Infinity starting from the Apocalypse of the Academy Chapter 134

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“Boom!” Ren Donglai did not move to save people, those zombies and dogs would not stop, but seeing the big dog step forward, a car in the convoy was directly overturned by the big dog, making a loud noise, and the glass on one side was smashed.

“Ah…” The scream sounded in the car, and the big dog’s front paws slapped, and the car was directly patted into a cake by the big dog, and a trace of blood shot out of it.

“Wang…” The people in the car should be shot to death, the big dog is not finished, the front paws are shaved a few times, the car was snighed open by the dog, the nose sniffed a few times, and a few bones with meat were taken out of it, and they chewed directly.

“Gag… Gagging…” A strange sound sounded, Ren Donglai turned his head and looked, only to see the scene of looking at the big dog eating people, several women were not good-looking, even Gaocheng Saya and Juchuan Shizuka had the phenomenon of retching, looking at the scene there, Ren Donglai’s face was not good-looking, after all, he was a person, watching the big dog eat people, even if he didn’t look good, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

“Kill!” Ren Donglai watched those dogs and zombies kill the rest of the convoy, and said, his voice was cold, although he didn’t like those people, but the man-eating monsters, he still didn’t want to let go.

“Swish…” As soon as Ren Donglai finished speaking, the first to act was the spirit corpses around him, the Dao element attacked, fiercely hitting the zombies in that direction, Dao frost, flames shining, and soon opened the passage to where to go.

“Knock knock…” The giant skeleton took a step and headed towards that side, and before he could go far, an arrow flashed through the air and nailed it to the body of a large dog, and it was Gaocheng Saya who had learned the art of bows and arrows.

“Wha…” was shot by an arrow from Gaocheng Shaye, and was chewing a big dog with a severed arm, screamed, but saw that an arrow had been shot into his neck halfway, and blood flowed out where the arrow hit.

The big dog screamed, but did not die, turned around, and his blood-red eyes stared at Ren Donglai and several people, and the fierce light in his eyes flashed. Blood in the mouth runs in the corners of the mouth.

“Look at Nima!” Looking at the big wolf dogs staring at them, Ren Donglai chanted a few incantations, waved his wand in his hand, and more than ten bone spears of two or three meters, more than one centimeter thick, cut the traces of the road in the air, and directly killed those wolf dogs!


“Uh…” When Ren Donglai made a move, Poison Island Jizi and Miyamoto Rei jumped directly from the giant skeleton, Poison Island Jizi swept on the ground, but saw one by one zombie heads flying up, killing in front of a wolf dog, the sword light flashed around his body, directly killing a wolf dog, and the spear in Miyamoto Rei’s hand turned into a dragon in her hand, constantly churning, the spear head was shaken by her like a pear flower, and blood holes opened on the foreheads of the zombies in front.

“Fire Dragon Art!” Ren Donglai made a seal, drank lightly, and used the ninjutsu learned by the shadow avatar in the past few days, this ninjutsu is a B-grade ninjutsu, is an upgraded ninjutsu of Hao Fireball, it is difficult to learn a lot, the shadow avatar learned for three days to be proficient in use, only one seal is needed, he finished the handprint, and a fire dragon formed by flames soared into the air and rushed to the remaining two wolf dogs.

“Boom…” Although the two wolf dogs dodged the rushing fire dragon, the fire dragon that flew out was completely controlled by Ren Donglai, swung in the air, directly reversed direction with the wolf dog, and directly hit the wolf dog, but saw that the flames directly shrouded the wolf dog and dozens of zombies around it, all shrouded in flames scattered by the fire dragon.

A gust of wind blew through, and the flames disappeared, but everything in the flames, including the two wolf dogs and the zombies, was reduced to ashes.

“The power of the Hao Fire Dragon Art is good, but some of it is too consuming Chakra.” Ren Donglai looked at the scene in front of him, and sensed the chakra in the dantian, and couldn’t help but say, the chakra consumed by one Hao Fire Dragon Art is enough for Ren Donglai to use three Hao Fireball Art, all of which are one-third of the total Chakra that Ren Donglai is now.

“Bone Sea!” Ren Donglai chanted a few magic spells, drank softly in his mouth, a huge magic array appeared in front of him, but saw more than thirty black warriors, slowly appeared from the formation, although the spell of the bone sea is called the bone sea, but it is not only able to summon skeletons, as long as it is an undead creature that Ren Donglai signed a magic contract, all can be summoned directly.

“Kill!” Ren Donglai drank lightly, the black warrior who appeared in the magic array, with a wave of the big sword in his hand, the dark undead cut the trail in the air, and the dozens of zombies in front of them were directly beheaded by the undead cut out by the big sword, and the heads rolled down.

Cutting out the undead slash, these black warriors did not stop at all, directly rushed to the surrounding zombies, and the big sword in their hands carried a pitch-black undead fighting qi and killed into the zombie group.

“Oh bang…” The black warrior killed into the zombie group, like a tiger like a flock of sheep, one by one the zombies were killed by him, under the sword of the black warrior, the speed, strength zombies and ordinary zombies, there is no difference at all, no one can resist his sword.

Time passed slowly, more than half an hour passed quickly, one corpse after another on the ground, it can be called a corpse all over the field, the zombies that were attracted by the gunshot, have been completely killed by Ren Donglai and several people, a bloody atmosphere.

“Let’s finish work.” Ren Donglai threw the blood stains on the katana, the katana returned to a smooth and new appearance, not stained with blood at all, put the katana into the scabbard, and said, now that the sky has completely darkened, Ren Donglai and Poison Island Tsuko and the undead creatures he summoned are not affected by the change of sky, especially the undead creatures in the night, but will exert stronger abilities, but Miyamoto Rei they can’t, and Ren Donglai also feels hungry.

With Ren Donglai’s light drink, several people from Poison Island also stopped and put away the weapons in their hands.

Putting away the weapon, Ren Donglai looked at the street in the direction, where some people looked at them, the gunfire just now not only attracted the thirty and big dogs, but also attracted the arrival of some survivors, those people looked at Ren Donglai their eyes were a little afraid, some expectation.


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