virgins snorted, revealing a smug look.

“Elder Yue, do you know?” Bai Ziyun said leisurely.

“Old Yue, I don’t know him well, I’ve only met a few times, how, what are you going to ask him to do?” Speaking of later, the three virgins were already bad-looking, and the reality felt that Bai Ziyun was the idea of that fairy.

Bai Oh can only sigh that Elder Yue’s reputation may already be rotten streets.

Even the Three Virgins were not familiar with him, and subconsciously felt that Elder Yue was a pimp,

Bai Ziyun really doubted how Elder Yue, the Great Luo Golden Immortal, got mixed up.

In the suspicious gaze of the Three Virgins, Bai Ziyun pointed to the magic weapon in his hand, allowing the Three Virgins to pay attention to one place, and at the same time loosened the seal slightly, allowing the aura of the old moon to leak out slightly.

The three virgins were curious, and at the same time looked at the divine mind with fairy eyes, and found that a white-haired old man looked miserable and was pressed ~ under the mountain.

That is clearly an immortal, otherwise he would have died a long time ago, under careful observation…

“Old Moon?” The Three Virgins asked towards Bai Ziyun, their eyes full of incredulity.

Bai Ziyun nodded and did not speak.

“This is Da Luo Jinxian!” The Three Virgins were full of amazement and said, “How did you meet him, could it be that Elder Yue was injured and was caught by you at the opportunity, I advise you to quickly release him, I can still intercede with you, otherwise imprisoning Da Luo Golden Immortal, there will definitely be a Nether saying you, maybe it will be my brother.” ”

Bai Ziyun recalled the appearance of the old moon when he was fighting the law, and he was very sure that this old man was not secretly injured.

As for the report Heavenly Court…

“I’m afraid this old man is more unwilling than me to be known by the Heavenly Court.” Bai Ziyun glanced at Yue Laodao, who pretended to be dead and did not speak.

“How is it possible, what deep hatred do you have, tell me, maybe I can give you a roundabout.” The Three Virgins said with some concern.

Bai Ziyun didn’t care, and said, “If you have a hatred, I’m afraid it’s you, right?” This old man is here to target you. ”

“Huh?” The Three Virgins felt even more incredible, they were not even familiar with him, how could they have any hatred?

Seeing the skeptical gaze cast by the Three Virgins, Bai Ziyun felt that he should take care of this mentally disabled child.

So he told the Three Virgins about the things along the way.

“In other words, starting from Liu Yanchang going up Mount Hua…”

As if listening to a story, the Three Virgins were still confused after Bai Ziyun finished speaking, and said, “So, those who went up the mountain a few years ago were also sent by you?” ”

The three virgins looked at Elder Yue with complicated eyes, but Elder Yue was pretending to be dead and did not say a word.

The Moon Elders were all in front of them, and the Three Virgins almost believed what Bai Ziyun said.

The Third Virgin hesitated slightly, then sincerely thanked Bai Ziyun, no matter how she didn’t say it, Bai Ziyun at least preserved her innocence.

Bai Ziyun didn’t know, but the Three Virgins knew how disgusting the true power of the Moon Elder’s immortal position was.

In case he was really calculated by Elder Yue, a god who was in charge of the world’s marriage, coupled with Liu Yanchang’s assistance from the side, it would really be difficult not to be tricked.

Although I don’t know what means Bai Ziyun used, it was obvious that Elder Yue was suppressed strictly.

The Third Virgin did not ask Bai Ziyun to transfer more and more to him, but just asked Bai Ziyun to take care of Elder Yue first, and she had to think about it.

After that, he turned around and left.

Bai Ziyun knows that when children encounter things that cannot be solved, they generally have to find their parents.

You don’t need to guess to know that the Three Virgins went to her brother.

I just don’t know how Yang Jian will react when he hears that someone dares to hit his sister.

Bai Ziyun was still guessing, while studying the magic weapon he had just cultivated.

but found that he was suppressed~ Yue Lao at the bottom of Zhenshen Mountain was just silent, with a look of despair, and it seemed that his life was not long in coming.

Bai Ziyun said casually: “No, you also said that a big Luo Golden Immortal is a big deal, it is a big deal to be degraded to an Earth Immortal.” ”

Elder Yue was already lost in soul, and shook his head: “If you don’t understand, others will just do it, that is… Yang Jian, God of War in the Heavenly Court, Yang Jian. ”

It seems that Yang Jian has a very high status in Elder Yue’s heart, when tracking the Three Virgins, he did not dare to enter the city with Yang Jian’s temple, and now he is almost going to face Yang Jian, and Elder Yue has sentenced himself to death.

When he was in front of Bai Ziyun, although Elder Yue was not lightly pitted, he still had no fear.

Now Yang Jian just appeared at the probability, and he scared Elder Yue to the point of despair.

Bai Ziyun raised his eyebrows, “Is it really that terrible?” “

The old man had already ignored Bai Ziyun, it was Bai Ziyun who dragged him into such a situation.

But as a Da Luo Golden Immortal, the last decency still has to be talked about, breaking the mouth and cursing this kind of thing, the old man is not in the mood to do it now.

Bai Ziyun also wanted to inquire about Yang Jian from the old people, and Bai Ziyun felt that he would have to confront Yang Jian sooner or later in the future.

But the next moment, the Three Virgins hurriedly came over and said, “Prepare quickly, my brother is coming.” ”

Bai Ziyun chuckled, “Come on, why, do you want me to prepare three animals for him to bow down and greet?” ”

“It’s not.” The Third Virgin said urgently: “You must testify to me, after I came here, I decided not to run around, and I definitely did not take the initiative to break into trouble.” ”

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