Hokage’s strongest emperor Chapter 213

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In the forty-sixth year of Konoha, the battle that decided the fate of the third ninja world war began, and the five major ninja villages all realized the important geographical location of Kirito-shan, and the sand ninja village began to fight to the death, and the shrewd two-day Ohnogi also saw an opportunity and began to send Iwa ninja to increase the number of sand ninja villages! The Battle of Kikyo Mountain has broken out!

“Everyone… For Konoha! On! “In the Konoha ninja team on the battlefield of Kirito, a shinobi had a trace of firmness on his face, and he commanded loudly in his mouth!

“Shinobu ninja!! Defeat these Konoha ninjas and our village will become the most powerful ninja village!! “Sand Shinobi Village position, Chiyo’s brows furrowed slightly, and said in a deep voice!

“Fire Escape Hao Fireball Technique!!” Dozens of Konoha ninjas had their hands sealed, gulped loudly in their mouths, and suddenly spit out oversized fireballs from their mouths! And the ninja who can use the Hao Fireball is undoubtedly only the Uchiha family!

“Wind Escape Wind Cut!!” When the sand ninja camp saw dozens of major fireballs rolling with flames, a look of disdain appeared on their faces, and the same dozens of sand ninja sealed, and one wind blade after another quickly cut through the center of the fireball!

“Puppet troops!! Above! Chiyo’s face had a cold look on it, he drank low in his mouth, and his right hand suddenly waved, in order to win this battle, Chiyo brought all the puppeteers he had trained to the battlefield!!

“Oh!!” Everyone in the puppet troops standing behind Chiyo had a look of excitement on their faces, and they drank in unison, and puppets of different shapes flew in the air, and then attacked towards Konoha in unison!!

“Uh…” a scream sounded along with the mechanism among the puppets, as the strongest puppet force in the Sand Shinobi Village, it was obvious that it had caused some casualties to Konoha!!

“It can’t be like this! Medical Class!! Konoha’s elder advisor standing in front of the Konoha phalanx turned Konoha’s brows slightly wrinkled, his old voice carried a hint of irritation, his eyes looked at Chiyo on the other side coldly, and he said in a deep voice! With Koharu’s words, the medical class instantly began to travel back and forth to the battlefield, taking the injured Konoha ninja away from the battlefield!

“Cut! Is it the old woman who is in command this time in Koharu?! It’s troublesome now!! Chiyo glanced at Konoha, who was walking forward because of Konoha’s casualties, his brows furrowed slightly, but his face showed a smile full of fighting intent, and he said calmly!

“Sister! This time it’s Koharu! The most suitable guy in Konoha for battlefield command! Chiyo’s younger brother Hizo Cang showed a look of surprise on his face, a trace of seriousness flashed on his face, and said with a slight nostalgia in his mouth!

“Attack! Whoever it is… Our Sand Shinobi Village is going to win this time!! Shinobu… Scatter! Chiyo’s face had a resolute look on his face, and the ninja in front of him with calm eyes said loudly in his mouth!

“Konoha… Scatter!! Koharu had a smile on his face, and an order was also issued in his mouth! With the orders of the two commanders, all the ninjas scattered, and each ninja fought separately!

“Got it!” A ninja from the Sand Ninja Village flashed an excited light, his body instantly crossed high, and a kunai appeared from the cuff in his right hand, and suddenly stabbed into the chest of the Konoha ninja!

“Uh Don’t give me a smugness! You bastard! Give me death! The Konoha ninja suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, grabbed the shoulder of the sand ninja with his left hand, and the kunai in his right hand instantly stabbed at the heart of this sand ninja!

“Peng! Peng!! With two soft sounds, the two ninjas all fell to the ground, and such bloody killings were going on everywhere on the battlefield!

“Isn’t Iwa Shinobu’s ninja finished yet?!” Chiyo’s brows furrowed deeply, as time went by, the number of ninjas dying in his village gradually increased, which made Chiyo couldn’t help but ask!

“Fifty Iwa Shinobi from Iwa Shinobi Village have gone to intercept Konoha’s supply base! As long as Konoha’s supplies are blocked, we can trap these guys! A smile appeared on Haizang’s face, and he said in a deep voice!

“Peng! Peng!! “At the Konoha supply office, an explosion sounded continuously, and only four of the thirty Konoha ninjas guarding the supply were left at this time!

“Whew! Call!! No more!! A Konoha ninja gasped in his mouth, his body was already covered in sweat, and his body was shaky!

“Cheer me up! Sosuke! We are Konoha ninjas!! Don’t let these rock ninja underestimate it! A middle-aged uncle’s face also had a trace of exhaustion, and there were wounds all over his body, but his mouth was loudly encouraging!

“Captain Youno!! It seems that we can also become the heroes of Konoha!! Next to the middle-aged uncle Yuno, a young ninja said with a smile on his face!

“Found it!! You hiding, Konoha rats! A Iwa Shinobu’s eyes suddenly opened, a sinister smile appeared on his face, and his mouth said coldly! With the words of this Iwa Shinobu, fifty Iwa Shinobi surrounded all four Konoha Ninjas!

“Give me death!!” A rock ninja first pressed his killing intent, and his body quickly rushed towards the wilderness! However, then this Iwa Shinobu’s pupils contracted, a hint of surprise appeared on his face, and in front of him, a young man wearing a white imperial god robe appeared!

“Peng!” With a loud bang, this Iwa Shinobu was instantly shot out, and this Iwa Shinobu’s eyes showed an incredible look!

“Please throw these kunai around these Iwa Shinobi, and the next battle will be left to me!! I am Bofeng Shuimen! Bo Feng Shuimen’s face had a sunny smile on his face, his eyes showed a hint of confidence, and his right hand took out a lot of special kunai!

“You are… Lord Wave Feng Shuimen!! Everyone, throw out these bitter nothings!! Keep your eyes open! The next battle… But it’s only for a moment!! A look of relief appeared on Yuye’s face, and he said loudly in his mouth!

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