Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 091

Chapter 91 Good stuff

Han Yue was alarmed by the people below, and when he came to the courtyard, he saw the beautiful girl brought back by this master, with a black face here, and seemed to be very angry.

“Hey, you two, when will your master come back.” The Three Virgins saw Li Bai and Huineng who were watching, and they didn’t have a good breath.

“Well, no, I don’t know.” Huineng whispered, for some reason, he could feel that he was stared at by this beautiful sister, and he felt afraid in his heart, and his voice was three points smaller.

“Why is the sister brought back by the master so bad-tempered.” Huineng muttered softly, and he remembered Xiao Qian, who was tireless with a rattan.

Although Sister Xiaoqian will make them delicious pastries, they are really fierce.

After finally staying up with Xiaoqian, the master brought back a fierce beautiful sister.

I can feel how my life is so difficult, and I can’t help but complain about how my master always provokes women, and I heard my uncle say in Jinshan Temple that the woman under the mountain is a tiger.

It’s a truism.

Bai Ziyun, who was slandered by his own apprentice, sneezed on the road and rubbed his nose, unable to figure out how immortals could sneeze, could it be that someone was secretly calculating?

Thinking of this, Bai Ziyun turned his gaze to the suppressed Yue Lao in his hand.

Not to mention the old moon who fell into another torment, the three virgins here have a keen ear.

Naturally, he heard Huineng’s words.

The beautiful big eyes narrowed, forming a dangerous arc, and the gaze made Hui Neng cringe.

The Three Virgins sneered, “Your master has also brought other women. ”

“Yes, yes.” Huineng Nuo Nuo said, he only felt as if he had said something that he shouldn’t have said, causing some trouble for the master.

And Han Yue is worthy of being in the officialdom for many years, and this face seems to be somewhat familiar, as if he has seen it in the inner mansion of many colleagues.

In line with the principle that the matter of the master’s inner house, it is inconvenient for the disciple to participate.

Han Yue’s tone sank towards Huineng and said, “Senior brother, your language is reckless, and you are not quick to apologize to the master’s guest.” ”

Huineng reacted to this, although he didn’t know what was wrong.

But he knows no matter how inexperienced he is, not to try to reason with a tiger under a mountain.

Hurriedly offered a blessing and deeply offered a deep gift to these three virgins.

Han Yu coughed and said apologetically: “My senior brother is still young, and there are many rash words between words, which offend the fairy, so I will take the senior brother back to the room to study, and not disturb the fairy Yaxing.” ”

Saying that, Han Yue glanced at the big ding in front of the three virgins, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

Beckoned Huineng and Li Bai to go back to the room to study.

The three virgins looked at the backs of these senior brothers speechlessly, it was really as strange as their master.

The two senior brothers were disciplined by the senior brother like this, and they were really full of discord.

But at Han Yu’s insistence, when he saw Huineng and the two, he would call senior brother, which was the Confucian ritual he had practiced all his life, and it should not be abandoned.

Only by truly understanding what he insists on will he have Han Yu’s frank and unhindered state of mind, and there will be no discrimination in the face of anyone.

Of course, given that the two senior brothers were still young, Han Yu, a junior brother who started one step later, had to give more advice to the senior brother.

Li Bai and Han Yu of Fang Zheng are also very obedient, and under the teaching of this top Confucian, their talent is flourishing.

Until Bai Ziyun returned, when he entered the gate of the mansion, he saw the three virgins who were humming angrily, and they stuck their waists in front of a big ding.

The Three Virgins naturally saw Bai Ziyun enter the door and turned her head without speaking.

Bai Ziyun was amused by this kind of daughter’s temper, and when he leaned over to look at Na Dading, he knew where the three virgins were angry.

The black piece in the big ding exudes the faint smell of burnt leather.

It seems… Food?

It is clear that the three virgins imitate themselves and also use the big ding to make food.

Only now, it is clear that it has failed.

And Han Yue and the few people in the study over there naturally knew that Bai Ziyun was back, and just wanted to greet them, and learned that the Three Virgins were talking to Bai Ziyun.

Han Yue let out a long sigh, his master is all good there, and he seems to have too much entanglement with women.

At the moment, I felt that I had a responsibility to teach the two senior brothers, so I pressed the two senior brothers who could not bear to go out, and continued to practice their homework.

Bai Ziyun said with a smile: “What are you doing, if you want to eat, you will make it for you in the future, you this… Even if the immortals eat it, they will be poisoned, right? ”

The Three Virgins snorted and ignored Bai Ziyun, but her earlobes were faintly red, obviously embarrassed to speak.

“Come on.” Bai Ziyun took the position of chef of the Three Virgins with a smile.

Doing this kind of thing with mana is naturally extremely fast, and the three virgins are just trying for the first time, and they are full of confidence without consulting anyone, and they will inevitably fail to start directly.

And Bai Ziyun’s operation, the clouds flowed like water, urging the flame of talent, but after a while, another pot of milky white goat soup appeared steaming.

Although the Three Virgins looked disdainful, they still peeked at Bai Ziyun’s operation.

After the food was ready, at Bai Ziyun’s seemingly sincere invitation, the Three Virgins said that they could taste it reluctantly.

As soon as it was tasted, the small half-pot went down, and the three virgins finally put down the bowl and sighed in satisfaction.

Bai Ziyun was full of smiles on the side, a goddess, what kind of grievances this had to be, only then would he think of supporting himself.

“Let’s go.” Bai Ziyun greeted the Three Virgins.

“Where to?” The Three Virgins are now lazy and don’t want to move, but they don’t want to go anywhere.

“You don’t need to give money for eating, I see that you don’t have money, although it’s a little worse, it’s okay to be able to make it difficult, it’s better to…” Saying that, Bai Ziyun casually looked at the three virgins.

The three virgins didn’t understand what it meant at first, but after understanding it, they threw it directly with a bowl, and drank ~ “Shameless.” ”

Bai Ziyun flashed lightly, and said helplessly: “I don’t know the hearts of good people, come, show you a good thing.” ”


The Three Virgins naturally knew that Bai Ziyun was joking in front of him, and it seemed that there was something to say.

But for some reason, the Three Virgins always felt that Bai Ziyun’s last words were also strange.

Bai Ziyun asked the people in the mansion to divide the rest of the food in the big ding, so he took the three virgins to his room.

The housekeeper and the others next to him had long been eager to wear the food made by Bai Ziyun himself, and just by smelling the aroma, they knew that it was not all in the world, and maybe it could prolong life.

Seeing that Bai Ziyun let them share the food, everyone was overjoyed and thanked each other, and hurried forward, for fear that they would not be able to grab it.

Some people secretly wrote down the method, and even later it spread, it was also boiled with a big ding, but the taste was not as high as one percent of what Bai Ziyun made.

But hi has also become a local famous dish, which Bai Ziyun did not expect.

When they arrived in the room, the three virgins looked at Bai Ziyun with a vigilant expression, as if their brother had said that they could not go with men casually.

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