Infinity starting from the Apocalypse of the Academy Chapter 133

Speed zombies burst into the soldier group, the soldier group is a panic, in the panic, the bullet-intertwined barrage is even more chaotic, in this panic, more speed zombies burst in, suddenly the screams became one, more soldiers were bitten, more and more people died.

“Shall we make a move?” Poison Island Tsuko wanted Ren Donglai to ask, Miyamoto Rei took out the spear in the ninja bag, Shizuka Jukawa took out the wand, and Takashiro Saya took out the bow and arrow from the ninja bag, he is practicing archery hard these days, plus there is an archery heritage, her archery can already be used to kill the enemy, they are all ready to shoot.

“Wait…” Ren Donglai waved his hand, asking him to save these island soldiers, this is what he doesn’t want to do, against his will, in his opinion, these people are all dead clean, and he found that without them to make a move, someone will make a move.

“Waste!” Just when this squad was completely in danger, about to be completely killed by zombies, and rushed to the car protected by the soldiers, an angry shout sounded, but saw the doors of several cars open, more than ten people stood out with weapons, one of them shouted, with a wave of his hand, more than ten people suddenly held various weapons, killing the surrounding zombies.

Those who shot, waving weapons in their hands, came to the zombies near the convoy, their heads suddenly flew up one by one, and the formation that was about to collapse finally stabilized.

“Lord Evolver has finally made a move, brothers work harder!” With the shots of those people, the soldiers who had not been killed by the zombies around them suddenly lifted their spirits and opened their mouths to cheer, and the panicked look on their faces was swept away, and they opened their mouths to cheer.

“Oh… There are obviously evolutionaries in their team, and they didn’t make a move before, pretending to be forced. Ren Donglai looked at the evolutionaries who appeared from the car speechlessly and said, these evolutionaries seem to feel that they are superior, and they have too much confidence in themselves, let those soldiers shoot, attracting more zombies, they are just a group of first-level physical cultivators and a few second-level body repairs are not good, what a bull.

“Dingding…” These evolutionaries are still very useful, especially the second-order masters among them, these speed zombies and power zombies, in the killing of these second-order experts, quickly blocked out of the battle circle, the situation in the field is temporarily stabilized, but it is still impossible to break through with the convoy.

“Woof…” At this time, several beast roars faintly came in the distance, Ren Donglai a few people looked over there, but saw a few dogs more than three meters tall rushing from afar, those dogs look at the breed, should be wolf dogs, these big dogs in the process of running, from time to time open their mouths to bite to kill one zombie, but after these big dogs bite the zombies, they are very disgusted and thrown aside, directly stepping on one zombie after another, coming here, from time to time gunshots, is the best guidance direction for big dogs.

“Huh…” came to the place where the zombies and the convoy fought, standing in the zombie group, looking at the people surrounded by the zombies, the big dog’s eyes glowed red, and the dog’s mouth seemed to have saliva flowing down, looking at those people, he directly pounced.

“Yaga!” The big dog pounced, those evolutionaries cursed, abandoned the zombies, and resisted the big dog, and those who greeted the big dog were all second-level physical cultivators.

“Ding…” The dog’s paws collided with the weapon in the body cultivator’s hand, making a crisp sound, and the big dog and these body cultivators fought together.

“Ah…” A scream sounded, but seeing a person they called an evolutionary, was bitten on the neck by a big dog, directly killed, this scream, like a beginning, with the death of this evolutionary, one by one evolutionaries, died in the mouth of these big dogs, these big dogs are beginners to the third level of beasts, those second-order physical cultivation is not an opponent at all.

“Boom… “Those big dogs bite the evolutionary, did not directly throw it away like biting the zombie, but held it in the mouth, clucked and chewed directly, looking at Ren Donglai a few people a chill, is human being better than zombies, you bite dead zombies do not eat, now bite to kill humans and eat directly.

With the death of these evolutionaries, the remaining people were targeted by the big dog, one by one people were bitten to death by the big dog, the number of people there was rapidly decreasing, and the gunfire gradually stopped.

“Come east… For the sake of all human beings, life is not easy in this apocalypse, let’s shoot…” Poison Island Rinko looked at the miserable situation in the distance, the big dog and zombies had killed all the people there, and surrounded the convoy, Poison Island Rinko couldn’t help but say again.

“What are you doing? Do we replace those people and protect the magnates in the car? Ren Donglai frowned and said.

“Hey, a few people in the distance, I am Wisteria Tianhao, a councilor of the island country, the country needs you now, I will conscript you into the army, as long as you escort me to the Yokosu base, I will guarantee you to be a lieutenant general of the Self-Defense Forces!” When Poison Island wanted to say something more, the window of a car was lowered, and one of the middle-aged men shouted in Ren Donglai’s direction, with a proud look on his face and a somewhat condescending demeanor to speak to people.

Ren Donglai they are still very conspicuous, after all, the giant skeleton more than ten meters tall stands there, and the elemental spirit corpses around them, controlling all kinds of elements and rushing zombies are constantly fighting, cleaning up the zombies close to Ren Donglai, and it is impossible to ignore them.

“Wisteria Tianhao, the newly appointed congressman of the island country, the head of the wisteria family, no wonder he will be protected by the people of the Self-Defense Forces.” Gao Cheng Saya looked at the people in the car in the distance and spoke, with a look of realization on his face.

“Yokosu Base, did someone set up a survivor base in the apocalypse? Shall we take a look? Miyamoto didn’t pay attention to who the man was, but he noticed a place mentioned in the man’s words, and he asked Ren Donglai and they sent him to that base, surely because he knew it was a safe place.

When Miyamoto Li spoke, she looked at Ren Donglai with a trace of expectation in her eyes, and they also wanted to return to the social group.

“His attitude makes me unhappy, don’t save!” Ren Donglai looked at the scene in the distance lightly, and said, it’s all this time, that fool still looks high, call him to death, he won’t be cheap enough to kneel and lick a devil, what lieutenant colonel, even a general he is not rare.

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