Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 090

Chapter 90 Thunder Tribulation

Helpless, Elder Yue could only choose to use the power of the Yuan God to resist this terrifying flame and relieve the pressure of the flesh a little.

Unleashing the power of the Yuan God, Elder Yue found himself deceived.

The power of the Yuan God, which was consumed by the flames, did not disappear out of thin air, but was swept by the flames and integrated into the mountain.

After all, this mountain soul sits out of thin air, and although it has a soul, it has no soul.

Perhaps over time, this mountain can gradually give birth to spirituality.

But now it still takes time to accumulate, Bai Ziyun is not willing to wait, besides, there are materials at hand, no need to use it in vain…

The power of a Da Luo Golden Immortal’s Origin Yuan God was thus continuously filled into the mountain, cultivating spirituality for this imminent treasure.

At this time, Elder Yue could only thank himself for his previous diligent cultivation to have so much Yuan God power and ensure that he would not die.

With his own mana to enhance the magic weapon to suppress himself, Elder Yue had never done such a humiliating thing in his life.

At this time, the entire mountain was finally saturated and could not absorb more energy.

Bai Ziyun stopped at this time, and was very satisfied with his waste utilization practice.

At this time, Elder Yue was already dying, and although he was far from death, he was still seriously injured.

However, for Da Luo Jinxian, as long as he is not dead, it is not a big injury, and time can smooth everything out.

The furnace of heaven and earth slowly dispersed, and endless heat dispersed between heaven and earth, making the temperature of this place suddenly higher, but that’s all.

The scene of the Heaven and Earth Refining Instrument just now was as if it had never happened.

“What’s your name?” Bai Ziyun looked at his work with a smile, a swarthy mountain steadily ~ on the ground.

Although this is a fusion of two mountains, this swarthy mountain is actually shorter than before the refining machine.

But the momentum that suppressed everything and was incomparably calm was actually more prosperous than before.

Elder Yue, who had the most right to speak, deeply agreed with this.

Bai Ziyun groaned slightly and smiled.

There is a bulge ~ rising from the mountainside of the air manipulation mountain, and after coming out, it forms a stone monument.

It’s just that the stone tablet is still blank, just waiting for Bai Ziyun to drop his pen.

Bai Ziyun was quite solemn, and his fingers swiped a few times in a row.

Correspondingly, the words of Bai Ziyun appeared on the stone tablet.

I saw three big characters written on it, dragon flying phoenix dance, extraordinary momentum, this name alone revealed some arrogance.

Zhenshen Mountain, this stone monument is connected to the entire mountain, and the name of this mountain is fixed.

The name of the mountain is not a trivial matter, it is related to the canonization of the mountain god by the heavenly court.

Although this was created by Bai Ziyun, it did not prevent the Heavenly Court from thinking that it was theirs, and since the establishment of the Heavenly Court, it had acted like this. 、

Moreover, Bai Ziyun’s mountain is not a simple mountain, more, it bears the use of magic weapons. 、

It seems to be logical, causing a thunder calamity.

At this time, Bai Ziyun looked up to see if it was a flashing thunder, just now the sky was clear, and now it was dark and lightning and thunder.

The situation in this is clearly a thunder calamity.

“Splitting mountains with thunder? That genius came up with it? Bai Ziyun raised his head and squinted at the thunder brewing in the air, and said with deep meaning.

Reik is difficult to balance all things, but the soil of the mother of all things.

This kind of thunder calamity is not so much to let the magic weapon pass, not to say that it is refining the magic weapon.


The bucket-thick thunder fell, smashing on Zhenshen Mountain, only to raise a burst of sand.

After that, seven consecutive heavenly thunder slashes, but it had no effect, it seemed to have been absorbed.

It seems that sensing that the thunder tribulation is ineffective, the black clouds above become thicker and thicker, and the thunder robbery suddenly stops, as if something incredible is brewing.

Finally, a colorful divine thunder suddenly appeared, and Bai Ziyun only then perked up.

It seems that this thunder tribulation is going to be completed in a battle, and the strength is accumulated on this divine thunder, and whether it is successful or not, it can be seen in an instant.

Bai Ziyun made perfect preparations, but he still held the mind of quenching the Zhenshen Mountain.

It’s just that the first-class Zhenshen Mountain can’t support it, and Bai Ziyun, as the owner of the treasure, can enter the scene casually to save it.

At this time, Bai Ziyun also thought about the magic weapon that he had worked, where was his limit.

Then Bai Ziyun also glanced at Bai Ziyun secretly, and it was a big deal to throw this Da Luo Golden Immortal directly into the sky when the time came.

He really wanted to know if the colorful divine thunder that destroyed countless powerful treasures had any effect on the Great Luo Golden Immortal.

Zhenshen Mountain did not disappoint Bai Ziyun, the colorful divine thunder fell, and the rocks on the surface of Zhenshen Mountain completely fell off.

But after that, the contents of Zhenshen Mountain also appeared, saying that it was a mountain, but there was a metallic light all over.

The colorful divine thunder fell on it, and it was completely absorbed by the mountain shining with metallic light, like a mud cow like a sea version, without stirring up any waves.

At this point, the dark clouds slowly retracted, and this rather small thunder calamity actually passed like this.

And this mountain was unscathed under the threat of heavenly thunder, suspended in the air, and emitted a magnificent light.

Bai Ziyun flipped his palm, palm facing upward, and the mountain shrank sharply, unexpectedly shrinking to the point that Bai Ziyun could hold it with one hand.

Although Bai Ziyun held it easily, in fact, this small miniature mountain had the weight of ten thousand pounds.

Some Xuan Immortals who did not cultivate their flesh could not hold it at all.

Floating to Bai Ziyun’s palm, Bai Ziyun surged with some strange thoughts.

If he is seen, he will not be given the title of the White King of Toshan?

Bai Ziyun suddenly had a cold war, the picture really couldn’t bear to look at directly, in case there was another son like Nezha, he would simply want to cry.

“Elder Yue, how do you feel?” Bai Ziyun saw that as the mountain of Zhenfeng shrank together, Elder Yue, who was in the palm of his hand, asked with a playful expression.

At this time, Elder Yue didn’t want to talk at all, he was really plagued by Bai Ziyun along the way, but he still wanted to cooperate with him sincerely.

Well, not so sincerely.

But based on the experience of dealing with Bai Ziyun in just half a day, Elder Yue said that he was no longer willing to deal with Bai Ziyun.

Anyway, looking at his behavior, it doesn’t look like he really wants to snitch with the Three Virgins.

Bai Ziyun was a little disappointed when he saw that Elder Yue was more mourning than his heart was dying, and he hoped that Elder Yue could continue to take the initiative to say some information about the Heavenly Court.

Bai Ziyun shook his head in hatred that iron is not steel, and he was still a big Luo Golden Immortal, why was it so forbidden to fight.

Just as Bai Ziyun left to return to Han Mansion.

In Han Mansion, however, there was a hazy atmosphere, a young girl, facing a bronze big ding alone, with a black face and unable to speak.

The people next to him also did not dare to speak, and said in their hearts that this girl looked so beautiful, how could she be angry, it seemed that the surrounding weather was a little cooler.

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