Infinity starting from the Apocalypse of the Academy Chapter 135

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“Heroes, I wonder if we can join you?” The battle stopped, Ren Donglai commanded the spirit corpse to start collecting zombie crystal nuclei, and a relatively old man came out of those people, looking at Ren Dong and said, with some pleading in his eyes, but when he noticed that the spirit corpse collected the zombie crystal nucleus, his eyes flashed, he didn’t know what he was thinking, and his eyes flickered.

“Get out!” Ren Donglai looked at them and said coldly, without any hesitation, he would not take in these wastes.

“Boy, is there such a thing as you? Don’t you know that the old love the young? With Ren Donglai’s cold drink, in the crowd, a big man flashed, looking at Ren Donglai and drinking, this big man’s muscles swelled and looked extremely strong.

This big man is not a brainless product, the reason why he dares to stand up and talk to Ren Donglai like this, but it is that they have gathered hundreds of people, including some people with weapons in their hands and a certain combat effectiveness, he does not trust Donglai to dare to act in front of these hundreds of people, his purpose is the leadership of these hundreds of people.

“Find death!” Ren Donglai looked at the strong man who came out, his eyes were cold, and he drank lightly.

With Ren Donglai’s light drink, the metal zombie among the spirit corpses, a golden spear appeared in his hand, and with a wave of his hand, the golden spear turned into a golden light in the air, killing the big man.

“Huh…” Although the weapon in the hand of the big man resisted the golden spear that stabbed, but it was not blocked at all, the golden spear directly pierced into the body of the big man, deeply penetrated into it, the big man looked at Ren Donglai in disbelief, his mouth opened a few times, Dao blood gushed out of his mouth, opened and closed a few times, and fell weakly.

“Kill…” As this big man was killed, some of the hundreds of people shouted in panic, their eyes full of disbelief and fear.

“There are only five of them, we go up, kill them, snatch the zombie crystal nucleus, they torture terribly, it must be because of the zombie crystal nucleus, kill them, seize these crystal nuclei, we can also torture them terribly!” Some of these hundreds of people were afraid, and some people shouted loudly with endless greed in their eyes.

With this loud drink, many people’s eyes showed greed, when the colorful ball of light came to life, people all over the world were inherited, the house could not block the penetration of the ball of light, but penetrating a layer of the house, it will weaken some, when the colorful ball of light came, it was in the middle of the night, in the yard, there were really few, most of the inheritance was not complete, but there were some inheritance, there were cultivation exercises.

But the end of the world broke out, even if people kill zombies, and who is idle, eat enough to see if there will be anything in the zombie’s head, that is, the zombie crystal nucleus obtained, how to use, it also takes people to explore for a while, now the whole world, know how to use the zombie crystal nucleus is not few, now Ren Donglai to collect the zombie crystal nucleus, suddenly by some smart people guessed the use of the zombie crystal nucleus, and Ren Dong so many zombies, collected so many zombie crystal nuclei, caused their greed.

Hundreds of people are fighting with a large number of people, plus the temptation to increase their strength, and there are really people who rush out from the crowd and raise weapons to kill Ren Donglai, in their opinion, the law is not responsible. So many people, scared can scare Ren Donglai and them back, and then those crystal nuclei collected by the spirit corpses and piled on the ground are theirs, and the greedy heart of the island people is from their blood, and it is simply not human.

“Fire Dragon Art!” Ren Donglai made a seal in his hand, drank lightly, and suddenly a fire dragon appeared from in front of Ren Donglai, and rushed towards those people with his teeth and claws.

“Yaga! You dare…” Looking at the fire dragon rushing over, many island people roared loudly, looking at the huge fire dragon that pounced, the fear in their hearts overwhelmed greed, many people roared loudly, and many people directly opened their mouths to beg for mercy and pray.

“Boom…” For those island people, whether it was their cursing or praying, Ren Donglai thought he hadn’t heard it, waved his hand, and the fire dragon directly pounced, but saw the fire dragon hit the ground, instantly turned into flames and scattered, flames spilled all around, and the street where those island people were located, completely turned into flames by the fire dragon, completely turned that street into a sea of fire.

“Ahhh… Ah…” The screams continued to sound in the sea of fire, and the people of those island countries were all wrapped in flames, and the screams in the flames quickly disappeared, turning into piles of ashes, and the weapons they had previously grasped in their hands, the flames disappeared, the wind blew through the streets and the ashes were blown by the wind, fluttering and scattering, and the ashes were all over the street.

“Let’s go…” Killing these hundreds of island people, Ren Donglai looked at the spirit corpse below and collected the zombie crystal nuclei in the zombie corpses all over the ground, Ren Donglai said lightly, he has chosen a villa in the distance, it looks good, let’s rest there tonight.

“Such a ruthless person.” The four daughters of Gaocheng Shaye watched Ren Donglai kill hundreds of people with a ninjutsu, their faces changed color at all, and they couldn’t help but say in their hearts, in this kind of apocalypse, killing zombie evolution beasts is the norm, but killing living people who are also people, in the days of the end of the world, there are really few people who can do it without changing their faces, Ren Donglai killed hundreds of people, as if it was nothing, in the last few days, few people can really do this.

“Knock knock…” The giant skeleton walked to the wall of the villa selected by Ren Donglai with knocking footsteps, and several spirit corpses went first, quickly cleaned up the creatures in the villa, and after it was safe, Ren Donglai and several people entered it.

This villa was still lived in before, and soon found pots and bowls and other things, and several people from the poison island went into battle, and soon a large pot of tiger meat was cooked.

Soon a large pot of tiger meat was made, the meat of the evolutionary beast was much more delicious than the usual beast meat, Ren Donglai ate a big meal, the evolved beast meat eaten, in the stomach, turned into a stream of heat, constantly penetrating into Ren Donglai’s body, Ren Donglai’s body, constantly strengthened, the meat of the evolutionary beast, is still very good for the human body.

After eating and drinking, half of the meat of the big tiger entered the stomachs of several people in Ren Donglai, and they practiced physical cultivation exercises, everyone was a pot-bellied man, the digestive system was much stronger than ordinary people, and everyone’s amount of food was several times more than ordinary people.

Ren Donglai eats and drinks enough, and when several people go back to the room, the cultivation of cultivation, Ren Donglai leans on the sofa in the living room, opens the attribute panel, the energy value on the attribute panel, after these days, it has been more than 50,000, his summoning of the undead to kill zombies and other creatures, will increase Ren Donglai’s energy value, Ren Donglai did not hesitate, his mind directly clicked on the copy interface, and suddenly Ren Donglai’s eyes flickered, and the scene in front of him changed drastically.


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