Journey to the West: Confucian Supreme chapter 087

Chapter 87: Just not a white Ziyun

Except for some emperors who sincerely believe in Buddhism and die without repentance, most of the others hang the name of a certain immortal monarch and emperor in the heavenly court after death.

Although there is no real power, the Heavenly Court has indeed not broken its word, and the emperors ascended to the sky in one step and became immortals.

Even later, where a wizard appeared, the Heavenly Court directly issued an edict to let that person come to heaven to be knighted.

As a result, the Heavenly Court has gathered all kinds of wizards, and ancestors from all walks of life can find a name in the Heavenly Court.

It was because this trick was so easy to use, the Heavenly Court was simply happy, until later a monkey named Sun Wukong came out of the Nether…

Everyone knows what happened later… It’s really embarrassing.

The well-intentioned Heavenly Court was smashed alive by a monkey, and although the entanglement of interests inside seemed to be a mess, it was indeed trampled on by a monkey.

And Elder Yue could actually say such words, and Bai Ziyun was not surprised.

You know, the position of the Moon Elder is not comparable to the immortal position that the Heavenly Court uses to fool the earthly king at will.

Some of those immortal positions are even immortal names that the emperor gave himself when he was in the mortal world, and the Heavenly Court actually copied it in the sky, and gave him this immortal number, which is simply unrestrained…

The position of the Moon Elder appeared together with the Heavenly Court, and it was one of the oldest immortal positions in charge of the marriage of the world.

Elder Yue looked at Bai Ziyun’s face, this was already what he thought he could take out, the most tempting ~ seductive thing for a young man like Bai Ziyun.

He was also worried that Bai Ziyun did not know the value of this immortal position, after all, it was too exaggerated to reach the realm of the Great Luo Golden Immortal for a thousand years.

Elder Yue explained carefully: “The position of the Great Luo Golden Immortal really needs to be accumulated step by step by itself, just like the twelve golden immortals, but there are also clever ways, as long as I inherit my immortal position, I can rely on the power of luck and merit accumulated in the immortal position to quickly improve your cultivation, that does not have any side effects, and the immortal position also contains the pure immortal power accumulated over the years, which can be used for you to improve your cultivation.” ”

After speaking, Elder Yue looked at Bai Ziyun with confidence, for a person who is interested in the immortal path, few people can refuse this temptation~ confusion.

And Bai Ziyun rubbed his nose, unfortunately, he was one of the very few people who could refuse this temptation~temptation.

The incarnation is Mahayana, and he becomes an immortal in half a month, and Bai Ziyun has been here for less than a year, and he is already a Xuan Immortal cultivator.

Practice, is it hard?

Bai Ziyun did not feel that from anyone’s point of view, Bai Ziyun could probably accept it even if he achieved the Great Luo Golden Immortal within a hundred years.

If Elder Yue knew Bai Ziyun’s improvement speed, I was afraid that he would cry bitterly while holding his immortal position.

In Elder Yue’s expectant gaze, Bai Ziyun said cleanly: “Don’t do it.” ”

Not surprisingly, just like his class teacher knew that his grades could go to Tsinghua, but he had to go to a technical school, Yue Lao was like this at this time, his eyes were full of incredulity, and he almost said, are you stupid?

After everyone heard Bai Ziyun’s answer, they would subconsciously want to know why, and Elder Yue was naturally the same, so he opened his mouth and asked: “Why refuse, what I said is absolutely true, even if you ask the Three Virgins, she will tell you that this is true, is it because you are worried that I will break my word?” ”

Elder Yue finally found a reason for Bai Ziyun, and breathed a sigh of relief, as long as it was not a direct refusal, he had to open his mouth to explain to Bai Ziyun why he would let him inherit the immortal position and let him feel at ease.

But Bai Ziyun’s next words made Elder Yue feel that everything he said was simply a waste of feelings.

“When the moon is old, the one who pulls the red thread, who is a matchmaker, feels very girly, even the spell will not be used, the chicken can’t be killed, it will make people laugh.” Bai Ziyun had a disgusted expression, saying that he would never agree.

At this moment, Elder Yue only felt that he was defeated by a fool in the fighting method just now,

Chickens don’t kill? At this time, Liu Yanchang, who has been torn into a dog soul, is in the endless hell and has been reduced to a dog forever, I am afraid that he will not agree.

As for the matchmaker… Elder Yue couldn’t refute it, this is the meaning of Elder Moon’s existence.

But just give up because of this?

Elder Yue just wanted to open Bai Ziyun’s head to see what was inside.

Bai Ziyun was looking forward to it: “Hey, is there any other benefit.” ”

Elder Yue shook his head numbly, he couldn’t even look at the position of Elder Yue who could achieve the Golden Immortal of Daluo and condense the luck of marriage in the world, and Elder Yue really didn’t know what else he could come up with.

“Why is a Da Luo Golden Immortal so poor?” Seeing that Elder Yue had nothing to loot, Bai Ziyun squinted his eyes and said with contempt, quite unhappy.

Go to the ghost city of the netherworld, Bai Ziyun can also harvest a drop of ghost spirit fairy liquid, suppressing a famous Da Luo Golden Immortal, but there is no gain, the only thing that can be taken out is a rather chicken immortal position.

Let Bai Ziyun have a feeling of being busy in vain.

“Are there any disciples?” Bai Ziyun continued to look at Elder Yue with contempt.

Elder Yue was also calmed by Bai Ziyun’s kind of empty eyes, I don’t know whether it was the pattern swallowing the world or stupid to earth-shattering spirit.

Hearing Bai Ziyun’s question, he nodded blankly, as a hall Daluo Golden Immortal, there are still several disciples.

“Then let your disciples redeem people, really, the earth’s economy is sluggish? The immortals are so poor. Later, Bai Ziyun muttered in a low voice, not letting Elder Yue hear it.

Seeing that there was no gain, Bai Ziyun was quite unhappy and wanted to put away the mountain and walk back.

Elder Yue hurriedly stopped, “Hey, where are you going?” I can really help you get the Three Madonna.”

Bai Ziyun agreed with this and said, “Yes, hand you over to the hands of the Three Virgins, saying that you have caught the old thief who has been beating you for a long time, this is not the standard hero to save the beauty, the old fellow, you have to be wronged, whether you will be retaliated against or directly beheaded in the future depends on your own creation.” ”

Elder Yue looked desperate, this was not the same thing as the method he said, but he had to admit that Bai Ziyun’s words were indeed very reasonable.

With his tens of thousands of years of work experience, heroes save beauty, and it is extremely effective for women, especially women who are not more serious, not to mention that Bai Ziyun is still good, as an immortal, he rarely has the ethereal aura common in the immortal world, but he is quite masculine and handsome.

But this is not a reason to sacrifice me to the Three Virgins, Elder Yue somehow refuted, he could only cry out in his heart.

Elder Yue thinks that he is also the number one figure in the Celestial Realm, even if the struggle fails, he should not be a nameless junior to suppress himself and directly hand it over to the Three Virgins.

For the first time, Yue Lao felt how life was so disillusioned.


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