Hokage’s strongest emperor Chapter 212

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“Yo! Cold Moon! It’s been a long time since I saw it!! “The third generation of Hokage office, the wave feng shui gate that just walked out looked at the cold moon standing outside with a gentle smile, and said hello softly in his mouth! As a fourth-generation Hokage candidate who has been cultivated by three generations, the tasks of the Wave Feng Shui Gate have not decreased but increased, and as the tasks have increased, the prestige of the ‘Golden Flash’ Wave Feng Shui Gate has also begun to spread in the ninja world!

“It’s Watergate!!” Just came back from a mission?! Speaking of which, does Watergate plan to marry Lord Jiu Shinai after this war is over?! Hanyue stood quietly on the roof railing of Hokage’s office, his eyes calmly looking at the panorama of Konoha Village below, a smile appeared on his face, and said with a smile on his mouth!

“I can’t imagine that when I married Pepper, even Hanyue knew about it! I thought only Obito and Kakashi kashi knew! A look of embarrassment flashed on Bofeng Shuimen’s face, a look of happiness appeared in his eyes, and he said with a chuckle!

“The scenery of Konoha is very good!! Teacher Watergate will soon become the shadow of this village! Hanyue smiled noncommittally, looked at the Fire Shadow Rock in the distance, and said calmly in his mouth!

“Haha! Cold Moon! Even the teacher doesn’t know who will become the fourth Hokage in the end!! Lord Orochimaru is very prestigious! However, I won’t give up on Hokage’s dreams either! Bofeng Shuimen walked to Hanyue’s side, patted Hanyue’s shoulder with a smile, and said with a chuckle!

“You’ll be the fourth generation Hokage! Watergate teacher! Han Yue’s gaze flashed a trace of depth, and his face looked at Bofeng Shuimen seriously, and he said softly in his mouth!

“All right! Don’t talk about this anymore! Tell us about the recent situation! Without waiting for Bo Feng Shuimen to speak, Hanyue changed the topic and leaned his body on the railing again!

“The Third Ninja War… I’m afraid it’s coming to an end! Bo Feng Shuimen’s face had a worried look on his face, and he whispered softly in his mouth!

“yes! Often the later the war, the more the number of deaths multiplies! Hanyue’s face had a hint of emotion, and he muttered softly in his mouth!

“Speaking of which, Hangetsu seems to have been learning medical ninjutsu lately!” Bofeng Shuimen’s face had a look of exclamation, and he suddenly asked and said!

“Well! I have a big interest in medical ninjutsu! Especially Tsunade-sama’s regeneration secret technique… However, what a pity! Tsunade-sama is not in the village, otherwise I must discuss medical ninjutsu with Tsunade-sama!” Han Yue’s face showed a look of regret, and said with slight anticipation in his mouth!

“I have to say that Hanyue is an energy genius!! Most of the seriously injured in the hospital are now being taken care of by Hanyuejun! Bo Feng Shuimen’s face whispered with a mouthful!

“I’m not so exaggerated! I just have a strong interest in medical ninjutsu! Han Yue’s face rarely showed a trace of embarrassment, and his mouth was flat!

“A year has passed in the blink of an eye!!” A trace of exclamation appeared on Hanyue’s face, with a trace of sadness on his face, and said calmly in his mouth!

After the cold moon forcefully crushed the organization, a year has passed! In this year, the night attack team has become active in the ninja world again, and at the same time, as the captain, Hanyue fell silent, did not choose to continue to go to the battlefield, but joined the Konoha Medical Department, systematically learning medical ninjutsu, using the ability of the precision fingers of the God’s Mitaru [Perfect], Hanyue’s medical skills are completely comparable to Tsunade!

In the forty-sixth year of Konoha, Orochimaru was tired of the various practices of Konoha’s high-level officials, completely lost interest in becoming a Hokage, officially withdrew from the battlefield stage, established a secret base in Konoha, and began to concentrate on the study of forbidden arts!

The stage of the battlefield has officially become the unique show of the ‘Golden Flash’ wave feng shui gate! As a teacher, Jiraiya chose to go out to collect materials in order to make his disciples smoothly become Hokage, and began his journey that belongs to Jiraiya!

After the root tissue was crushed by the cold moon, the originally active Tuan Zang fell silent again, hiding in the shadows! The Root Organization can be said to have withdrawn from the stage of Konoha’s power in times of war!

“Hanyue-kun!! You’re finally here!! “The secret base of the big snake pill, in a laboratory stacked with densely packed experimental equipment, the big snake pill wearing a kimono, with white gloves on his hands, his eyes glanced back slightly, and his mouth said with a little excitement!

“Lord Orochimaru! Long time no see! The figure of Cold Moon walked out from the shadows, with a smile on his face, and said calmly in his mouth!

“Cold Moon-kun! Let’s go! Let’s continue with the software modification experiment! A cold smile appeared on Orochimaru’s face, and he commanded to the cold moon without turning his head!

“I see! Orochimaru-sama!! A smile appeared on Hanyue’s face, his eyes looked at the big snake pill that was slightly caught in a frenzy, and said in a deep voice!

“God’s Imperial Hand [Perfect]!” Hanyue’s mouth drank lowly, and a pair of white gloves suddenly appeared in his hands!

“Let’s go! Our software retrofit is about to succeed! Subject No. 328 showed obvious characteristics of a flowing body, but this characteristic was not stable!! The eyes of the big snake pill like snake pupils flashed a light, his expression turned calm, and he said in a low and hoarse voice! With the words of the big snake pill, he was undergoing complex surgery in his hands!

“The characteristics of the flowing body?! It seems that our experiment has progressed somewhat! Lord Orochimaru! When Hanyue heard the introduction of the big snake pill, a smile appeared on his face, and he said with a slight excitement in his mouth! At this time, Hanyue’s hands turned into afterimages, and he kept carrying out extremely complex surgical experiments on the body of the experimental subject!

“I heard that the three generations of old men plan to start a decisive battle with Sand Shinobi Village in Kikyo Mountain?!” The big snake pill’s movements kept stopping, and he calmly inquired and said!

“Ah! Konoha’s high-level has already made a plan, and it seems that the Shinobi Village is about to be defeated! Hanyue’s movements paused slightly, and then he replied calmly in his mouth!

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